Inside the Mind of a Star Masseur


According to the manager of the massage place, he — Adonis — is their Star Masseur. “He is our number one masseur… mabenta, laging nakukuha.” I thought the manager was believable. Sharp features in Adonis’ chiseled face, moreno, caramel smooth skin, and the height (must be around 5′10″) made me choose him as my stallion among the stable of masseurs.

It was my first time there so I was jittery and extra quiet. Adonis led me to the room, and then in impeccable english asked permission to leave to get his “basket” (which turned out to be his massage kit: oil, lotion, towel, etc.) When he came back it was my turn to request to leave — so I can wash myself before the massage. I showered very briefly, making sure that I smelled good, even for this stranger. When I came back, he was almost ready: shoes off, and the massage implements were in place. I laid down, still with a towel wrapped around my waist, then he very politely asked, smiling and as if in a ceremonial dance, bowing, “Sir I’ll just brush my teeth.” I smiled back, nervously of course, and said, “okay,” which sent him away. (Hmmm… he wanted to have fresh breath while massaging me? Interesting, I thought.)

While I was waiting, still on my back, I was wondering… how come this seemingly very articulate and handsome young man is in this sort of a place?

A few moments later, I heard footsteps approaching my room, and I knew it was Adonis, who — later on I found out — was about to reveal a little bit more than what I expected. (To be continued.) the Mind of a Star Masseur  digg:Inside the Mind of a Star Masseur  spurl:Inside the Mind of a Star Masseur  newsvine:Inside the Mind of a Star Masseur  furl:Inside the Mind of a Star Masseur  reddit:Inside the Mind of a Star Masseur  fark:Inside the Mind of a Star Masseur  Y!:Inside the Mind of a Star Masseur


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39 Responses to “Inside the Mind of a Star Masseur”

  1. dowell Says:

    Oh, bitin!

    Hi Migs :)

    Anton Maton, Tara EB tayo, massage mo ako ha (ayan para related sa topic sa itaas).

    Will wait for the continuation, Migs. Hmmmm, baka sya na si Mr. Right! :)

  2. kahlil Says:

    Hi Migs,

    Any clue about the massage place? :-)


  3. wildfire Says:

    Hi migs! Would like to ask if san yung massage place na pinuntahan mo? The recently opened Sanctuario in QC ba?

  4. gay blogger in the closet Says:

    anubah! nambitin ka naman =(

  5. mark erik Says:

    asus! san kainis naman ni kuya migs! nambitin pa!

  6. pepron Says:

    ano to?! blog-novela?

  7. AJ Says:

    Migs, saan yan… I wanna go there…

  8. francis Says:

    kainis ahh!!

  9. kahlil Says:

    Hi migs, hope we can read the rest of the post soon…hehehe…share naman po kung san yung place…thanks po…take care po.


  10. Tita Glo Says:

    oo nga! san yan?

  11. Tony Says:

    Hahaha. I saw his picture at the center too. Too bad at that time he was out on home service. Though, I think G. recommends number 19. :P

  12. kahlil Says:

    hi tony,

    share naman po kung san yung center po…email me po at po!

  13. Blonde_skinny_bitch Says:

    huh!!! a simple massage gets Nelly ssso excited??? hohum …like I don’t get it, sssSistahs! … have you been to Rio in sin city Las Vegas? not only will the Italian masseuse give you a deep tissue Shiatsu massage to die for, you’ll end up feeling pretty clean deep down inside! Oops! and I don’t mean an enema! hahaha!

    p.s. are you trying to be brazenly provocative or just amazingly boring???which one? :lol:

  14. gerry Says:

    hay naku, basta ako before i reached the last sentence, hinanda ko na to be continued ang istorya. so i was not disappointed at all…pero nabitin pa rin ako! :)

  15. Isaribi Says:

    like they said…

  16. wildfire Says:

    anyway what’s the location of the centre?

  17. leo Says:

    Hahahaha! The whole world is waiting for Part II.

  18. nell Says:

    Syempre alam na natin ang susunod na kabanata, hehe.

  19. leeroy Says:

    mang Bitina Yaptchinsay bah?

  20. paul Says:

    bakla ka talaga migs!eklatera!hmmmp!

  21. Xerendipity Says:

    so biiiiiittt… well, TBC… got to watch for it!

  22. chenelynmarkado Says:


    parang revivir yata ang massage parlur. at si jake ang masahista. ;)


  23. kel Says:

    haha..excited for the next part!!!bilis…….ahehehehe!

  24. blue_harajuku Says:

    migs ayan ka na naman. nambibitin ka na naman hehehehe!

  25. blue_harajuku Says:

    migs ayan ka na naman. nambibitin ka na naman.. bilis bilis i cant wait for the second part

  26. blue_harajuku Says:

    hehehe demanding ko

  27. Bewired Says:

    bitin… i’d really like to watch out for the continuation of this story. honestly, i would also like to experience to go into those kinds of massage salons but i get fidgety every time i plan to go there, because i don’t know what would be the ambience and how i would act once i get inside. finish the story please and yeah, can you just write it here how is it once inside? thanks a lot…:)

  28. ernesto Says:

    Bitin hehehe umhhhh I know what happened!!!

  29. peak fantasy Says:

    migs, bukas ang continuation ha? promise. baka after roxanne pa yang next part.

  30. peak fantasy Says:

    migs something’s wrong with your write up on adrian racho..cannot be displayed daw..pero this one on your masseur, saglit lang e displayed na..

  31. jimg29 Says:

    Of course Adonis want to have fresh breath dahil he gave a full pledge orasyon on his previous client! So when he came back to diva’s attention, he’s mouth is still frothing from colgate foamwash, complete listerine smile and sepilyo on his right hand.

  32. GLENN Says:

    I like it that way,we you kept everyine crazy …

  33. Tita Glo Says:

    Sa Wensha sa Pasay may cute na chinito masahista. Benjie or Charles? I forgot their names.

  34. Krebs Says:


    Bakit ka ba ganyan! Lagi mo na lang kaming binibitin. Baka di na kami makatulog nyan ha?

    Nakakauhhhhhhhhh… :)

  35. Mark Says:

    Oooh, stuff like this gets me excited. Spill the beans! :)

  36. jimg29 Says:

    What all Adonis said to Diva while still holding to his toothpaste like a sceptre was: Ready for PEACE MISS WORLD?

  37. taylor Says:

    @blonde_skinny….i think most guys here will not care for a massage from a female….kahit sa vegas pa yan.

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