Bronzed Enchong Dee


And my Enchong is growing fine — building those muscles thread by thread, lump by lump, oh so gradually. Pa-guwapo ng pa-guwapo ang binatilyo! Haaay… Enchong, whatever they say (mabuti nga if you’re really actually gay) you’ll always have a special place in my lustful heart, hahaha! Enchong Dee  digg:Bronzed Enchong Dee  spurl:Bronzed Enchong Dee  newsvine:Bronzed Enchong Dee  furl:Bronzed Enchong Dee  reddit:Bronzed Enchong Dee  fark:Bronzed Enchong Dee  Y!:Bronzed Enchong Dee


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11 Responses to “Bronzed Enchong Dee”

  1. eponine Says:

    This pic makes him appear less effeminate. I like this more mature look. Nice feature Migs!

    One more thing, he looks like Sam Milby here.

  2. chriscapade Says:

    enchong.. oh enchong..
    inaantay ko ang paghinog mo..

  3. Catnip Says:

    He’s so cute noong nag-guest host siya sa Wazzup. Since then sobrang attracted na ako sa kanya!

  4. vincedejesus Says:

    ang cutie talaga niya. i want to adopt him. kahit tasweng pa siya. kahit bularet pa siya. kahit ano pa ang sabihin nila.

    hi migs.

  5. tonyboy Says:

    while enchong displays his effeminate self on tv….walang takot…..sam milby hides it….pero buking naman during unguarded moments

  6. michael Says:

    he is good looking!

  7. John Says:

    I saw him on one of the filipino show in TFC and he doesn’t look that goodlooking. He must have a good and bad side. I didn’t even recognize until I gave him a second look

  8. jysska Says:

    as we see, he look even better if he’s tanned, rather than being kutis labanosh… i say, i do really like him in that way. well folks, let’s wait and see for how he goes tanned for more!!!

  9. daniel Says:

    who is this guy?! Very very cute! How can i meet guys like this?

  10. latissimus Says:


  11. jimg29 Says:


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