Shirtless Polo Ravales


Silip is a movie directed by Joel Lamangan, starring Polo Ravales, Diana Zubiri, and Francine Prieto. Let’s play voyeur Diana and Francine, and take an exciting peek on a shirtless, provincial but bold Polo Ravales. Game? Hahaha!

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20 Responses to “Shirtless Polo Ravales”

  1. lordrommel27 Says:

    oh gosh! angganda ng puwet nya!

  2. cast Says:

    nice one….. nakaka dry ng throat….

  3. Tita Glo Says:

    Hindi maganda ang pwet nya

  4. jayzee Says:

    mga kapatid,nauuhaw ako,bgyan nyo ako ng gatassssssssss!!!!!!!!!! sino ba dyan?

  5. from1fagtoanother Says:

    oo nga flat ang pwet nya

  6. Nokturna Says:

    di na baleng flat ang pwet. masarap naman ang harapan… and that face!!!! OOOooooooohhhh!

  7. peppoi Says:


  8. kai Says:

    I’ve seen the movie and it’s nice.. plot is good. yeah he has a cute butt and of course a great body

  9. rodier Says:

    nagflat ang puwet dahil ky ara.

  10. Blonde_skinny_bitch Says:

    …flat butt! means he’s Top! If he has luscious buns, that means Bottom! Well, sssSisters aren’t you happy? If neither that means he’s bbbBoring! Oops!

  11. euges Says:

    True dapat gayahin si John Estrada mag pa butt enhance sya . Libre naman kay Belo yan basta pa tankyou lang sa shows nya. hahahah
    But type ko ang face at killer smile kalokah

  12. Quentin X Says:

    He better not come near me ot I will be unable to resist doing nasty things to him.

  13. dowell Says:

    miss ko na si anton matron!

  14. ewan Says:

    i wonder where the famous anton maton is…pati si migs…irs been a while since this post….

  15. Obnoxious Queer Says:

    Oh, Polo… love the chest! Not much with the butt. Slurpeee… all over!

  16. Rye Says:

    wala syang pwet. di pala sya perfect.

  17. bedrock Says:

    compare to lugaw!!! pwede na…

  18. brent Says:

    polo is the only hunk in GMA i like…
    I think he is hot…

  19. dazedblu Says:

    Woar… I’m sweating na! hehe…

  20. michael Says:

    yeah Polo is a good looking guy. I think I will rent Silip tonight.

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