More Cosmomen!

More, more, more! Yes, I hear you — so here’s more of the Cosmopolitan Hunks, from Cosmomen September 2007 issue. All rise for these fine, fine hunks! Presenting… Alfred Vargas, Jon Avila (Mullaly), Luke Jickain, and Paolo Paraiso!

Alfred Vargas (more Alfred)

Jon Avila (more Jon)

Luke Jickain

Paolo Paraiso

(Prior posts containing Cosmopolitan Hunks: 1, 2) Enjoy!

P.S. I heard that the Cosmo event featuring these hunks will happen this coming Thursday, Sept. 6, 2007! Cosmomen!  digg:More Cosmomen!  spurl:More Cosmomen!  newsvine:More Cosmomen!  furl:More Cosmomen!  reddit:More Cosmomen!  fark:More Cosmomen!  Y!:More Cosmomen!


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34 Responses to “More Cosmomen!”

  1. blue_harajuku Says:

    totally hot! now im gonna buy! lol

  2. simpleBI Says:

    Meron na ko nito, kasali din pala si Janvier kaso medyo maliit…ang picture hehehe :)

  3. Tony Says:

    Wow, Alfred bod has defined a lot!

  4. Tony Says:

    “Alfred’s bod” i mean…

  5. mark erik Says:

    me? im not gonna buy the cosmo mag anymore. thanks, migs! hehehe

  6. myke Says:

    migs, san ung venue sa sept 6???

  7. dazedblu Says:

    cosmo bachelor bash wil slate this coming thursday at the fort NBC Tent, 7:00 pm ;) hope to see yew there guys..

  8. dazedblu Says:

    btw bakit wala si bruno folster?

  9. hot_dude Says:

    haha, yea, i agree…. si alfred tlaga nag-improved ung body nya hehe,

  10. Trishia Says:

    OOPs! I find Dingdong’s picture so awkward…di proportioned at mukhang photoshopped…all the rest of the pics are good. I already have a copy of Cosmo and I should say, this year’s batch (lalo na yung mga new and unknown faces) is better than in any other year’s. All look yummy but sadly, very modest ang mga shots nila, di ganong revealing…sana wala na lang ang mga buco ek-ek at naka trunks and white briefs na lang sila instead or mag concentrate sila sa butt exposure…bitin tuloy at di worth sa P150 yung mag (if only for the supplement)…

  11. kenny Says:

    Either Alfred’s pic was taken years ago or photoshopped ang pic. Kakikita ko lang sa kanya sa UP chapel and he has flabs. Kahit mag-workout pa sya ng 3 hours before the shoot, he won’t get that amount of pump.

  12. riffraff2000 Says:

    Daymn, Alfred trumps them all on this set of photos..kagigil!!!

  13. question Says:

    alfred’s pic is so fake
    he just had a full tummy in one of the gma shows a couple of weeks back

  14. Landor Says:

    Photoshopped nga talaga mga pics yan lalo na sa abs area. To get that kind of definition dapat body fat mo below 7%.

  15. iloveboom Says:

    pumayat s si impostora sobrang fit n sya..pati mukha nya lumiit..nagulat nga kami kc sa nuts sobrang tama nya tapos nung impostora n payat n sya

  16. simplengBI Says:

    oo nga… maraming photoshoped na mga pics, pero I don’t think it would matter pag nakita nanatin sila sa personal hehehe…exciting talaga ang event na ito… pakiramdaman na lang kung sino sa mga aattend ang mga MGG readers…
    cheers :)

  17. tonyboy Says:

    daming recycled models.

    cosmo photos are not credible anymore…puro PHOTOSHOPPED…like alfred vargas….he doesn’t have that six-pack…dare to take a peek at his abs now.

  18. Windoo Says:

    Yeah I think this is by far the most Photoshopped set of Cosmo hunks ever!

    Dingdong’s butt area looks plastic already. Well, they probably think that women will not notice this kind of blatant false advertising, hahaha. Mabuhay ang mga kipay!

  19. monicalewinskiing Says:

    san ba makakabili ng pirated na photoshop? si dingdong para na yung mga cut outs na fake na ulo ang nakalagay. di ko feel.

  20. ERIC Says:

    i have tickets for the cosmo bash…however im afraid baka di ako papasukin cuz its for women right..i got my ticket kasi di makaaatend yung sister ko…..papasukin ba ako kahit gay ako..discreet naman ako eh…to watch the said event?

  21. Lola Says:

    Yeah I think Cosmo is coming up with false/fake pics already. Sad but true.
    Remember last year(?) when JR was on the cover, he admitted it was “photoshopped”.

  22. Kai Says:

    Aside from being fake..
    where are the NEW bachelors? Ive seen these people and they all look old to me…overused…

    I’d like to see more NEW faces…. not newly photoshopped hunks with fake nips and pecs

  23. GLENN Says:

    Temptation,Lust, Hot, Puro Libog grabe eto.Sunog tayo lahat nitong mga cosmo men na ito. This guys will make the devil out of you.

  24. digi Says:

    guys may ticket ba jan sa cosmo bachelor bash? or i’ll just have to buy the september issue?

  25. harriet Says:

    hi there! me & my friend also want to watch the bachelor bash, panu ba yun? is it free?

  26. tonyboy Says:

    my suspicion was right after all…alfred vargas didn’t show up in the cosmo bash…also jake cuenca…they’re the two whom i could definitely say they don’t have the power abs as shown in cosmo…i can bet on that…kung nag-attend sila, mabubuking sana kung sino talaga ang may totoong six-pack abs…coz of this faking, cosmo has lost its prestige

    right. very few fresh faces…why derek ramsey?…he’s too old for this…why dingdong?…trying to revive the career of this flop king?

  27. mrs. folster Says:

    may hubby bruno is stil the highlight of the show;)

  28. lala Says:

    wow….more pa dapat…ill buy the cosmo mag for sure!

  29. joe angelo Says:

    i want more…. they are very hot and gorgeous…..

  30. lala Says:

    oww! they are really hot…i love them so much!

  31. joe angelo Says:

    ang sarap sarap talga nila…ahehe

  32. lala Says:

    hey cosmo!thanks for bringing those hot and cute guyzzz!

  33. alvin Says:

    para sakin da best c johkn avila kaya lng his getting fat na..

  34. bettyerz Says:

    gosh is that really alfred’s body?! parang edited ung abs area?! nevertheless, angelic face hayyyy makes me wanna float… awwww… paolo paraiso, parang getting old to pose like that… hindi yummy tignan

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