Shirtless Gerald Anderson


Now that we’ve just featured Aldred Gatchalian of Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition, here’s another teen housemate — Gerald Anderson. Now, let’s see Gerald without that shirt, shall we?

Shy pa…

Here are screencaps by Pinoy Rickey:






BONUS (from PBB house) - not shirtless but naughty, naughty! LOL!


g5-1.JPG Gerald Anderson  digg:Shirtless Gerald Anderson  spurl:Shirtless Gerald Anderson  newsvine:Shirtless Gerald Anderson  furl:Shirtless Gerald Anderson  reddit:Shirtless Gerald Anderson  fark:Shirtless Gerald Anderson  Y!:Shirtless Gerald Anderson


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29 Responses to “Shirtless Gerald Anderson”

  1. Jason Says:

    the bonus pics are really a turn-on! oozing with sex appeal..

  2. pathfinder Says:

    yeah! the bonus pix are so provoking.

  3. CK Says:

    Medyo hindi hot yung torso niya, pero I remember his profile being very distinct because he admitted being sexually active since 14 (?).

    I saw him in ABS-CBN at may picture ako with him. He’s nice.

  4. boy Says:

    may video pa nga yang bonus na yan e

  5. jo Says:

    I remember their days sa house, HOT-na-HOT silang mga boys to DRIBBLE!!! up to the point of asking Kuya if they could express and BURST their MANLINESS. Hanap pa sila sa bathroom kung may part sa room na di kita ng cameras. Boys will be boys!!! Si Fred, the cadet officer, ang hunk sa kanila.

  6. ika_fry Says:

    Ito ba yun? patingin tingin pa sa camera akala niya siguro minasan kumukurap yung camera. hehehe.

    at ito pa:

  7. Jason Says:

    more of him please!

  8. naked_truth69 Says:

    hello mga sistah!!please lagyan nyo pa ng mga picture na nude talga si gerald.feeling ko madali xang tigasan at saka feeling ko hindi na xa sad kasi sa mga galaw nya at hiddn move sure me hindi na xa.agree ka u mga sistah

  9. CMx Says:

    i like gerard’s nips! very full! my kind of nips! hehehe..

  10. jase Says:

    HAPPY NEW YEAR my Dear!

    Mwahhhh :)

  11. eric Says:

    he looks like jake roxas..

  12. br0wn_c0w Says:

    Baby fats!!! Freshness ever!!! Yummy! Ahahahaha!

  13. erick Says:

    hi!! migs!!! yur simply awesome ….ang hot ni Gerald hhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmm

  14. daphne Says:

    i lyk you boi!

  15. edz Says:

    be good…… luv yahhhh

  16. deejeey Says:

    I don’t want to brag but we had a crazy night at my boarding house before when we were still classmates at Holy Trinity College - Gensan. We were both drunk and he’s been horny. Some night I couldn’t forget.

  17. maro Says:

    gerald anderson is bisexual

  18. monsour abraham Says:

    Gerald is cute,awsome,talented,always appears fresh & wet.I love this guy…

  19. HAZE frm. aklan Says:

    HI POWH … nyz pic. powh …ur so talented

  20. ricks Says:

    gerald isnt gay. he isnt. but he’s bi. i know it. for sure.

    weve been on the same agency before he got inside the house. :P

  21. gandah Says:

    haaayy…guwapo talaga si gerald…improve na lang ng konti body niya…pero di na din masama yung ngayon..horny yan for sure kasi amboy…and isa pa i like his nipple kasi malaki…parang masarap tikman hehe

  22. michael Says:

    In some of these pictures he looks like Sam Milby. Do u think so?

  23. Calvin Says:

    what do you expect? his a guy… my sister is so into him… but he’s not my type… :(

  24. LadyMinion Says:

    phew! the PBB scenes are friggin hott! But the normal pics? nah!

  25. grace Says:

    alam mo crush na crush kta gerald i love you!!!

  26. drew Says:

    somebody who knows this guy told me that he is a certified HYMEN BREAKER. he’s definielty horny.

  27. gelly Says:

    he is handsome…..
    but not sexy….
    im just being true to my perception….
    hindi kasi proportion ang katawan nya…..

  28. mia_ching Says:

    gwapo niya!!!!!
    sana may nude pics sya!!!

    do u know where i can find more shirtless pics of him (in pants, shorts, etc) or better yet, naughty videos…

  29. jang chul soo Says:

    anu ba yan. e ano kung shirtless e napakaordinary naman ng katawan!

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