Quezon City Spa Escapade


Inspired (or aroused?) by McVie’s post on Mandy, a naughty young thing working as a masseur for a legitimate spa in Quezon City, I and 2 other friends went to the same legit spa. Maybe I won’t mention the facility’s name but as a hint (na sobrang madaling hulaan) I’m including a satellite photo of its location here (see photo above). Here’s a blow-by-blow (!) account of what transpired.

Since we each went our separate ways, we also had different stories to tell. So here –

G’s escapade

G had the most uneventful experience. The masseur he got turned out to be the head masseur, and therefore, no hanky panky for him. He had a relaxing massage, according to him, although his getting a VIP room had no use for his intended sneaky intentions. Hehehe! In fact since he got himself a VIP room, he missed going to the common wet area thus wala talagang excitement.

Migs’ escapade

Because I was stingy, I went for the common massage room. And because G and J already got the last two available masseurs I was left with a masseuse. (Told myself that since it was a masseuse, better get the common room dahil wala namang mangyayari sa VIP room hahaha!). Well, it turned out it was a good choice because I had a chance to hang out in the wet area — you know, the sauna, steam room eksena. Suffice to say I had a good time playing hard-to-get (hahaha!) while the sauna men were staring and trying to catch my attention. They were waving their weiners left and right! Sorry, boys, I was just teasing! Since it was my first time there I did not plan to do any hanky panky… maybe in my next visit? Hehehe!

J’s escapade

J turned out to be the luckiest. He got himself a masseur, “M” and he did give J a truly sensual massage inside the VIP room. After using irresistible massage tricks, and J already with a raging hard on, he asks “Sir, gusto mo ituloy na natin?” Of course J had no choice but to agree (hehehe!). “Secret lang natin ito, sir ha,” said “M”. How much was the extra service? “M” said “bahala na kayo, sir.” So kuripot this J, he gave “M” a measly Php300 tip.

O di ba, exciting? hehehe!

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122 Responses to “Quezon City Spa Escapade”

  1. mandayamoore Says:


  2. marco Says:

    so when u get the VIP room you cant use the wet area?

  3. Migs Says:

    Marco - you definitely can! G and J just didn’t know, so they stayed in their VIP rooms lang.

  4. raffy Says:

    I know the spa very well, I used to have my massage in that spa at least every two weeks when i was still in the philippines. It is a legitimate spa. But sometimes things happens among guest in the wet area. Most guests are the yuppie kind. Recently i heard from a friend that he had an encounter with a certain masseur when he had a VIP room. Sorry I forgot to ask the name of the masseur. I can’t attest to this because i usually have a masseuse for my massage. One thing i can assure you is that the massage is worth every penny you spent just ask for senior therapist.

  5. Matteo Says:

    That masseur “M” is gay. He’s my masseur for a couple of times already and he’d always ask me if I want to j3rk 0ff. But I don’t get turned on because he’s not physically attractive. As my friend would say, “Medyo halata na nagpapakalalaki”.

  6. perfeeduh limping Says:

    STD alert!

  7. fukesah Says:

    isnt it obvious 24 hrs open etech! and most of the parokyanos are gud luking bi’s… hay naku gst2 nyo ba reveal ko name ng spa since migs has no guts to say it here? hehe

  8. gizelle Says:

    go ahead fukesah,wats d name of d spa… say it 2me na…

  9. significant Says:

    the spa is not open 24 hours. i think that’s not what you think, fukesah.

  10. anton maton Says:

    the name of the spa is KULIGLIG! Bleah!

  11. Ang-ang Says:

    thats hot!

  12. fukesah Says:

    if its not open 24 hrs.. then another hot spa is in QC…same scenario hay naku wat else is new lahat nman ata ng spa may milagro sa dilim! huh

  13. myyellowshirt Says:

    sheesh, I remember that place
    kaso the common room had too many eyes, nakakalula
    and besides freebie from an ex
    He was propositioned habang ako dinededma all over

    shucks pag talaga plain jane ka yun na yun

    oh well here’s to c__y L__es___l_s

  14. lucky Says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong. CL are the initials of the place. I’ve been there a long time ago. Wasn’t able to drop by during my last trip back to the Philippines.

