Drooling over iPod Touch


My birthday is upcoming next week! In case you want to make me happy on that day, and you can’t afford to give me Enchong Dee or Joem Bascon… then you know what to give me as an alternative! *wink* Hahaha! World Peace!

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25 Responses to “Drooling over iPod Touch”

  1. josh Says:

    hey mgg people, baka we can chip in para we can give Migs d ultimate bday gift on his bday! hehehe (sino may contact sa ABS-CBN stars, hehehe, ay iphone pala!) :)

  2. Baklita Says:

    Migz, wait ka till January Macworld Expo ulit. For sure, maglalabas sila ng updated iPhone and iPod. Malay mo by that time, ibalik nila ang camera, idagdag pa nila ang radio at ipod-to-ipod bluetooth transfer ng audio and video files.
    Yung co-worker ko, kabibili lang ng iPhone, napamahal pa sya. Kaya ako hindi ko agad binibili ung first version, I wait for the next one

  3. Baklita Says:

    Correction to my previous comment:
    “….idagdag pa nila ang radio, ipo-to-ipod file transfer and camera sa iPod Touch…”

  4. sharon bading Says:

    hello migs,

    si mark manicad na lang ibigay ko sa’yo? gusto mo? isang ym ko lang…hehehe


  5. fattyacid Says:

    Migs please feature naman Kerbie of Be Bench Moder Search…iba kasi dating nya!

    i have seen behind the scenes of their Bench commercial, wala syang keme kahit na naka-underwear lang and i couldn’t stop drooling on his boxer pic sa official site!

    i want more of him.

  6. dowel Says:

    happy birthday in advance! may you have more happy years to live.

  7. Lee Says:

    M-ay you have more birthdays to come,
    I-pods…Enchong and Joel will come in due time, wrapped in ribbons and dipped in rum (the boys)
    G-od’s blessing and world peace, for the meantime, are our gifts to you
    S-urprises will come, but for the meantime, accept our greetings…

    Happy Birthday in Advance!!!!

    Love lots,

    from your MGG readers. :)

  8. dowel Says:

    Lee, ayaw mong iregalo ang sarili mo kay Migs?

  9. Lee Says:

    @dowel: bad ka! Para ko nang tatay…este kuya… este adviser…hmmm mentor (na lang ang term) si migs, o kaya inspiration sa buhay. hehe.

    Sayo pwede pa siguro. Ano tatanggapin mo? pero layo pa ata birthday mo eh… hehe

    (hay migs sorry ulit)

  10. Jeff Says:

    Hi Migs,
    when i got that e-mail from Apple yesterday…ay naku!, i had to buy one last night! i just bought the new 3rd gen NANO, it’ll be on my doorstep by Monday, time for my vacation trip back home to Manila on Thursday, bongga!!!…super and dating! I’m going to get the new I-Pod touch this end of the month. I can’t wait! Migs, we have the same birthday month! Mine is in two weeks at i’m celebrating mine there in the Philippines!
    Wanna have a fun party together, hmmmmm.
    Hugs from one of ur fans here in New York City!

  11. dowel Says:

    Ow!week after Migs bday, bday ko na din! yey! (sorry Migs, ang kulit kasi nitong si Lee)

  12. Lee Says:

    @dowel: ako pa ang makulit! I only greeted kuya migs. Ikaw yung may unang msg sakin. Ayaw ko naman maging rude kung di ko sagutin msg mo. Pero since birthday mo next week… sige…
    … teka, ano ba tong pinagsasabi ko…

    (waaah, kuya migs sorry)
    to dowel,I added you in YM, yung sorsa…something…hehe…baka sabihin ni migs ginagawa natin Instant Messaging ang blog nya… hay naku, porket alam mong crush ko utak mo…kainis ka!

  13. Migs Says:

    @Sharon Bading — tempting! hahaha!

  14. Joshua Says:

    Hi Migs,

    Happy Birthday! May you have loads and loads of good times ahead, and to your site, just keep em’ coming (err…I mean the pics and the cool articles)!!! :)

  15. argo Says:

    hapi brthday migs! Stay sexy, hot, and fun! tke cre! =0

  16. randy Says:

    advance happy b-day migs! hugs and kisses from me. gusto mo? he he!

  17. Isaribi Says:

    ay…. kakatuwa naman… sana birthday ko rin! hahaha… Happy bday migs!

  18. nell Says:

    Hmmm.. 9-1-1 pala birhtday mo Migs. Happy Birthday in advance!

    sharon bading - pwede ba si mark? totoo? hehe!

  19. gharyjohn Says:

    it’s really nice and i want one too. but not yet available in the market. shipping starts on sept 28 pa. matagal-tagal pa yun, migs. buy it online and they will engrave anything you want at the back, like my ipod video has my name engraved at the back. but i want to wait for people to use it. i dont want to buy and then find out the defect.

    migs, pareho pala tayong MAC user.

  20. pao Says:

    they have the iPhone in Globe in Ambassador in Shang (infront of Cibo). but it costs 55,000. grr.

  21. anton maton Says:

    birthday mo na naman bakla? ilang beses sa isang taon ka mag-birthday? o sige … ‘WORLD PEACE’ na lang regalo ko. abangan mo na lang pagtapos na giyera sa IRAQ o kaya … closer to home .. sa Basilan!

    Happy Birthday Lola!

    celebrating my birthday during leap year,

    anton maton

  22. sardonicnell Says:

    im glad i found this site, this is great migs! btw, happy birthday!

    this new ipod is really nice. i saw a demo at apple in cupertino, cal couple months ago. even that small ipod shuffle that you can clip almost everywhere is nice as well. needless to say, though i already have an older version of ipod. i bought the new ipod shuffle, too small to resist. hehehe!

    seriously migs, i have so much fun going thru your blog. it’s amazing and my eyes are popping out seeing all this hunky guys. keep on posting! hope you dont mind if i add your link to my blogroll.

    thanks and happy bday ulit!

  23. sardonicnell Says:

    sorry, i mean belated happy bday!

  24. sardonicnell Says:

    sorry migs, i got confused. thought it was already october. eng eng ko talaga!

  25. Fyre Says:

    Mark Manicad!!!!
    ang cute nya!!!! grabeeeeh!!!
    he is soooooo yummy!!!

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