Gay Bloggers Unite!

… and as if I’m shouting my lungs out on the streets, “Makibaka!” Hehehe!


I just wanted to say that I had a great week last week, most notably because of my bonding sessions with fellow bloggers. A great mix of sensible conversationalists, I must say. Last week I personally met…Gibbs, McVie, Tombs (no out blog yet, but in the works) and Tenchu, who posted in his blog:

Finally saw Migs, Gibbs and McVie in the flesh… ang gaganda nila, in fairview.

Thank you, Tenchu, ang galing mo mambola. Hahaha!

And for MGG readers who have blogs… let me know so I can also visit your site! Gay Bloggers Unite!

[P.S. Because I did not bring a camera during our meet, pagpasensiyahan na lang ang picture above. Rest assured, we were all fully clothed when we met, hehehe!] Bloggers Unite!  digg:Gay Bloggers Unite!  spurl:Gay Bloggers Unite!  newsvine:Gay Bloggers Unite!  furl:Gay Bloggers Unite!  reddit:Gay Bloggers Unite!  fark:Gay Bloggers Unite!  Y!:Gay Bloggers Unite!


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20 Responses to “Gay Bloggers Unite!”

  1. yori Says:

    hmmm i wish I was there too… i would have been speechless to see you gorgeous guys hehehehe

  2. bernard Says:

    will my blogsite count kahit photoblog?

  3. bernard Says:

    tsaka pwede rin ba ung erotic stories site ko?

  4. AJ Says:

    Hey there. I suppaduppa love your blog! :) I dunno if my blogs count as gay blogs. I’m gay, and my blogs are kinda gay :)

  5. zizou Says:

    hhhmm…i do have a blog.. a bit juvenile.. but I’m trying to crossover into the mature way of writing with zis new blog of mine.. if you got the time.. vct or something.. :) (the URL itself is juvenile..LOL)

  6. khentutz Says:

    For blog hoppers… feel free to visit my blog… I’m still a newbie to the blog world, im still pondering on blogging my gay experiences there…

  7. boom Says:

    hey there! lovelovelove mgg, esp the photo posts. hahah! anyway, plugging:

  8. mcvie Says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Ayan na, magiging links page ito ng LAHAAAT ng mga gay blogs! Wheeee!!!

    Migs, dapat na nga mag gay bloggers summit tayo. We can call it Gay Bloggers Unite! or GABLU! for short.

    Whaaa–?! Tenchu called us “ang gaganda”? Eh siya nga ang pinakamaganda sa atin that night eh! Baka naman kaya “nagmamaganda” o “ang ga-gaga”? Ahahahahaha!

  9. mcvie Says:

    And Migs, you should go out on the streets shouting “Makibakla!” instead of “Makibaka!”

  10. swngkid Says:

    hi migs ive been reading ur blog bago lng this end of december 2006. and nsince then jan2007 nag blog na rin ako sana u leave me a line or comment

  11. dyakks Says:

    pwede ba ang baklaan lang ng blog? puro chika lang..ahahaha

  12. rOckY Says:

    Well since everyone is posting blog links, might as well throw mine into the fray.

    The Geeky Guide to Nearly Everything:

    While primarily a blog with a technical slant, the Geeky Guide also covers “pink” news items related to gay rights initatives and issues around the world.

  13. deadmanwalking Says:

    sana nagpost ka ng pics ng EB niyo waah

  14. KittyQT Says:

    Bernard, your photo-blogsite is SUPERHOOOOOOT!!! Talagang ultimate pinoy hunks…Mga gurlash, bisitahin agad, bilis…aayyyy!!!

  15. ghel Says:

    Keep it comming!

    Ang saya saya!

  16. Mikee Says:

    Daming babasahin !!! :) Sana gumaling ingles ko. Hindi kase ako sanay magsulat ng kung anik anik, more rampa and kwento verbally ako. Tenks mga pwends.

  17. josh Says:

    tnx migg for everthing!!!. Hey bernard kudos also sa photo blog ultimatepinoy hunk mo!!! Luv it very, very very much! Yong troika bookazine wang mong palampasing hindi ipose ha, pls, pls, pls.

  18. tombs Says:

    hey there. thanks, kapatid, for the invite to the pre-summit meet of gblogrs! what a great bunch you all were. had so much fun. now i am busy viewing all the links. hahaha. but spending most of my time at ultipinoy hunks. hahaha.
    how wonderfully multidimensional we all are. who would think that under this pink exterior lurks some very serious minds in media, advertising, IT, pharma. baka eventually industry-clustered na ang summit. hahaha. i am beginning to give-away my geeky side. venue for next meet: steam room???

  19. dilan muli Says:

    ei there mga friends… you can view my blog at…

    PANLALAKI: Pamhinta


    hope you like it!

  20. Ochee Ocampo from Philippines [email protected] Says:

    i hope your group of bloggers can organize a series of seminars. Thanks.

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