  15. fukesah Says:

    By looking closely at the satellite photo of migs..ladies and gentlegays heres the name!… City BUHAYstyle.. along Timog.. near gas station! grabe! msyadong giveaway na.. but too late mga ateng! wala na ang joklitang pa servce na masseur na si “M”

  16. fukesah Says:

    its ok if “M” is not there anymre.. u may want to try another one.. Timog din corner Panay! hehe mas daring.. mas ok.. its open 24 hrs.. try nyo between 12mn to 3am panalo!

  17. inday_garalgal Says:

    fukesah it seems naikot mo na lahat ng spa in QC…dont u have a complete directory? haha just asking

  18. mmmmm Says:

    If I’m not mistaken, the place you’re talking about is city lifestyle??? corner morato and timog. I used to hire this masseur named mandy. he used to work at a massage parlor named tsubos which is now closed. Mandy told me recently that he’s now working at city lifestyle. So this guy must be the same mandy. He’s straight and pretty cute. Try him. He’s nice.

  19. marco Says:

    hello.. saan ba yan? email mo naman ako

  20. Indoy Garutay Says:

    hindi ba nakakatakot na baka magkaroon ka ng herpe-gonnorrhea-syphillae???? ewwwww… kayo ha, pag in-the-name of the laman, lahat nakakalimutan!

  21. kylerlu Says:

    hey guys kung sino may directory dyan pa share naman. ehehhehe

  22. jun hipolito Says:

    ramil also gives a handjob there kaya lang chubby. the best was edward, hunk but me nagcomplain sa management. blowjobs are common in the shower rooms of the common area. pila balde.

  23. jo Says:

    The satellite photo doesn’t look like the Tomas Morato-Timog circle. The circle is bound by Mother Lily’s Hotel, a Commercial Bldg, a Gas Station, and a former Gas Station where there is now a comm’l bldg being constructed. Even 10-20-30 years ago, hindi rin ata ganayn ang itchura ng circle na yan. It must be somewhere else. Either the SPA is located somwewhere else, or the satellite photo is wrong.

  24. mark Says:

    anyone naka session si ramil? i did, he’s a very nice guy, tahimik, wqala naman nagyari sa amin, magaling na therapist, nakatulog nga ako, ano ba encounter nyo sa kanya

  25. diyosa Says:

    hi guys! i never knew mandy was from an MP. anyway, any news regarding ramil and another guy named louie?

  26. myke ryanne carlo Says:

    Guys, am confused! Can you now give me a good suggestion. Migs, please help me. Thank you!

  27. Mark Says:

    whats that with ramil and louie, details naman o

  28. Tommy Says:

    Is it true that Brent Javier is frequently guest of a spa at Timog Panay QC? Has anyone seen him in this spa especially in wet area? Or even has ” some ” experience with him.

  29. erik Says:

    the best ang marthy at aldin sa sensation massage. malandi mga kamay nila. hehehe

  30. Judai Says:

    Fukesah—Pls.post the name of the spa Cor. Timog and Panay. Will be in Manila August 2007. Thanks

  31. jerry Says:

    oo nga po pls post the spa’s name.

  32. erik Says:

    city lifestyle spa and fitness center…corners timog and morato sts.

  33. jerry Says:

    Kala ko magkaiba yung city lifestyle saka yung spa sa timog cor panay. Di ba yung city lifestyle nasa Timog cor. Morato, so magkaiba yung 2 di ba?

  34. jerry Says:

    erik sino pinakaguwapo sa mga malalandi ang kamay na masseurs? I’m planning to get there next month.

  35. jerry Says:

    Guys san mas ok in terms of adventure? VIP o common room?

  36. jerry Says:

    Anyon who knows the name of a reflexology center in west avenue that caters to gays? Have you been there?

  37. Kyle Says:

    VIP room is better kasi mas malaki ang chance na may happenings. Edward magaling talaga mag handjob. mahal nga lang maningil. hehehe

  38. jerry Says:

    Ok ba si edward physically (mukha at katawan)? Magkano inabot? May iba pa ba syang service na inooffer maliban sa hand job?

  39. jerry Says:

    Teka pwede rin ba sa wet area ang vip access?

