Do you remember Chester?

I’ve featured Chester Nolledo here several times, do you remember him? Chester Nolledo is one of German Moreno’s post-”That’s Entertainment” talents; he appeared in Twilight Dancers, in the Provoq men video, as well as in Reyna the movie. If these information are not enough, let’s try some photos…




So I guess you remember him now, right?

More Chester Nolledo pictures…

14 Responses to “Do you remember Chester?”

  1. argie Says:

    yummy…buffy…love it.

  2. kantoTEEN Says:

    mukha xang ngarag na at gamit na gamit…

  3. leo Says:

    thanks migs!!!

  4. L.A Says:

    Sa sobrang HOT ni Chester I can’t forget about him….

    I love this Provoq Videoooo YUMMMY10x

  5. josh Says:

    kelan kaya sya ma feature sa Xray mag??? sana nga :) (dont buy the valentino where he is the cover..lang kwenta, at saka nafeature na sa other blogs young ibang contents nya) :(

  6. Chichoy Says:

    Migs, nakakasawa nah mga slim and sexy guys, suggestion ko ngayon si “kimpee deleon” kung nakita mo lng nag trunks xa na nuts ent. nah! sus ung mga hair, unexplainable, try to imagine sarap gwing unan… ung armpit nya hairy tlga, and ung chest hair tamang tama ung pagkatubo, i want to see him here with seducing eyes kht topless lng, dito sa MGG

  7. summer Says:

    ang sarap fairness

  8. sharon bading Says:

    shet, kung nag that’s entertainment sha, ibig sabihin, nalawayan na ni kuya, este, ate germs? yuck…walang tulugan!

  9. chriscapade Says:


  10. neon Says:

    hey guys… grab a copy of valentino mag today… cover boy si chester duon… ala pa ako kopya.. bibili na ako mamaya. .

  11. varga Says:

    i saw him in person at SM block. he’s not exactly a great find. still precious, something in his eyes. naughty look in them.

    talking about keempee de leon, i heard before from friends he used to be so kay with sleeping wth men, during those hazy days of drugs.

  12. vince Says:


  13. rich Says:

    wala bang pix from valentino magazine na si chester ang cover? pashare naman jan

  14. mitch Says:

    show more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!para ganahan ta.

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