College Cutie Chester

More of Chester Nolledo’s (Provoq’s College Boy) pictures in this post! He may not have his contemporaries’ muscular build, but he definitely has this irresistible boyish charm. Enjoy!





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22 Responses to “College Cutie Chester”

  1. Kaleena Says:

    Wa epek sa akin. Kamukha ni Robby the Horsey Mananquil. Sorry.

  2. Rhap-rap Says:

    Sana mag work out pa cya… ok yung fez… pero ung body, parang karne na nakak umay.. hehehe sorry poh…

  3. Jamie Says:

    He needs work-out, but you’re right, he’s definitely charming. I still go for Mark Agas in terms of college cutie charms. Search him in friendster. He already has a commercial.. yung Jack n Jill.

  4. jam Says:

    yah his cute, but ung katawan, parang wla lng, i dont even feel anything… di man lang ako nalibog. jok…hay pero si kuya migs hot yan…kuya migs pede pa score, jok heheheheheh

  5. andrew Says:

    I like the third pic kasi di s’ya masyadong mukang payat do’n. Nakakalokah naman yung fourth kasi mukang inaakit nya’ko… Naaakit naman daw ako. LOL!

    I think we all agree that Chester has this cute face but not so much of an appealing body. I like his eyes and lips.

    So pa’no ba yan, Chester, mukang kelangan mo muna magpa-muscle ng kaunti para lahat kami eh maglaway rin sa’yo gaya ng paglalaway namin kay Janvier, hehe!

  6. Count Ochu Says:

    He looks like he has anorexia…

  7. Boylette » Men of Provoq Says:

    […] I personally loved the “College Boy” clip featuring Chester Nolledo touching himself while watching porn. He’s cute but I’m sure a little exercise to gain more muscles wouldn’t hurt his career. […]

  8. Leo Says:

    tnx migs… don’t care what other poeple think… basta CHESTER ako 100%!

    ei Migs, just a thought, di ba you had a post about first kiss? and readers commented and shared their experience? why not solicit tales of how they came “OUT” and how their family and friends reacted?

  9. KittyQT Says:

    I saw the ‘College Boy’ clip and, hello, alam naman natin what an erection looks like and Chester, obviously, does not have one in this video. Kaloka, ano kaya ang pinapantasya niya without an erection. Ano kala ng Viva sa ating mga gurlash! We know one when we see one, noh! It’s either wala o sadyang maliit ang pututot ni Chester! Subagay, siya ang putot, este maliit, sa grupo ng Provoq. Yun lang.

  10. ed Says:

    i lyk him…gusto ko syang ibahay

  11. rm Says:

    ahm whoa!!!
    i lyk him so much, be mine na lang, hehehe

  12. jazzie Says:

    not a big catch pero pwede na rin…. he looks nice naman eh… tsaka sabi nga it is not the nail and hammer that counts it is how the carpenter pounds the nail with his hammer… malay nyo maliit nga pero magaling naman and talented… diva?!?!

  13. harajuku Says:

    i like his third pic and thats about it… hehe

  14. gas Says:

    Migs, would anyone out there knows how to contact chester/men of provoque for summer events. thanks!!!

  15. josh Says:

    gas, try mo yung nag send ng reader na nag send nung take 5 photo. dun din sila chester sa SOP nund sunday. I u cant get enought of him, he is the cover boy of the new ish of valentino (i still dont have a copy) availabe sa booksale & 7/11 stores. inform us if u were able to get intouch with them kc invite ko rin sila mag model sa art class ng saturday group of artist!!! :) :) :)

  16. andrew Says:

    Hi, Josh. Painter ka ba? Yun din ba work mo? :)

    Mukang mas ok pa nga yang Valentino ish na yan kesa sa Icon na nabili ko. *bitterness all over, hihihi!*

    Meron bang bumibili dito nung ‘Frontman’ mag? Nakita ko kasi yung issue na si Johnron Tañada ang cover. Mukang masarap bilhin yung mag eh. Anyone has any feedback on that ish? How about you, Josh? ;)

  17. josh Says:

    helo uli andrew. Painter me, im still working on it but, but hobby ko lang ito and not full time (sa awa ng diyos someone naman bids to my donated works sa mga charity) i still study under art teacher SENA, i work in d offys somewhere in Quezon City so near lang sa akin bar uno. Bilin mo yung troika mag kung s janvier ang target mo (migs pwede ba pa authograph k janvier ng mga mags nya pag nagkit kayo???) Tnx for the added info drew k johnron. If i get a copy of that frontman & valentino with the provoq men. I’ll scan it and send them to you and mgg readers! Para masaya ang easter nyo!

  18. Do you remember Chester? | manila gay guy Says:

    […] College Cutie Chester […]

  19. john_wee Says:

    guys, regarding mags, there are lots of em at the store near mrt q. ave station, mcdo side, near this chinese fastfood, w/c i forgot the name… just tell me if its worth it. :)

  20. Pravilno Says:

    I think he is okay… :D

  21. pepron Says:

    saang college?

  22. SweTTy Says:

    sana ma meet ko sya!!!! now na!

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