  40. kyle Says:

    yes ok lahat. handjob lang ang ino offer niya. 1 thou pero no touching sa kanya.hehehe

  41. jerry Says:

    ay luge! ano suot nya habang ginagawa nya yun? cno pde may touch? Hahaha! thanks kyle!

  42. jerry Says:

    May free food ba pag nagavail ng service dun? May mga spa kasi na may free buffet. Hihihi! Calling all patrons…

  43. kyle Says:

    Anong spa na may free food?

  44. jerry Says:

    Di ko lam yung name e basta sa timog daw. may nagsabi sakin. kala ko nga city lifestyke yun kaya ko tinanong. so sa city lifestyle wla?

    So anong suot nya habang ginagawa ni edward yun kyle? pinaparamdam ba nya sau ung crotch nya habang nagmamassage? Sensual massage ba? =)

  45. kyle Says:

    wala. bawal humawak sa kanya. naka uniform siya

  46. jerry Says:

    ang corny naman nya. pano ka nya tinease habang nagmamassage? dumadapo ba ang kaya sa alam mo na? Hehehe

  47. jerry Says:

    ano suot ng mga tao sa wet area? (Drools)

  48. eric Says:

    hay naku mga bakla eto mas maganda!!!
    sanctuario sa bacobo st sa malate!!!
    cute at malalaki ang katawan ng mga masahista!!!
    ang nasa ads nila sabi dating mga bouncer daw ang mga masseuse nila!!!
    i tried jericho!!! sobrang sarap magmasahe!!! pati singit mo mamasahein!!! patitigasin talaga etis mo!!!
    me wet area din!!!
    at syempre ang mga bading doon umeeksena!!!
    mejo me kamahalan ngalang ang massage- 900 pesos.
    kung gusto mo hindi magpa massage at rumampa lang sa wet area o maligo sa pool o sa jacuzzi kaya 400+ lang. ung pool at jacuzzi nasa labas as in al fresco!!!
    daming cute na pumupunta dun!!!
    maraming tao pag fri, sat and sun.
    the spa closes at 12a.m.
    o divah!!!! bentang benta ang sanctuario!!! kaya mga sosyal na bading go na sa SANCTUARIO MALATE!!!

  49. eric Says:

    me alam ako na spa sa timog na me buffet. alam ko palagi doon si polo ravales….

  50. jerry Says:

    anong name ng spa eric saka anong time and day sya dun? thanks! May wet area din b? ano bang suot ng mga tao sa wet area? =)

  51. Robbie Says:

    Edward was hot commodity during his time when he was still in City Lifestyle. He was one of the hustlers there along with Mark & Marthie. He handjobs and caresses your nipples. You can give him a head ang he will lick your nips. He can even enter his member at your backdoor, if the price is right. He was even caught by a locker attendant while taking a bath with a client and in another instance while having his junior blown by a client. Too bad that City Lifestyle doesn’t have the likes of Edward anymore. By the way, he was a mestizo, around 5′6 1/2″ with a slim body and raisin like nips. I believe he’s already in his late thirties.

  52. jerry Says:

    Wala n? Huhu! Sino pang mairerecommended mo robbie?

  53. jerry Says:

    Ok ba sina marthie at mark phisically? Nandun pa ba sila ngayon?

    Guys! Ano ba suot ng mga tao sa wet area sa city lifestyle? Nakabriefs ba o totally naked?

  54. john_aspen Says:

    Migs, galeng galeng mo. Computer geek este computer savvy ka talaga. GoogleEarth ba ang pinangkuha mo ng pic? Hehehe Anong coordinates ng place na yan para makita ko?

  55. jerry Says:

    Guys share naman experience. Ano ba suot ng mga tao sa wet area ng city lifestyle? E sa sanctuario? =) Plano o kasi pumunta sa isa dun next month.

  56. jerry Says:

    Sino nang nakapunta sa hollywood reflexology center? ok ba dun? di ba mapanganib?

  57. Robbie Says:

    People in the wet area usually doesn’t wear anything. It has become a place for cruising especially during the night and up till the wee hours in the morning. Mark and Marthie is not that blessed with pleasing facial beauty but they give satisfying sensual massage. There ar no cute & hunky massuers in City Lifestyle now unlike before. If you guys are looking for hunky massuers, I’d rather recommend Sanctuario.

