Pinoys on the Down Low

I met 2 new friends recently, and let’s call them Tisoy and Chinoy.

Tisoy is a stocky young fellow, yellow-skinned, talkative and articulate, yet masculine in manners. He’s a size-queen top, relatively active in his sex life, and lots of secrets in the closet. I met him online.

Chinoy is a US-bred Pinoy who looks Chinese, sounds American, has Spanish lineage, and speaks Tagalog like a typical Amboy. He’s a cool boy-next-door type, the kind of guy you’d take home to Momma, but has some impish tricks hidden somewhere in his system. He’s Tisoy’s online friend.

Both Tisoy and Chinoy are finegreat-looking and straight-acting gay guys. Tisoy, Chinoy, and I all met for the first time one October night. (And no, they did not know I was Migs, the Manila Gay Guy.)

Previous to the meeting, we have not exchanged pictures so it was really our first time to see each other. When we met, and started talking, there was obviously some tension. At first I thought, is this what they call “sexual tension”? I knew then for sure, even given the fact that there were 3 of us, that somehow the palpable tension had to be addressed. Guess what happened that night? on the Down Low  digg:Pinoys on the Down Low  spurl:Pinoys on the Down Low  newsvine:Pinoys on the Down Low  furl:Pinoys on the Down Low  reddit:Pinoys on the Down Low  fark:Pinoys on the Down Low  Y!:Pinoys on the Down Low


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23 Responses to “Pinoys on the Down Low”

  1. Harry Potter Says:

    bitin…:)…so what happened?

  2. Asyano Says:

    Ha,ako ang una.

  3. ewan Says:

    bitin ulit….

  4. Pepron Says:


  5. Baby Bash Says:

    I’m guessing your group went to Starbucks and chatted till 1am.

  6. jimg29 Says:

    they’re both married right? hence the DOWN LOW

  7. datu Says:


  8. dude Says:

    im thnkng…. bed?..;p

  9. eponine Says:

    mahilig gumawa ng episodes si mama migs kaya eto, binitin na naman tayo. expecting an episode two of this. haha.

  10. Mikey_Liling Says:

    Malamang nagkulutan sila buong magdamag… with matching pedicure and manicure. Ching!

  11. Kai Says:

    woohoo! tell us!

  12. anton maton Says:

    style mo bulok migz! asa pa kayo na may dyug-dyugan na nangyari! waaahhhhhh….

  13. Vin Says:

    Basing on previous cliff-hanger stories like this, nothing really happened despite the “sexual tension.” But I’d love to be surprised. :)

  14. josh Says:

    troika!? :)

  15. Woodstock Says:


    you can’t always keep us hanging like this.

  16. miguelita buck lita Says:

    err, since all three are repressed straight acting types who cruise online, undercover, they just traded tips and tricks. this so-called migs character is doomed to be heartbroken every time given his worship of straight-ACTING fags. i myself am not a fan of total limpwrists but a little display of the gay gene outside the sex act is welcome and i don’t mistakenly assume that a person who appears more butch is necessarily a better boyfriend material.

  17. from1fagtoanother Says:

    Wala .. di dako si migs hahahaha joke

  18. yoruosu12 Says:

    am guessing nothing happened coz none of them was your type…..

  19. JHVRothschild Says:

    Who was the top?

  20. sushi77 Says:

    wala! nagdaldalan lang through the night! hahaha! :)

  21. eQuip Says:

    Migs would always make it wholesome!!! So I do think he’s nowhere near to breaking his own rule.

  22. leo Says:

    Hehehehe. Masanay na kasi kayo.

  23. paul Says:

    mga ateh wala silang ginawa kundi magshare kung anung latest style ng buhok at kung in pba ang blond highlights ngayon sa pinas!

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