James Younghusband, footballer


There is something about athletic hunks (not the cultured, made-in-the-gym kind of hunks) that tugs us deep inside, and makes us want to put them in a pedestal to hold and behold. Such is James Younghusband, a British-Filipino footballer, whose entrance to my consciousness made my fallopian tubes twirl itself to a happy ribbon. (Pasensya na, nagi-ilusyon lang ako na may Fallopian Tube! Hehehe!)


I want to accomplish in The Philippines what David Beckham plans to do in America — make football bigger. (James Younghusband)


Full Name: James Joseph Younghusband
Age: 20 years old
Date of Birth: September 4, 1986
Center of Gravity: England and Philippines
Nationality: British-Filipino
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 168 lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Interest & Hobbies: Basketball, Swimming, Drawing
Agent: PR Asia Worldwide Communications


I am very ambitious. I want to be remembered for my competitive skills rather than being sort of the hunk of the month. (James Younghusband)




UPDATE: video profile for James Younghusband, from Studio 23.

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34 Responses to “James Younghusband, footballer”

  1. Misterhubs Says:

    He has one of the cutest smiles I’ve ever seen.

  2. londoner Says:

    Hi there Migs. Where does he lives here in England? Thanks for the info in advance. Cheers!

  3. someone Says:

    i luv football.

    and i luv younghusband’s skills. kahit siguro mukha xang ungoy..which is not true.. i would still idolize him..

  4. empress maruja Says:

    May tsismax na sasama raw siya sa bagong roster ng LA Galaxy, now with David Beckham.

    Or was that the “other” Younghusband?

  5. Jo Says:

    Maganda talaga ang mix ng filipino-caucasian blood, e.g. Younghusband bros, Sam Milby, Gerald Anderson, Andrew Wolf.

  6. Andrian Says:

    Migs, first and foremost I love your site. It is just fabulous next to the discovery of a young gay man’s first blossoming.

    And secondly, why oh why have I not seen this guy here in London?! My water just broke just trying to imagine hooking up with him here…. Lol!

  7. Migs Says:

    Empress Maruja - that’s the younger Younghusband, Phil.

  8. neonego Says:


  9. Tita Glo Says:


  10. josh Says:

    he really has that captivating innocent smile (reminds me of provoq raymond lim, which unfortunately left the group w/ ian mcirvin). Uy bday go sept din, pareho kami virgo (virgn pa, hehehe)

  11. red_hot Says:

    OMG…we have the same year of birth(tarush!!!hahaha)…i think were meant to be talaga…(ilusyonada!!!)

    Pero grabe ang cute na…ang ganda ng mata!!!more pics please…. :)

  12. Ken Says:

    Wala bang medyo hubad naman….

  13. peak fantasy Says:

    Wow, this guy is the ideal husband. Athletic, muy guapito..parang ang bango bango!

  14. ewankoba Says:

    xa ba ung asa MENTHOS???? tama ba???

  15. mahaderang_tamaraw Says:

    hmpft!,sabi ko si PHIL i-feature mo eh,pero ok na rin love ko rin naman si JAMES,please post more pics of james pati na rin ni phil,pleaaase…anyways,tutal football na rin naman ang napaguusapan,is it true na si cristiano ronaldo daw eh “one-of-us?”,haay how i wish…

  16. peak fantasy Says:

    mahaderang tamaraw, you mean there is another guy named phil younghusband, and he is also into soccer?

    when this guy guested on channel 23, his name was posted as philip james younghusband, member of the philippine national team…

  17. rj Says:

    nabasa ko sya sa inquirer i think, cover p nga sya, he has a brother na biyaw din..mas cute ang pix nya dun,,,

  18. peak fantasy Says:

    rj, so there really are 2 younghusbands - philip and james…speaking of soccer players, one good site (which everyone here may have visited too) is http://authenticfootballers.com/ if you wanna ogle at sexy latino soccer players..

    migs, how about posting a tennis player naman like andy roddick or rafael nadal? andy is sooooo sexy, it’s always a visual high seeing him sweat and move his butt and thighs in his matches…!

  19. harajuku Says:

    omg! he looks like our next door neighbour! such a cutie!

  20. effie Says:

    the accent’s so strong. sexy.

  21. simp Says:

    where did you get all these pics of them? is there ana article in print about them?

  22. Aij Says:

    Saw him at ABS Publishing just last week. Haha He’s so tall.

  23. chyle Says:

    Thanks for featuring him!I’ve been waiting for this pics talaga,sobra.He looks so cute, very innocent looking pero deadly sa field!I love him!!!!more pics pa sana.

  24. hotchick Says:

    are the younghusband brothers here in the phil. ryt now? do u know ne1 hu cn help me find them bcuz its very very ipmt. dis is not me being a fan bcuz i already have a bf but im in desperation. pls let me knw. som1 neeeds to talk to them bcuz 4 personal matters and i was obliged to find the two.

  25. mahaderang_tamaraw Says:

    if im not mistaken hotchick, james is still here in the phils, si phil bumalik na ng england for his commitments with chelsea..why dont you contact them in their agency, if its really that imp..

  26. glory hunter Says:

    hotchick, i suggest you go to a psychiatrist

  27. precious Says:

    hey!!! i love da pics!!! can show some more!!!!!!

  28. trixie Says:

    AT Last!I’ve been searching for his pics for so long now!He’s so cute, parang ang sarap maging asawa, parang napakabait!more pics pa!
    btw, to hotchick: please follow glory hunter’s suggestion!

  29. kenny Says:

    fil- brit pala sya.sana lang cut…

  30. micheLLe Says:

    ..james..is So fascinatIng..he is cuTe.. i hOpE i cAN sEe hiM in pErsoN..

  31. footballAficionado Says:

    im thumbs up for yah james!!!
    i cant wait to see you again here in bacolod…
    oozing wit hsex appeal and a great heart!!!
    be safee x x

  32. louvie Says:

    when they 1st played here in bacolod,i quickly had a crush on him..nung bumalik xa,with his bro phil,gosh!nging stalker na ata aq!hehe nkakaloka..had a pic with him tpos meron dn some na after their games..nakow..good looking…

  33. Calvin Says:

    gwapo, matangakad, pero bakit walang shirtless pix? sad naman… :( or kahit naka undies lang siya or bikini trunks… :(

  34. mitch Says:

    hello der you8nghusband fanatic……. if you cant get enough of him… you grab a copy of candy july issue i think

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