John Apacible, daddy beefcake


Beefy, brawny John Apacible comes from the yesteryears yet his bemuscled, malaman body still attracts my eyes — amidst the mega-lean, 0%-fat hunks of today. He was the contemporary of Leonardo Litton, Allan Paule, etc.

More pics ahead…

These photos betray the daddy-ness of John






I love how the trunks is “jampacked”. Hehehe!



john_apacible-8.jpg Apacible, daddy beefcake  digg:John Apacible, daddy beefcake  spurl:John Apacible, daddy beefcake  newsvine:John Apacible, daddy beefcake  furl:John Apacible, daddy beefcake  reddit:John Apacible, daddy beefcake  fark:John Apacible, daddy beefcake  Y!:John Apacible, daddy beefcake


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26 Responses to “John Apacible, daddy beefcake”

  1. chad Says:

    he’s not my type but yeah, he looks good for his age. (mid 30s?)

  2. Jhong Says:

    His dong is too small for his bod… Omg!

  3. charles Says:

    wow! I’ve been waiting to see some pics of John for a lllloooonnngggg time now! I remember him during my college days and I should say I was really into him…


  4. leo Says:

    makikiraan lang po!

  5. DavaoGuy Says:

    wasnt he supposed to be arrested for some crime about two years ago? napanood ko lang sa TV Patrol….

  6. sharon bading Says:

    I had him na. 15 thou. okay naman. :)

  7. blue_ice Says:

    wow talaga? malaki ba? hahaha

  8. Kris Aquino Says:

    i did him too..and he did me just the same..bongga! hehehe

  9. Kaleena Says:

    i want to make ulam his armpits

  10. astroboi Says:

    yummy beefcake!!!

  11. fern Says:


  12. jenzo Says:

    sheeeeeeeeeet!…ulamin na toh!…may asawa na ba ‘to? parang ang sarap ahasin ah…hehehe :)

  13. harold Says:

    Wow, John is very hot. He’s one of my ultimate crushes. Can’t anyone kind soul here share how to get in touch with him too? Would like to have him too. Thanks.

  14. brod Says:

    what is his contact number?

  15. pj Says:

    pinagsawaan na siya ng isang gay fashion designer. initials GG!

  16. rye Says:

    you may also wanna feature Gino Ilustre… Richard Bonin… and juan rodrigo (younger years)

  17. mike Says:

    could anyone please tell me how to contact john apacible… P15k is not a problem.. I paid an actor for P70K…

  18. harold Says:

    mike, i was wondering if who was the actor you paid P70K. I am intrigued. I also would want to contact john - i find him really hot!!! Btw, mike, do you want to have a date with a viva hot man. I can give you the contact details of one of them. Just let me know your email address so that I can email you the details.

  19. kai Says:

    I remember watching his movies. He’s REALLY sexy. Kahit medyo cheap dating. Sigue na give nyo na number nya or how we can contact him.

  20. mike Says:

    Hey harold… maybe you should email me privately… lets share notes… I also tried several of the viva hotmen already and oh so yummylicious talaga… plus other models and actors he he he… I have open budget for tonio ortigas and alen dizon, if anyone could connect me with them… am also interested to meet francis enriquez kahit gurangis ever na eh sexy pa rin… forget about romano vasquez, lousy mayabang at may amoy pero low cost lang and if I remember mga 2k lang ang budget nya… he he he… let’s exchange contacts and compare notes he he he… at pahabol if anyone could also introduce me to basketball players hay…. sarap maging gay he he he

  21. harold Says:

    Hi Mike, I have already sent an email to your private address, check it out.

    Best regards,

  22. pepron Says:

    yup, still too hot!

  23. manu Says:

    i still find him sexy and papable

  24. Blonde_skinny_bitch Says:

    …oh yeah! daddylicious!

  25. john Says:

    love daddies

  26. john Says:

    Crush ko sya nung highschool ako, naisip ko nga kung ganyan ka sexy ng dad ko, lalasingin ko lang yan tpos pagsasawaan ko na! yummy kasi!!!!!

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