  58. mark Says:

    may naka experience na ba kay ramil sa city lifestyle?

  59. jerry Says:

    Thanks robbie! Pero wala na ba talaga kahit yung pwede na yung ok na ung katawan at hindi naman pangit? Hehe!

  60. Kyle Says:

    Si Ramil ay medyo discreet, pero the best mag hand job. mahal din kung maningil.

  61. jerry Says:

    ano itsura ni ramil? straight ba sa tingin nyo? sensual ba magmassage? mararamdaman mo ba yung crotch nya?

  62. Kyle Says:

    gwapo si ramil, straight siya and legit massage and ginagawa niya. i havent tried touching him pero mukhang hindi papayag.

  63. Robbie Says:

    Ramil is passable, he is tall, muscular and sports a wavy hair. His face is mediocre. Aldin is somewhat passable too.

  64. jerry Says:

    So wala nang nagbibigay ng sensual massage aside from mark? nandun pa ba si mandy? straight ba yun?

  65. heya Says:

    can somebody give me a shortlist of who is good to be my masseur wen i go to Citylifestyle and sanctuario…havent try any of them? want it to be fun…hehe! pls…name nung masseur, short description…

  66. jerry Says:

    Guys sino nakapunta na dito sa hollywood reflexology center? Ok ba run? Safe ba? Any recommended masseurs?

  67. Robbie Says:

    For Erik

    How does Jericho look like? I heard he’s a hot commodity in Sanctuario. Could you kindly rate his face, body & massage if i isn’t too much to ask? Thank you so much!

  68. moderno Says:

    usually sa wet areas naka-towel lang, but guys are allowed to wear underwear. there are 3 pools there, hot, cold and ice. tapos sauna and steam and shower rooms. ang daming queer d2 sobra sa wet areas and un iba tingin ng tingin syo. i tried marthie and magaling sya mag-massage but he’s not physically hot. and mejo mataray. he keeps on rubbing my behind on a circular motion and parang pati un skin close to ur anus mina-massage nya. kapag chest massage naman parang sinasadya nyang ma-touch un thing mo pero discreet lng. his hands are good un nga lang magaspang! i didnt gave him a tip. while on the VIP room, mas may privacy kc un masseur lang and u alone. i heared na maraming nangyayari doon same with the wet area. i tried vip once and the masseur na di ko lam name touched my balls while im on my boxers. he even let me removed my shorts kaya boxers lang. btw, sa wet area, i did noticed that there are guys there na umaabot ng 1hr kaka-linger. surely they are up to somethign naughty or nag-aantay ng hot goy na ma-vivictim. tehre are 2 guys there na tingin ng tingin sa akin. after 1 hr os massage from marthie, nandoon pa rin un 2 guys na panay ang tingin at ang lagkit ng mga tingin. i wanna try ramil. and wala na ba c edward talaga?

  69. jerry Says:

    moderno pardon me pero ano ung “thing” mo na tinatouch nya pag chest massage? Kasi parang masyado naman normal kung yung nippies ang tinutukoy mo at kung yung thing mo naman sa ibaba parang anlayo naman nun sa chest para sabihing discreet. :)

  70. jerry Says:

    Pwede bang di magbigay ng tip? :)

  71. moderno Says:

    jerry, wat i mean kapag chest massage na di ba ur lyin in ur back so nakaharap un front body mo while lying. syempre naka-expose ang upper body mo. habang ni mamassage un chest part down to the abs, parang discreetly nyang tinatamaan un head ng thing ko while he’s massaging my lower abs. un un! tc

  72. eric Says:

    sa mga interested sa sanctuario!!!

    si jericho guapo!!!malaki katawan!!! i touched his bod and ang tigas!!! well, lahat naman sila matigas ang katawan. if i will rate jericho’s face from 1 to 10, 10 being the handsomest, i would say he is 7.5. be careful though, he doesnt do any hanky panky if he knows that your new to sanctuario. pumapayag lang sya magpa touch pag suki ka na nya.

    me wet area din ang sanctuario. me pool, me jacuzzi. me steam bath at sauna. sa sauna ang chupaan!!! kaloka!!!

    ang mga damit sa wet area ay tapis lang pag nasa wet area ka na.
    pag minamassage ka hubot hubad ka!!! kaya ng mga katabi mong bed ay hubot hubad din!!!
    best days to go to sanctuario, fri,sat and sun.

