Eri Neeman

Eri Neeman is half-German, but past the Jewish nose, this boy is all Pinoy. Born in Manila and raised in Pampanga, this five-eleven, self-confessed romantic can cook a killer tomato penne, run while shooting a spiel, and also has a disturbing tendency to sing in the shower and parade through beaches in very small swimming trunks.

He claims his taste in swimwear is due to his European roots. He loves people, loves movies, loves his mother and loves music — not necessarily in that order.

He is also very talented.

In 2005, Eri’s European roots — and penchant for swaggering down both beaches and supermarket aisles — landed him a spot as finalist in the annual Mossimo Bikini Summit.

He’s modeled for ramp, print and television, and endorsed a range of products that include Shopwise, Talk ’N Text and Nescafe.

It was in 2006 that Eri won the Studio 23 Beach Bums summer search, a national challenge that brought 12 finalists to report on the party scene from beaches all over the country.

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15 Responses to “Eri Neeman”

  1. peter_rian Says:

    batch sila ni don mendoza sa datu marikudo male model search sa boracay, kung san si don mendoza ung nanalo. nice nman sya in fairness though mahiyain in person hehehe ü

  2. kei Says:

    keri boom

  3. DesperateHouseboy Says:


    Nakakasawa, nakakasuya at nakaka-umay na ang mga mestisuhing half-pinoy. Sila na lang parati ang laman ng mga commercials, print ads, photoshoots and fashion shows.

    Don’t get me wrong. I wouldn’t even think of turning them away should they come knocking on my door. Ano, hilo?

    But give me tall-dark-and-handsome pure-blooded Filipino men like Janvier Daily and Ram Sagad any day of the week, and I could die a very happy man. Gay man pala.

    They’re the ones that really melt my butter.

    Hmm, bigla tuloy ako nagutom…

  4. eponine Says:

    siya ba ang nasa 3rd pic? parang hindi siya. his nicest photo is the first one. masyado na siyang payat sa sunod na pics. anyway, good-looking man din ay ayaw kong pagpantasyahan. magkamukha sila ng pinsan ko. yoko maging incestuous. hehe

  5. Frances Says:

    the third pic is aref a model in cebu

  6. george Says:

    Hindi ba half-Irish din si Janvier?

  7. chickoo Says:

    Totally agree, “DesperateHouseboy”! Though Aga is very yummy now, Gary V still is, John Hall is sizzling, mas malakas ang dating ng kayumangging Pinoy, mas sexy IMO. Even if half si Janvier, he fits the Pinoy male sex symbol mold. Saw him on the “Buzz” kahapon and he’s more endearing when he speaks. Pinoy na Pinoy ang mannerisms, very mahiyain na respectful ba. Very impromptu and unscripted ang dating n’ya. Question is: Bakit pumatol kay Ethel Booba??!? Parang ‘di tugma!

  8. chickoo Says:

    O, sorry, back to Eri … wasn’t he the correspondent in that comedy news show “Wazup? Wazup?” He got even better-looking and bulkier (in a good way) and more Pinoy-looking. And he definitely wasn’t shy there at all, palaging show off ang torso. Dunno what happened to him pagkatapos ng show though.

  9. daisuke Says:

    yung isa pic ata mali

    he’s on my friendster account and mabait naman siya.

  10. supermanix Says:

    somebody mentioned i look like this guy. hahaha. medyo nga.

  11. GOSSIPgirl Says:

    please feature Marvin Sia, lovit.

    xo, gossip girl

  12. brazilian Says:

    he has gayface.

  13. eponine Says:

    di ba siya ang nasa smart TVC na inakala ng lahat si kian ng pbb? siya na ab ang tad-jock ng wazzup wazzup? he looks a lot like kian kazemi sa first pic.

  14. eldo Says:

    Bf ni pat evangelista. swerte nya.

  15. Glenn Says:

    sheet…. ang gwapo…. morenong moreno…. the kind of guys na talaga naman ang sarap tingnan at pangarapin…. hanggang pangarap lang. hehehehe….

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