What Makes You Tick?

dsc00158.jpg I was in Los Angeles, California recently. (Yup, it was a business trip.) Stayed in a grand suite fit for royalty in one of the most expensive hotels in the area, and for the whole duration of my stay had a limo and personal chauffeur at my beck and call. Every night, the hotel manager attempted to impress me by sending in complimentary VIP accouterments to my suite: flowers and fruits one time, red wine on another, chocolates and fine candies on yet another, etc. I dined and wined with executives of a number of top multinational companies in the US, so that meant nothing less than chef-prepared, fine gourmet stuff. All luxury, fancy and fabulous.

With all these, I realized one thing. While I enjoy all these great luxurious stuff (and yes they impress me) they really don’t make me happy. In short I am detached from these things — I’m good if they’re there, I’m equally good if they aren’t. I am ambitious in many things, but not in material possessions. Don’t credit me for this though, since it’s a non-effort on my side — maybe I was just born (or bred) this way. And I’m happy I am this way.

Perhaps it’s because I value more the fuzzy stuff of life. You know, those icky stuff like friendship, love, sincerity, kindness, respect, courtesy, diversity, learning, adventure, sunsets, art, music, and beauty in its many incarnations. O diba pang-beauty pageant ang statement? Hehehe. But really, these are the things that make me tick. These make me feel accomplished and significant in this world. That is why even this blog for me is much more than just the ad revenues, and definitely much more than the “celebrity status” some would attach to it. I love MGG for the community that has gathered around it, and the insights I gain from the interaction here.

How about you, dear readers? What makes this world, your life, worth all the fuss? What do you appreciate the most living your life? What Makes You Tick?

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25 Responses to “What Makes You Tick?”

  1. elmer0224 Says:

    i’ve been reading your posts for quite some time now… and you’ve been terrific!

  2. blue_harajuku Says:

    the dreams i want to fulfill and that will absolutely make me happy is to help my family and friends feel happy as well. thats what ive been working on for so long.. hehe

  3. Ben Says:

    keeping the love of my life happy and feeling secure makes life worth all the fuss. he makes me (and my heart) tick. ;)

  4. londoner Says:

    My family is the important thing in my life now and forever. What ever makes them happy i will be contented.

  5. QtheConqueror Says:

    Companionship. But I also believe that real personal relationships should be able to survive a business relationship, therefore I would most probably like to work and/or do business with my friends.

  6. maktub Says:

    what makes me tick… napaisip ako… maybe when i make people smile/laugh.. yun! =)

  7. raymund gerard Says:

    and the news miss universe is…

    migs the manila gay guy!

    seriously–like said in a previous post–these things these luxuries—they make life pleasant. they dont make one happy. they help foster the conditions that could make you happy–but they dont make you happy.

    the same way that someone’s approval or the lack of it—doesnt determine happiness

    happiness i maintain is a decision of the heart

  8. raymund gerard Says:

    i just picked this off someone’s blog:

    Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful —

    Albert Schweitzer, Philosopher
    - January 14, 1875 – September 4, 1965
    - Goethe Prize (1928) & Nobel Peace Prize (1952)

  9. Blonde_skinny_bitch Says:

    …Sense and Sensibility is Gay culture, Butt are you really Gay? Coz being “Fabulous” is ssso inherent in all of us, ask Madona! Oops! ;)

    …obviously you’re not really familiar with Corporate America coz if they knew you’re operating this Gay Blog, they wouldn’t dare touch you with a ten feet pole!!! Unless you’re listed in Fortune 500! Well??? even the crown Prince of Brunei sometimes mistaken as a bellboy by Hollywood elite at the Beverly Wilshire with bodyguards! hmmm …you’re just trying to be sarcastc, right? Oops! :lol:

    …Have you been to Viva Las Vegas Bellagio? all the compliments you actually thinks you enjoy …is really part of your “Bill”

  10. Blonde_skinny_bitch Says:

    …butt if you’re referring to your advertisers, hmmm …multi and national, I agree! hehehe ;)

  11. Kevin Co Says:

    It is knowing that I am at the peak of my accomplishments solely by my own efforts with no thanks to anybody else’s intervention, or the lack thereof.

    The satisfaction in maintaining that no relationship or emotional involvement whatsoever can ever be more important or more worthwhile than the achievement of one’s own personal goals.

    The confidence to push thru life’s challenges and rewards with faith in oneself only minus the blind dependence on any being of both spiritual and physical nature, visible or otherwise.


    The freedom in believing that I am my own god, and so is everybody else whether they believe that or not, so why look elsewhere.

  12. eponine Says:

    a could-have been fabulous lifestyle and you choose the fuzzier, more important things in life. you are amazing migs. lalo na-arouse curiosity ko sa ‘yo when you had a previous feature written in tagalog, matalinhaga pa rin.