  73. eric Says:

    as for jericho’s massage, ok naman. i didnt notice how good it was kasi i was soooo into his body…pati singit mo hihimasin nya!!! as in titigasan ka talaga!!! ako nga tinigasan at nag hello pa sa nakatakip sa crotch area ko. but he so nice he touched my dick ang put it back to where it should be..o diva!!! naloka ako!!!

  74. jerry Says:

    ok got a clearer picture! :) Pwede palang di magbigay ng tip? hehe!

  75. jerry Says:

    Which is more usual in the wet area, people in undies or in birth suit? :)

  76. arnel Says:

    Andun ako last night, May 11, 2007, sa sanctuario. Nag stay ako sa wet area pero wala naman akong napansin na kakaiba, siguro dahil maaga pa akong nagpunta, mga 6pm. the shiatsu massage by a male masseur was good, pero ala namang hanky panky na nangyari. disente naman dun. siguro next time ask ko si jericho, very professional lang naman ksi ang ginawa nung male threpist na binigay sa akin. pero mga tall and cute and mga napansin kong mga male masseur

  77. Robbie Says:

    for arnel

    Sino ang kinuha mong masseur?

  78. jerry Says:

    Guys sa wet area ng city lifestyle, anong mas marami? Nakaundies o wala undies?

  79. Kyle Says:

    naka towel lang mga tao dun sa city lifestyle. daming talagang milagro na nangyayari dun sa stem room. hehehe. as in marami!!!

  80. Kyle Says:

    i mean steam room. worth it kung season. pero minsan wala rin nangyayari. nakakalungkot.

  81. arnel Says:

    For Robbie:

    Actually I did not ask for a specific masseur that time, basta ang sabi ko ay, I prefer a male masseur. Ang binigay sa akin ay si YASU. Ikaw sino ang mga kinukuha mong male masseur dun. Give me tips naman para next time kong punta ay maging very sensual naman.

  82. jerry Says:

    Kyle and everyone, di ba pwede namang mag-undies? Nakakahiya bang mag-undies dun, as in nakaka-o.p. ba dahil lahat ba walang undies? :)

  83. jerry Says:

    I mean yung sa city lifestyle wet area po.

  84. Robbie Says:

    for arnel:

    Hi! Try mo si Arvin. He’s kinda chinito and around 5′9″.

  85. arnel Says:

    for robbie:

    what can i expect from arvin? natry mo na ba sya? anong nangyari between you and arvin, kwentuhan mo naman ako. baka kasi sa May 17 punta ulit ako.

  86. Gina Cole Says:

    iyung sinasabi niyong may free food…the place is called “wensha”….timog ave. cor. quezon ave.

  87. moderno Says:

    sa city lifestyle naman pwd naka-undies tapos towel and pwede din naka trunks sa loob.

  88. Robbie Says:

    for arnel:

    do you havean email address?

  89. arnel Says:

    for robbie:


  90. diyosa Says:

    ey robbie…pakwento naman kung ano nangyari sa inyo ni arvin. here’s my email


  91. jerry Says:

    @moderno: Pero meron din nakatowel lang di ba as in walang undies sa loob and kita lahat pag nasa pool na? Ano mas marami? Naka-undies o hindi? :) Pakisagot naman po malapit na akong pumunta baka sa 3rd or last week of May.

  92. moderno Says:

    jerry, oo meron naka-towel lang tapos walang underwar inside and oo kapag sa pool hubad. mas marami ang hindi naka-undies. sometimes there are old taiwanese men there na naka-hubad na nag-swiswimming at na-chichikahan. hahaha.

  93. jerry Says:

    Thanks moderno! Pero di naman siguro ako ma-o-op kung nakaundies ako di b? Conservative kasi hehehe.

  94. jerry Says:

    …and pwede rin naman sa pool nakaundies/trunks, d ba? (baka kasi sa sauna or steam room lang pwede, syado bang naive? :)

  95. moderno Says:

    jeryy para kng babae. hhahah. bkt ka naman ma-o-op naman. hahahaha. syempre hnd. pwede ka mag underwear or trunks sa pool bastat may dala kang new underwear to replace ur wet undies. hait nakahubad ka pa doon sa pool pwede at maligo ka doon sa shower na expose pwede din.

