Sexy Luis Alandy


Luis Alandy (Adrian Louis Alandy in real life), now 27 years old, was part of ABS-CBN’s Star Circle Batch 9. His first major acting role was in the hit series “Pangako sa ‘Yo”, soon followed by “Sana’y Wala Nang Wakas” (2003), “Vietnam Rose” (2005) and “Gulong ng Palad” (2005). He was also part of the stage play, Penis Talks and the sexy male group, Barako Boys.

Luis has also passionately kissed a man [Polo Ravales] onscreen in the gay comedy flick, “Manay Po.” Luis finished a computer course at AMA-East Rizal campus and some units of Psychology at the San Sebastian College in Manila.






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34 Responses to “Sexy Luis Alandy”

  1. F Says:

    He is indeed appealing!

  2. jay juaton Says:

    yummy kunti

  3. jpun Says:

    my total crush.

  4. Tobal Loyola Says:

    Yummy sobra!! High school pa lang kame sa LSSA ninanamnam ko na ‘to! LOL

  5. juan Says:

    what’s more intriguing about this boyish hunk is that he can’t seem to hold on to any girlfriend.

  6. bakla sa banga Says:

    hello po. guzto ko za. ye kne…

  7. Prince Monsour Abraham Says:

    what can i say? i just love him so much… so musculine/manly look.i love his cutie face & hot body.

  8. Prince Monsour Abraham Says:

    i love him… so cutie face & hot body.

  9. Prince Monsour Abraham Says:

    he is so hot !

  10. joey Says:

    i met him in barcelona. he was really nice. walang ere. he can be quiet, but naughty as well. he was trying to finish reading a michael jordan book at the time. very cooperative pa and professional. too bad he had an accident recently. i wish him well!

  11. Misterhubs Says:

    If I remember correctly, he gave Mojo Jojo a long, wet kiss during that 89.9 morning radio show.

  12. neon Says:

    wow. sarap naman niyan.

  13. eponine Says:

    One thing I know about this guy is that he’s always in a gay kiss sa play or sa movie. Isn’t he?

  14. josh Says:

    i always liked this guy. Migs, if u dont mind, i linkd u in my blog tnx

  15. Lola Says:

    I saw him last last week at the Shang Mall. Di siya yung tipong mapapansin agad until you look closely at him. But he is cute though. Migs, please feature Carlo Aquino ulet! thanks.

  16. Andrian Says:

    He is one luscious eye candy…. It would be nice to have him as a BF….

  17. drew Says:

    he is always in shang… bakit kaya?????

  18. red ice, nagbabaga pa!! Says:

    pag naka score ako sa kanya pede na ako magpaka lalake hahahahhha

  19. KittyQT Says:

    Gosh the fez, the eyes, the butt…. purrrrrrrrr………..

  20. michael Says:

    Yeah Luis is cute

  21. ian Says:


  22. Fredda Says:

    I don’t know if I would be happy with him as a boyfriend!

    His butt is bigger than mine!!!

    thanks for posting delectable pictures!~!!

  23. akoito Says:

    Could you post pix of him na kita yung buldge nya?

    Luv him

  24. jimmy_neutron Says:

    sa radio show din ni mo twister, tinanong sya kung how big? and he replied 6 and a half. ouch!

  25. ronan fidel Says:

    maliit daw bird nya, sayang

  26. empress maruja Says:

    Gumanda katawa niya huh!

  27. rommel Says:

    pwet kung pwet

  28. oblation Says:

    He had some encounters with guys… not just in plays or movies. It all started when he flirted at a sauna in his condominium building in San Juan nearly 3 years ago. It’s been a chain reaction since then.

  29. rj Says:

    photogenic lng sya,, hindi ako na impress when i saw him personally,, i dont like his legs..

  30. DENNIS Says:

    He is such a nice fellow.

  31. ZamboDude Says:

    hay, Luis is such a delicious creature..If only i were given the chance to spend a night with him..i would never keep away my eyes from his body..nakakatunay ang mga tingin niya..

  32. ZamboDude Says:

    oohs..i forgot the word given..nweiz, luis is so delicious

  33. from1fagtoanother Says:

    zambodude.. i would never keep away my eyes ….. dude i won’t keep my hands, and tongue away from his body hahaha

    really nice ass.. can somebody pass me the KY?

  34. gelly Says:

    ang solemn ng mukha nya pero ang hmmmmmm…… ng katawan nya….

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