    “what ticks you?” - did you take this from heroes’ gabriel gray aka sylar? hehe

    i’d say my mom.
    then my friends.

  13. pepe Says:

    alam mo migs, tama ka. super work tayo para ma achieve yung mga material wealth pero at the end, lahat tayo mamatay din. sakit di ba? sabi nga ng mom, buti ang aso ko, di niya alam na mamatay din siya. yun lang po.

  14. itsonsms Says:

    My friends, family, job and my dogs. I can’t imagine a world without them.

    Hmmm. I’ve been reading your blog for quite a while. Is it possible to get in touch with you? send my a YM message.

    You are so banker-ish anonymous.

  15. Yddaj Says:

    Just knowing my He exists, makes life worth living. I am greatly appreciative and thankful for his existence. He had brought contentment in my life.

  16. Blonde_skinny_bitch Says:

    …what makes me tick? Well, everybody thinks i’m really Bitchy! butt really now! Okay, where does it say that I can’t be brutally frank, may I ask? ;)

    …besides I grew up in America where “Gay Rights” are alive and well! I’m just not sure over there! Well???? :(

    …you guys are busy with your flowery B.S. talk! who wants to sleep with your brain??? only if its down between your legs! Oops! ;)

    …being Gay in America has no distinctions! we’re equal, from screaming parlor queens to Gay Republicans elected! we all
    enjoy the same rights and fight for the same cause, like one big
    Happy family! …I wish it’s true over there, really? ;)

    …frontal nudity as a start to gay rights! …I triple dare you? Oops ;)

  17. Loyalista Mirasol Says:

    Seeing that everything is in order when it comes to my lovelife, family life, relationship with the Lord and in my own simple ways making a difference in the lives of people I meet along the way are the things that make me tick, simply put…

    Plus seeing my picture with me and my bf together in my boyfriend’s wallet makes me heavenly tick…hehehe

  18. ace Says:

    There is a saying which states: “Happiness is not about what you have or want but rather it is how you feel about what you have.” I think this saying is quite accurate, at least for me. I have accumulated a few possessions in my life, yet I cannot say that they truly make me happy. They are just things I have that I know will eventually turn into junk. Like most people, I’m most happy during family gatherings when everyone is happy, content and healthy. Good food makes me happy, especially when someone special prepares it for me with care and attention or when I prepare it for that special someone. Dark chocolate makes me happy. I don’t know why but they say it has something to do with a chemical that is present in chocolate or maybe because I associate it with a happy childhood. I still remember when my nanny use to roast and grind coco beans in my family’s kitchen. The feel, sound, smell and look of a pristine tropical beach. Reading a book while resting my head on (hopefully) my special someone’s abs on a rainy Sunday afternoon, makes me happy. Watching and practicing the teachings of the present Dalai Lama makes me happy - his ever present smile, his boisterous laugh, his patience, his mind and his positive attitude. When I’m able to help family members, friends or strangers from far-away land by sharing what I can, makes me happy. Sometimes though, I think happiness is innate, meaning it is part of a person’s brain make-up. A good friend of mine tells me that I have a naturally happy brain. But sometimes we also need to take responsibility for our happiness which means knowing who we really are. Finding the humor in a situation can in fact add more happiness to our own lives and that of those around us. Laughter is a great way to release tension. Appreciating the small pleasures in life can go a long way in increasing your happiness quotient. Spend time with happy people. Daydream about a time and place that you felt completely happy. Going for a long hike or climbing a mountain on a beautiful day is precious. Sing.

  19. jy Says:

    the material things that you are bestowed with are icing on the cake are dispensable. family and friends and good health are what matter in the end

  20. Ian Says:

    What! The hotel didnt provide a handsome male masseur? What lousy service:) I wouldnt stay there again.

  21. jimg29 Says:

    Ian, Laughing Out Loud with bite lips

  22. peppoi Says:

    I don’t know…hmmm

  23. joshMe&Doves Says:

    honestly, just to sing with my children’s choir every sunday, makes me extremely happy! :)

  24. kiko Says:

    go migs! nice that you shared this with us

  25. uehJ Says:

    Hi Migs,

    It has been three weeks since I started reading your blog. I saw my friend from work reading through it on one of our lunch breaks, and it caught my attention.
    It is a big question how we appreciate or irritated we get on little things.
    I have grown to be independent. So I guess what gets me tick would be knowing that before I sleep at night I know that I have something more challenging the following day. I thank God that everyday I am alive and well. I guess the rest is part of my life and what I have to do.

    Without looking into little things we dont get to see the bigger picture, evidently most of us still do.

    Keep it up Migs!

    ryan :p

    COMMENT FROM MIGS: Hi Ryan! Welcome to MGG! Enjoy and keep on sharing your thoughts! *hugs*

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