  96. jerry Says:

    haha tnx moderno! I’ll be there siguro next week. What time and day recommended nyo? ;)

  97. jerry Says:

    May mga names of masseurs sa city lifestyle pa akong nalaman: Glenn, Gilbert. Kumusta sila as in physically, nagbibigay ba sila ng sensual massage, extra service, and the likes. :)

  98. kyle Says:

    punta me this weekend sa sanctuario. any recommended masseur aside from jericho?

  99. kyle Says:

    Galing ni jericho mag massage. 2 thumbs up.

  100. jerry Says:

    Cnong nag-eextra service sa wensha? Sinong nagpapasensual massage dun? :)

  101. kyle Says:

    walang extra service sa wensha kasi legit spa siya. sa wet areas maraming nangyayari.

  102. jerry Says:

    What time and day may nagyayari sa wet area? :)

  103. ron Says:

    went to citilifestyle last night. had a body scrub (by a masseuse) and massage by a masseur. Both were very good, but not sensual.

  104. access Says:

    I heard that RJ gives a sensual massage in CL. Anyone who has had an encounter with him? Kuwento naman.

  105. kyle Says:

    Ron: magkano ang body scrub sa CL?

  106. rich_leo Says:

    hey robbie,is arvin from sanctuario worth yur while? share naman, m getting tired of having same masseur there. nterested in getting him nxt tym

    email me:


  107. ron Says:

    kyle, paid 900 for a body scrub and massage combo in the vip room

  108. ron Says:

    kyle, can you give me a more detailed feedback on jericho of sanctuario? Thanks.

  109. kyle Says:

    jericho is very good in sensual massage. try him. some says mas marami ang nagawa nila. although i havent tried it yet

  110. ron Says:

    Thanks, Kyle. Looks like I’m trying Sanctuario very soon.

  111. eric Says:

    jericho has big hands so masarap sya mag masahe…pati singit mo mamasahein nya kaya titigasan ka talaga!!! nung tinigasan ako kinuha nya nota ko at ibinalik nya sa loob, o divah!!! naloka ako!!! but when i asked for his number he declined kasi first timer ako!!! pumapayag lang sya makipaglaplapan kung alam nyang matagal ka na dun…syempre natatakot din sya baka masisante sya noh!!!!

  112. eric Says:

    hey guys if your interested in going to sanctuario, there is a dedicated article written my migs about the place. you might want to check the feedback written by some of the guys there…its pretty interesting…

  113. kyle Says:

    sobra exciting!

  114. calvin Says:

    hey guys, im from quezon city and im planning to de-stress myself on a spa. i haven’t tried any of the spas you’re mentioning but i do hope somebody would give me a good advise and who to take. please email me at hoping to hear from you guys soon. thanks in advance.

  115. Mark Says:

    So finally someone has mentioned Arvin. He was my favorite when I still used to go to Sanctuario more than a year ago. I moved abroad so wala na. But I’m coming home soon, and I’m sure I’m gonna get him again. Matry nga din si Jericho.

  116. Desh Says:

    Friends, magkano po ang massage service sa Sacntuario. Can we make reservations po?

  117. arnel Says:

    to desh: 900 php for a one hour massage

  118. Kyle Says:

    Arnel: 1300 na ngayon.

  119. arkangel Says:

    ok lang ba pag effem ang mag dive sa jakuzi??heh

  120. avp Says:

    to that jerry:
    undies sa jacuzzi?? ano yun washing machine…unsanitary yata… If you dont wanna take a dip in your birthday suit, i suggest wag na… its kinda queer if you ask me na naka jockey shorts…

  121. Zaraman Says:

    Super sarap ng massage ni Jericho sa Sanctuario.Sulit yung bayad.

  122. Prince Says:

    Hi, sa lahat ng naka try kay jericho of sanctuario…please email me your actual experience…i would really appreciate it…actually i tried marty na…ok naman…sensual massage na is ok…yun lang kasi may katabi kami…

    tell me naman your experience with jericho….my email addy is

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