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coco070.jpg David Eric Poarch, also known as the Coconuter, is a rather handsome Filipino-American guy who left the convenience of American living and settled in a provincial abode somewhere north of Manila. He blogs about this crazy life experiment, which for him is an attempt to look for himself. He says, ” I, a half Filipino half American raised in the US, now will be facing life in a turmoil-infested third world country, and I am doing so willingly. Furthermore, as this trip is a leap of independence and an emphasis of self-sufficiency, I am going there without any family or external support and without any extra money or belongings except what I feel are necessities for survival. What led to this? I kind of know, but it’s hard to explain completely. My instinct tells me my birthplace, the Philippines, is my “safe haven” although in reality going there may prove to be my undoing. I am clouded by visions of “striking gold” in a country where everyone tells me nothing glitters. I am trying to find what it is I am meant to do in life, and even though everyone tells me I am wrong, my heart still tells me that my purpose lies within the Philippines.” Very inspiring.

He posts pretty regularly, including some of his topless photos. Now that got you interested, right? Hahaha!






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38 Responses to “David the Coconuter”

  1. MAC_afr0 Says:

    interesting guy…

  2. MAC_afr0 Says:

    parang di siya nag-iisa sa kanyang trip. hehe makapagbasa nga ng blog entries niya… :)

  3. kurara_chibana Says:

    if my memory serves my correctly, i think i saw this guy in an episode of “nagmamahal kapamilya” a few weeks back. bad news people…he already has a wife roughly as old as he is. (they don’t have any kids though!)

  4. kurara_chibana Says:

    btw, he speaks filipino REALLY well. no american twang at all!

  5. dats07 Says:

    can you share the link into his blog?…pa share naman…..tnx!!!

  6. johnqu Says:

    i’m interested to read his blogs but where’s it?

  7. Migs Says:

    You can read his blog at http://coconuter.blogspot.com

  8. naj Says:

    sadly he has a girlfriend *sigh*

  9. mcvie Says:

    Who was taking his pictures? His wife?
    Why do a striptease? Why Britney?

    And most importantly:
    Who among us would really wanna test him and see if, uhm, he’s willing to switch teams?

  10. Migs Says:

    mcvie - baka favorite singer ng girlfriend niya si britney! ching! hehehe!

  11. peterpic Says:

    i dunno if it’s someone who stole his pic or what but i remember seeing his blog’s video link pic in guys4men.com

    makes me wonder what kind of soul searching he’s doing down south…

  12. MARIAN Says:

    he is really inspiring..know what guys we exchange emails sometime and he told me that i am pretty haha!!!! i would like to invite him in my town and help him in his journey… pls david!!!

  13. Jepoi Says:

    Hi… Yeah, David is so inspiring. I have him featured in TheSpectrum Monthly Newspaper. Hehe. Btw, Im jepoi, a blogger too.


    And yeah, I still hav have lots of questions about David.

  14. David the Coconuter - video | manila gay guy is your manila gay guide Says:

    […] I already featured David the Coconuter in this blog before. This time, here are videos of his extraordinary journey in the Philippines, as documented by ABS-CBN’s Nagmamahal Kapamilya with Bernadette Cembrano. (In fairness, for a Fil-Am like him, his Tagalog is very good!) When he started talking about his family in the States, I couldn’t help my tears flow down my cheeks. Hay, drama! May he find his “perfect coconut”! (Kung single lang siya sana, love ko na siya! hehehe!) […]

  15. ejearl Says:

    hay… sobrang yummy nia… hehehe… is it tru na my gf xa? sayang…. ;(

  16. Migs Says:

    yup, may gf siya and may anak na sila :(

  17. Miong Twister Says:

    Hay naku, sayang may asawa na siya… hmmm… May picture ba kayo ng asawa niya? sayang di ako nauna, kung nauna pa lang sana ako, ako na ang inanakan niya…

  18. jog Says:

    Nice guy, looks mabait.
    YM: jogaboobs

  19. kiefer Says:

    he’s really cute.

  20. CQ Says:

    Well I hope he writes more on his blog. Sounds like he’s got a lot of ideas. Just the sort of guy I’d want to sit down and have a cup of coffee with.

  21. kiko Says:

    he’s a better and perfected version of lucky manzano! lucky manzano is so yesterday eww

  22. daphne Says:

    hai david..ur so0o0o sexy!!

  23. daphne Says:

    i reli wanna see yah in person..

  24. andrew Says:

    Cutie talaga s’ya. I saw him sa ‘Nagmamahal, Kapamilya.’ Grabe. Nice eyes. Cute face. Mouth-watering bod.

    Oo, nakita ko rin sa G4M yung pix n’ya. May sumasalaula sa kanya apparently. ‘Wag naman sana gano’n kasi mukha naman s’yang mabait. (Pero actually mukha rin s’yang malib*g, haha!)

  25. Bogs... Says:

    Wish I was hi coconut..hehe’ =)

  26. johanpaul Says:

    Nice c coconut boy….. mananggete…

  27. coconut nut Says:

    galing ng genes niya
    he’s face looks filipino
    he’s body looks american

  28. Search for the Golden Coconut | manila gay guy is your manila gay guide Says:

    […] Do you remember David Eric Poarch, the Fil-Am cutie and blogger, more popularly known as “Coconuter”? Well here he is again: I hope to find success in the Philippines, success that will provide me enough income to fly back and forth to the U.S. so that I can spend time with my parents and so that they can meet their grandson. I hope to make progress in shedding more light on the unknowns of life. I hope to heal the Philippines and the world or influence those that can. I hope “Coconuter” lives on. I hope I can find the golden coconut. […]

  29. Corbin Says:

    That’s very immature Samiel. Bakit ganun mag-isip ang ibang tao? Kapag may masamang ginagawa ang isang tao, maraming nagagalit. Pero kapag naman may nagmamala-anghel, iispin may ulterior motive?

  30. Samiel Says:

    if he really wants a quiet simple life…why would he even let the media “broadcast” his supposed to be queit -simple life…

    come on..it’s an audition for a much awaited reality series.

  31. pebbles Says:

    nakasalubong ko siya minsan dito sa Olongapo! in fairness, mas yummy siya on TV!

  32. princess Says:

    he looks cute…he just need some polishing……….but too bad he’s taken………….*lol*

  33. bench2000 Says:

    grabe… crush q n sya….

  34. dokd Says:

    naawa talaga ako sa kanya. but you know the other day, i was surfing the web and came upon the “corbin fischer” gay website and one of the actors reminds me of david.

  35. chupapa Says:

    swerte ng asawa nya natikman nya ung malaking coconut ni david sayang ako nalang sana ang asawa nya

  36. Coconuter | manila gay guy Says:

    […] pics of one of my favorite bloggers — the Coconuter. I previously featured this Fil-Am cutie here, in fact multiple times. I am inspired by his very different way of thinking. Not that I agree with […]

  37. paul Says:

    Sorry mga sisters pro may asawa na xa,nakakita xa ng magandang filipina kung san man xa nakatira ngayon and shes on the family way now.Kakainis!!!!

  38. from1fagtoanother Says:

    Way hot! Read thru his blog and i find it a bit boring though. He needs an editor. Migs you should volunteer or I will! Hahaha

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