Delicious John Harren Cuevas


Former Viva Hotmen member John Harren Cuevas caught my eye again today, so I offer these pics to make your weekend a little bit more exciting.


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11 Responses to “Delicious John Harren Cuevas”

  1. nell Says:

    Mukang delicious yung nipples nya.

  2. paa Says:

    how is this guy’s career? di ko sya nakilala sa frontpage pic nya pero namukaan ko sya sa 2nd foto. pic nya to sa isang gay magazine. he was described there na kahawig ni dingdong dantes. di na nya masyado kamuka si dingdong sa ibang fotos nya dito pero personaly i think he got hotter. mas manly na ung itsura nya. i hope there would be updates on this guy..

  3. mark erik Says:

    he luks damn hot n d bathtub!

  4. Pepron Says:


  5. Kai Says:

    ahhh he’s the L magazine coverboy…
    by the way, does anyone know what happened to L magazine?

  6. UchihaMadara Says:

    ok lang. pwede na.

  7. francis Says:


  8. binben Says:

    This is my very first comment though iv been a reader of MGG for quite some time.
    This second blog/photo set of John Cuevas made me want to bleep bleep. haha. most esp. the tub pic! weeeeeee!

    keep it up Migs!

  9. ryan Says:

    he’s featured i think sa PANTASYA series of gay indie short films.

  10. YuriKa Says:

    grabe nman.. tumutulo laway ko.. :P -YuriKa

  11. charlize theron Says:

    trueness. his first pic set in the mag, gosh, downright girlaloo ang projection ng otokong itech. superdowngrade ng IMF/World Bank ang erbog factor niya. with his second pic set (di naman masyado knowings ang mag na iteh) ayyy, ewankubakungbakitkaganyan he has lost weight, aged a little, and grown quite yummy in fact

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