Alfred Vargas, the fine hunk

So fine, so proper, that’s how I would describe Alfred Vargas when I once saw him in person at the Greenbelt cinemas. I saw him pretty up close, and his finely sculpted features struck me the most… until I saw a proliferation of his sexy pictures some months back. Wow the pictures were really something. I was told those were taken for a coffee table book project. That explains the artistic slant of the images. I held off from publishing those here, thinking it was impossible for anyone not to have seen those pics. Then a wave of readers of this site actually requested for the Alfred Vargas pictures to be posted… so here I am, giving in to my beloved blog guests.

Enjoy Alfred Vargas, the fine, fine hunk!








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33 Responses to “Alfred Vargas, the fine hunk”

  1. neil Says:

    For me I voted to Allen Dizon,I do believe that he has most sexiest body and good complextion

  2. mcvie Says:

    Can I just gloat for a moment? Let me just say that I know Alfie personally. I first met him when he was still a student and very much into theater. We were even in a play together. He’s a very cool dude who has no problems dealing with gay people. I never did try to do anything “funny” with him because he was a very decent person–in other words, masyado kong nirespeto siya, hahaha. (Dapat siguro binastos ko siya ng kahit bahagya, ano?)

  3. Migs Says:

    omg, mcvie! idol ka talaga! sana nga medyo medyo nagpa-haging ka kay papa alfred. baka sakali! hahaha!

  4. Ian Says:

    That foto of him standing in the water is great but couldn’t the photographer have waited til low tide?

  5. cheolezza Says:

    wow! sana more sexy pa show ni alfred!

  6. rey Says:

    thnxs. sa picture ni alfred talagang super….

  7. Jason Says:

    i watched zsa zsa zaturnah and noticed that Alfred seemed to gain a lot of weight..

  8. lez Says:

    definitely “TRUE HUNK”

  9. niki0221 Says:

    yup, he was a nice guy, and still is, he doesn’t forget his friends from our ateneo days - i see him at work and the gimik places…i was one of those guilty of giving him a hard time at tanghalang ateneo but i learned to respect the guy for when he performs, he hits the mark and when he production managed a show and made ‘abono’ about a hundred thousand or so pesos to the play (the production cost alone could pay for two cars…ahay, ateneans and money…)

    a guy with simple dreams, alfie just really wanted to be an actor…he once quit a play where he played my son to do his stint as Dino in ‘pangako sa’yo’

    hot as he is, he’s more like a brother in the industry now…oh yeah, i used to dress him up and rafael rossel when i was a costume master…at the end of it, pag lagi kang nakakakita ng guwapo, it gets old and ordinary.

  10. ROWELL Says:


  11. mei mei Says:


  12. chuchu caracas Says:

    chika ko lang. he used to court this super goodlooking flight attendant named ramil. yun lang.

  13. Jonathan Zamora Says:

    Odinaryong mukha na nakikita mu sa shopping mall.

  14. wel Says:

    love ko body nya!!!!!hehe sory kasi cute ka

  15. loujillee Says:

    grabe!!! you rock my world

  16. kurdafiya Says:

    kamusta naman ang mulawin na mulangot???? heheheh…. prang bading…. crush p nman kita… sau n lng c LJ…. my ex gf…. gagah!!! magaagaw!!! heheheh


    hi, alfred vargas, i seen that you really nice pictures shots, from you, i am starting a Gay Magazine in Mexico, and i would like ask you if you would giveme some permission to publish your profile, and your picttures also, like an international profile, its a good magazine, ill give you my personal MSN, my name its manuel, hope to hear from you soon.

  18. Gina Cole Says:

    ang gwapo..mukhang katulong naman ang girlfriend…maganda pa ang Ate Chokoleit mo!

  19. tata Says:

    so cute ng katawan infairnezzzz…..heheheh

  20. raul g. guites Says:

    ur s cute at grabe ang sarap mong halikan at yakapen cguro marami knang napiyak sana magtagal k s showbiz

  21. mark Says:

    grabe.. sana more nude pa… hahhaa

  22. charlie Says:

    sussy ka talaga

  23. iloveboom Says:

    sobrang pangit n ng katawan ni alfred ngayon…grabe parang d artista..ang laki ng tyan..kakahiya!

  24. Didoy M. Says:

    alfred vargas looks like my hubby . . . .hehehe im so lucky . . . . . ingit kayo . . . . . bwhahahahahah!!!!!!!

  25. michael Says:

    hindi nmman sexy itong si alferd vargas

  26. More Cosmomen! | manila gay guy Says:

    […] Alfred Vargas (more Alfred) […]

  27. pikuyth Says:

    ang sarap naman

  28. pikuyth Says:

    hopr i can feel the hotness of his body

  29. PJ Says:

    gubat kung gubat! laban ka?

  30. eponine Says:

    i do not know what it is in him that makes me hate him. the only time i liked him was when i watched his short video in xtube.

  31. tons Says:


  32. john Says:

    gosh i really love you alfred…….your so sexy……..i love the shape of your body….always take good care of your self…… yah muuaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh…….

  33. fattyacid Says:

    i used to like him nung nasa ABS pa sya…he’s body was just right and he’s one of the handsomest guys in TV.

    kasi right now he face is bony with annoying big eye bugs…sana wag puros work out at trabaho…mag rest ka po at kumain ng maayos.

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