Sitting at the feet of gay masters


The Basenji is one of the most ancient dog breeds. Basenjis can be seen on steles in the tombs of Egyptian pharaohs, sitting at the feet of their masters, looking just as they do today, with pricked ears and tightly curled tail.

Last night I was a Basenji, sitting at the feet of masters, yet privileged enough to drink from the cup of wisdom the distilled insights from years and years of experience of masters…. of gay masters.

It was a refreshing change of scenery, of the usual Saturday night gimmick routines — the venue was Greenbelt’s Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, and the cast of characters consisted of a number of gay bloggers, and gay would-be bloggers. Ang saya! Over cups of coffee, we chatted, we giggled, we laughed (at others and at ourselves), we criticized (each other, and others too! hehehe!), and all in all, we had honest conversations about blogging, why we blog, what we blog about, and everything else that came up that only real good friends normally discuss. Funny thing was, for most of us there, it was our first time to meet that evening.

While admittedly I was one of the more talkative characters in the group, I had a great time listening as well. In fact, if I can replay that get together in my mind, I would go back and zero in on those moments when it was the other people who were speaking and sharing their thoughts. I really felt like I was sitting at the feet of my masters, drinking every little insight I could from the experiences they were sharing. These get togethers expand my thinking, and give me impetus to look at life and the world a little differently. And it’s all so good!

One of the masters texted me today, and said “I really had fun last night. Too bad I still had to go back to work. Sa uulitin ha.” And yes, sa uulitin, and I promise next time I will try to speak less and listen more. Like a Basenji, listening, with pricked ears and tightly curled tail. at the feet of gay masters  digg:Sitting at the feet of gay masters  spurl:Sitting at the feet of gay masters  newsvine:Sitting at the feet of gay masters  furl:Sitting at the feet of gay masters  reddit:Sitting at the feet of gay masters  fark:Sitting at the feet of gay masters  Y!:Sitting at the feet of gay masters


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2 Responses to “Sitting at the feet of gay masters”

  1. mcvie Says:

    Dios ko, baka may mag-feeling Cleopatra ngayon, hahaha.

  2. Migs Says:

    Don’t worry, mcvie, hanap tayo ng cleopatra mo! hehehe!

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