John Lopez


Revisiting the beauty of this Pinoy hunky model… JOHN LOPEZ.


More pics from a previous post on John Lopez.

[Photo credit: Vince Lopez] Lopez  digg:John Lopez  spurl:John Lopez  newsvine:John Lopez  furl:John Lopez  reddit:John Lopez  fark:John Lopez  Y!:John Lopez


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17 Responses to “John Lopez”

  1. tarugo Says:

    he’s is smokin’ hot..can’t wait for him to fuck me hard…hehehe..

    nice features match with perfect body..not to mention his skin tone..swabe…

  2. janna Says:

    first comment..=P

    i dont think he’s cute.

  3. pepron Says:

    he is hottttt!

    but, Janvier is hotter though, for me lang naman po…

  4. jimg29 Says:

    OMFG This guy resembles my childhood neighbor who I happened to give awkward sexcapades through our rooftops. After chasing saranggolas on October winds, we always ended up for a heart pounding stimulations. Those were the days my friend, hehe,we sung and danced till the sun goes down or till the people below us had grown suspicions. Hhhmm whatever happened to you RONALDO SANTOS? Makababa na nga!

  5. Rye Says:

    migs, i’d call u my hero if u could find a photo of him with full armpit exposure. teehee!

  6. vince Says:

    hot guy! i also get distracted by his F&H ads when i’m in one of their stores.

  7. riffraff2000 Says:

    mata lang niya ang walang latay by the time I’m through with him…

  8. WWE Publicist Says:

    CESAR MONTANO ang LOOKS pero CARLOS AGASSI ang BODY!! Pwede na rin, mukha nga lang taga-bundok!! Nyahahahah!!

  9. gharyjohn Says:

    he is my god… ang gwapo niya… he is my type of guy… yum yum!!!

  10. Jakob Says:

    I’m wondering if he’s the same guy in Folded and Hung’s new campaign ads. He looks hot but the other guy on F&H’s ad is much hotter hahahaha.

  11. fattyacid Says:

    oh gosh hot hot hot…i think i want to have a BDSM session with him…mukhang energyzer bunny sya! ^_^

  12. dowell Says:

    i love this man. i love him.

  13. peak fantasy Says:

    i wanna have him all night! whew!

  14. astroboi Says:

    i love him! i’m in love with the gardener. hehe

  15. lily Says:

    Hi. I need your help. Does anybody know who the hanford briefs image model is? He has a huge billboard along SLEX and i heard he has another one along Aguinaldo highway in cavite. I would appreciate it if someone could tell me his name. Billion thanks.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    jimg29, ano email mo?

  17. michael Says:

    yeah John Lopez is hot looking. John is a “Super Hunk”.

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