Joem Bascon, upcoming hunk


I have heard several times before about this newbie sitcom actor who apparently looks like Piolo. His name is Joem Bascon, stands 5′9″ and 20 years old. Cute face, not really that much of a Piolo look-alike for me, but handsome nevertheless. He plays “Bob” in ABS-CB’s youth-oriented sitcom “Let’s Go!”

bob.gif bob.jpg img_3262_1.jpg joem.jpg joem_2.jpg joembascon.jpg

Joem Bascon was discovered by accident, when his family home in Antipolo was used as the location for the primetime soap Hiram. Although the Bascon family lives in Mandaluyong, they also have a home in Antipolo, and when he was spotted by someone from ABS-CBN, Joem decided to give up on his original dream of playing competitive basketball and pursue a showbiz career.

This guy Joem is surely someone to watch out for! Perhaps in the 2007 Cosmo hunks? Let’s wait and see! Bascon, upcoming hunk  digg:Joem Bascon, upcoming hunk  spurl:Joem Bascon, upcoming hunk  newsvine:Joem Bascon, upcoming hunk  furl:Joem Bascon, upcoming hunk  reddit:Joem Bascon, upcoming hunk  fark:Joem Bascon, upcoming hunk  Y!:Joem Bascon, upcoming hunk


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16 Responses to “Joem Bascon, upcoming hunk”

  1. Dave Montero Says:

    Wow! Great find Migs! :Þ

  2. sphynx Says:

    i think he’s hot! i want him!

  3. josh Says:

    dats y i love to watch lets go!

  4. Xes Says:

    he is the reason why i am always watching let’ go! he is HOT

  5. andrew Says:

    Masarap nga kaso Piolo-look alike na naman. Baka bading din yan gaya ni Sam, huh? LOL.

    Pero masarap nga sya. Mmmmmm…

  6. Jimbo Says:

    He is the son of Sam and Piolo lolz

  7. adrian ramos Says:

    keep up the good work look alike ni piolo.(’,).!!!!!!!!!

  8. raul basscon bolante Says:

    hey, joem bascon.. we have same name bascon from batangas

  9. discreetheartthrob Says:

    Napanood ko first episode ng Gokada Go! kung saan magkasama sila ni Gerald Anderson. Wow! Bagay na bagay sila! Very sweet nga sila talaga together lalo na yung nagkukurutan sila ng pisngi na hanggang sa CR eh naka-kurot pa rin sila sa isa’t isa. Parang rivals sila sa show na nagsimula sa basketball. (FYI: They are both basketball players in real life.) Ngayon lang ulit ako natuwa sa isang potential male love team. Mukhang mas lalo pa akong maaadik dito, and I will anticipate all upcoming episodes. Hay… Sana sila na lang magkatuluyan sa story or even in real life, like the rumors on Piolo and Sam. Hehehe. Peace out. Take care y’all. ;)

  10. fattyacid Says:

    he’s tuod!

    in short walang dating!

  11. vertha kels Says:

    there’s only one person who comes into my mind when i see joem bascon… Narda F.

  12. vertha kels Says:

    there’s no place like home… Narda F.

  13. trist_cum Says:

    he lookslike piolo!_hunky_with a touch a pepper!!!!hahaha

  14. trist_cum Says:

    wrong grammage!with a touch of pepper pala un!

  15. Tita Glo Says:

    kung nagkaanak si Luis Alandy at Piolo ganyan ang magiging anak nila. Ngek!

  16. pepron Says:


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