Enchong and Swimmer Friends


Wanna see Enchong Dee in skimpy trunks? Then here you go!


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16 Responses to “Enchong and Swimmer Friends”

  1. ian Says:

    mmmm…. yummy. kaya lang, vacuum packed - kasi small lang. but anyways, still yummy. ΓΌ

  2. pop Says:

    ang yummy naman nya my gosh

  3. bionic_vince Says:

    i’ve been reading MGG for quiete sometime already and the witty comments always make my day…hmmm…migs, it seems that you have enchong fixation for the past few months.. hehe

  4. blueharajuku Says:


  5. me Says:

    oh my hes my classmate in dlsu now super cute and nice!

  6. WWE Publicist Says:

    Npka-BAKLA tlga ni ENCHONG!! =/

  7. ian Says:

    bakla ba kamo? nyahaha, eto nga sya o. though yummy, maharot din pala. hehe.

  8. ian Says:

  9. ian Says:


  10. Mark Says:

    Hot bod. Sariwang sariwa. :)))

  11. devi Says:

    haha. i know the guy in the middle, he’s also a varsity swimmer in dlsu. really cute in person.

  12. bedrock Says:

    love it!!!

  13. R Says:

    I want to hug enchong! aaahhhhhh so much!

  14. kalachuchi Says:

    i like the guy in the middle

  15. *jake* Says:

    hands down! enchong is like a GOD! dumuko po taung lahat pababa! haha

  16. panev hilario Says:

    oh..its nico caojok…in the center….i love him…i’m his elementary classmate way back in iligan city..

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