Sanctuario Spa Opens in QC

Sanctuario Spa opens its Quezon City branch today, September 21, 2007, offering clients 30% off from their services’ list price until end of October. Unlike their Malate counterpart, this Sanctuario Spa boasts of an all-VIP massage rooms (1 bed per room) totalling 8 in the premise (4 VIP rooms for men, 4 for women). They also have 2 couple’s rooms. (Note: their wet area is very small compared to the one in Malate; 3 pax max capacity for the sauna and steam rooms.) They are located at #30 Esguerra Ave. (formerly Bohol), on top of Autosource, beside the defunct Country Waffles, near ABS-CBN. Give them a call at (02) 920-9970 for inquiries.

I will personally check this out and let you know my verdict! Spa Opens in QC  digg:Sanctuario Spa Opens in QC  spurl:Sanctuario Spa Opens in QC  newsvine:Sanctuario Spa Opens in QC  furl:Sanctuario Spa Opens in QC  reddit:Sanctuario Spa Opens in QC  fark:Sanctuario Spa Opens in QC  Y!:Sanctuario Spa Opens in QC


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9 Responses to “Sanctuario Spa Opens in QC”

  1. Lionheart Says:

    I’ll try this one.. Hehe :)

    Adventure tayo!

  2. jimg29 Says:

    the last time i went to a steam room i met a gorgeous guy, who made a pass at me, so i reciprocated. the poor bloke panted and suffered too much heat exhaustion, i had to call an attendant to carry him out, it was very embarrasing!

  3. avp Says:

    same rates kaya like sa malate?
    kasi medyo mahal.. if wala naman hanky panky..

  4. DesperateHouseboy Says:


    All-VIP rooms? Haha, the easier it will be to have a happy ending!

    Which reminds me, all of the QC staff (at least the masseurs) underwent on-the-job training at Malate.

    Saw most of them (and tried a couple), and believe you me, they are much better-looking than the Malate masseurs!

    (Plus both guys I tried were open to… umm… new ideas. Ahihihihi…)

  5. eyecandy Says:

    Wow mga tsong… hmmm maka try nga jan… merun bang mga shirtles hunk na nag mamasahe sayu? gusto ko yun… nakaka wala ng pagod and nakaka energize…

  6. Roni Says:

    Tried Sanctuario QC today. It was a blissful experience. Excellent faciilties. Excellent Massage. Expensive but worth it.

  7. Kyle Says:

    Roni, Magkano damage mo dito? Sino sino ang mga masseur dito?

  8. FuNkyMate Says:

    I think the Sanctuario Spa in QC is one of the most posh and elegant spas in QC. But personally, I still prefer Malate because of the garden setting and quite frankly, you see more action on the the wet floor. Malate is also a good place to hang out and they also have great food.

  9. Prince Says:

    Hi will go here this month to avail of the discount 30% for the whole october…sino ba ang ok na masseur? was a “regular” of malate…yup got hj once lang…kasi ok na ako sa sensual massage and medyo “takot” ako kasi common room…pero since this is VIP…sino bang ako…please inform me…if you are hesitant to write your experience in public…email

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