Iago Raterta, Ultimate Pinoy Hunk

Yes I know that you guys know - that I have this special something for really Pinoy-looking hunks. Iago is the epitome of such. I put him as my ultimate, number one Pinoy-looking hunk ever.







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26 Responses to “Iago Raterta, Ultimate Pinoy Hunk”

  1. lasalista Says:

    he’s so friggin hot. :D :D :D

  2. nell Says:


  3. juan Says:

    perfect…but for the legs…nonetheless…yes…i agree with you mgg…iago is super hot…plus he’s bisaya like me pa!!!

  4. CaramelPuff Says:

    he is ok.. But, can u please put Nico Ibaviosa. Please, he is a very hot chinito from Xavier. Please.

    And i watchd Women desk last night, umhh..mga kapatid please be carefull about the “boys” in a gaybar. He was 16, nasa gaybar na agad. C’mon, let us not destroy the purity of a Str8 kid. He was refred there by a gay friend. so, it means, maybe he was 15 nagalaw na siya ng bakla. I think that the owner of the gay bar is so stupid, and the gay person who refred that kid.And it was at Malate. Ok lang bang yun?

  5. maverick Says:

    love the bulge on the fifth pic :)

  6. noel Says:

    Mukhang unggoy

  7. vince Says:

    this guy has some appeal… but handsome he ain’t, let’s face it. good that he has the height and the physique. were he much shorter, he’d look just like your ordinary man on the street–the office messenger or clerk, the family driver, the security guard.

  8. josh Says:

    he has a certain appeal dat al(jh)ure u to want him =) Congrats again migs, MGG has a write-up sa new ish of Valentino Magazine (justine of provoq on d cover) ( & also Miong21) more readers for your blog!

  9. thysz Says:

    ive seen him in UP and yes he’s such an original. a beautiful person in and out.

  10. monsour abraham Says:

    what can i say ? he’s so manly look, & hot…hot…hot… i love him.

  11. chriscapade Says:

    I love his last two pics..yum yumm

  12. eric Says:

    he looks so ordinary in person.nothing special.he doesnt exude that celebrity aura. i always bump into him sa gym.

  13. empress maruja Says:

    Oh. My. God.

    p.s. Did you notice that whenever you type “hunk”, it always create a link to Luke Landrigan?

  14. Linus Says:

    Ordinary?(peace!) Iago is down to earth, pure blooded Ilonggo and respect Badings. Great torso too!

  15. chuchu caracas Says:

    he wasn’t considered a hunk back in UST. he was a classmate in one of my subjects. in fairness he is nice and is quiet kasi siguro he sounds funny pagnagsalita.

  16. noel Says:

    Manong Guard is that you!?

  17. Khalil Carlos Says:

    Iago is also part of our Philippine Team for this year’s WCOPA, modeling category.

  18. londoner Says:

    I totally agree with Vince and the rest of the guys. Goodluck to him. World Peace!

  19. Bloodymeer Says:

    I thought he is a “KARGADOR SA PIER”. But his body is quite interesting.

  20. harrystone Says:

    hmm i don’t get it.

    he looks exotic. and i don’t mean that as a complement.


  21. vincedejesus Says:

    I like him!
    feed me! feed me!

  22. pink baby! Says:

    see ya soon iago!! cool pixies!! mwahs!!

    he’s hot


  23. The Last Stand Says:

    Hmmmm what can I say to his guy? Iago Jaime Raterta is such a nice guy, friendly pero tahimik. Pag nasa gym sya tahimik lang sya cguro pag may kilala na lang sya. Malakas ang appeal ng Kuya Iago ko. (”,) Take care Iago I will send an sms to you.

  24. TALONG Says:

    Oh MY GOSH Those pecks!! I want to have those!! Does anyone know whats the best exercise for pectoralis!

  25. dimples Says:

    ang pangit nya

  26. pepron Says:

    ang ganda ng pagkakapangit nya…He will stand out!!!! He’s got the making of a good model, I wish him the best!

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