Pinoys on the “Down Low”

Are you a Pinoy on the “Down Low”?

What is the “Down Low” or “DL”? According to Ramone Johnson of

Men who discreetly have sex with other men while in sexual relationships with women are said to be on the “down low” (or “DL” for short). Often these men do not consider themselves gay or bisexual and their female partners are not aware that they have sex with other men, thus the term “down low” or “in hiding”.

Is this term synonymous to “in the closet”? Or, are all closeted men on the down low?

Not all men in the closet are on the down low. However, most men on the down low are in the closet. Men on the down low are usually in heterosexual relationships while secretly engaging in sexual activity with other men.

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29 Responses to “Pinoys on the “Down Low””

  1. neon Says:

    my highschool boylet crush na may wife ngayon, he is may be a down low. kc may anak na siya at wife. pero we did one night and he did liked it.

  2. hustlingmind Says:

    Last year, I am. but now I am sober.

  3. luis Says:

    I am Migs. Minsan kasi parang hinahanap lang ng katawan mo. Hehehe :-)

  4. Migs Says:

    Luis, tell us more. Share ka. Or email me -

  5. Vin Says:

    I always thought that “down low” pertained to those who are actually married, not just in a heterosexual relationship.

  6. nell Says:

    Meron palang term sa ganun? I have a friend who eventually, became my kumpare, kasi kinuha akong ninong niya sa bunso niya. Pero meron nangyari sa’min, of course, without the knowledge of his wife. Wala na kaming communication now.

  7. dyan Says:

    down low, scared,ashamed,in-denial, closeted – they are all the same, just semantics. the question is- why so many of gay pinoys are like this? i think the gay community is reflecting what our society has become. ours is a timid, broken, confused, undisciplined culture without a compass. ours is a society where cheating, lying and corruption are the norm. it is also a culture that lacks cohesion within its citizenry; where the common mantra is: “it is okay as long as that makes YOU happy”. never mind the fact that what makes you happy (your dishonesty, lack of commitment and integrity) may eventually devastate the people you profess to love; be it your girlfriend, your wife, or your children. even more bizarre, our country is predominantly catholic and has one of the highest church attendances in the world. how do people reconcile their behavior with their faith, i wonder?

  8. JM Says:

    I had sex with 2 cute straight/heterosexual boys now married and they are also my kumpare. The first is the campus hearthrob and my crush in college, the other one a ramp model. Both have a long list of gf whom they sleep with.I got them in their unguarded moments after that they liked it and we did it several times. They said it’s different, we’re good at it because we know the erogenic zone of the male body.

  9. pepe Says:

    hmmmm….i had several experiences with DL. Ingat lang baka masampal ka ng mga asawa nila hahaha

  10. eric Says:

    i first heard this term DL in oprah.
    a guy wrote a book about his exploits while having a wife.
    ironically they divorced and now everybody knows that hes gay. even his daughter supported his lifestyle.
    i think i am a DL-material.
    i have a gf and marriage is an option that i am contemplating.
    nakakakaba lang..

  11. WhoCares Says:

    yung kapit bahay ko na friend ko migs. may asawa na sya now at anak pero nagkikipag sex din sya sa gay minsan, hehe magkasama kami sa mga kalokohan eh.

  12. prichavs Says:

    I don’t know if i could consider my bestfriend a DL but we had sex a lot of times since last year when I eventually let him know that my feelings for him is more than that of a friend. May asawa siya at mga anak at may pagka-siga sa kanilang lugar. Ang dami rin niyang naging GF at flings before.Hanggang ngayon nga ay mahilig pa rin makipag-flirt sa ibat-ibang babae. Minsan siya nga mag-initiate ng sex between us. And we did it na hindi siya lasing so i know hindi yon bunga ng espiritu ng alak.

  13. Jake Says:

    This is the first time I heard this term. It’s interesting how society has forced these type of sex-cursions into hiding. I see nothing wrong with tasting every dish.

  14. chuchu caracas Says:


  15. kloga Says:

    what if the guy is married back in manila and having his gay activities openly here abroad, will he be considered “down low”?

    or simply bastard lier?…lol

  16. John Says:

    This term first came out from the black community. At least, entered public conciousness through them. So I it is sort of associated with black men. You will hear black women and comediennes lamenting that with so many black men in prison (prison sex), black athletes with white women, and now the down low, life is hard for black women needing male partners.

  17. Kai Says:

    when Blue Ave was still open, I met a few gorgeous looking guys who were DLs. They got married because they either got their wives preggy or they were extreme secretive of their sexuality. It’s a difficult situation to be in.

  18. Nadriamez Says:

    ahh, so many terms in this world of ours. they’re too many of these terms, sometimes i think making these MAKES no sense at all.

    if these terms just go away like that, there might be equality among us humans.


  19. hustlingmind Says:

    wala namang kasarian ang libog. me asawa ako kaya complicated pero nasa sa yo na lang yun, basta pag nahuli, kahit nakakandong na sa yo si kumpare, deny! hehehe. madaming interpretations pa kasi kung nagdeny ka kesa umamin agad, tapos ang laban.

  20. john_wee Says:

    oh thats what it means. i thought it was another term for australia. stupid me. hehehe.

  21. gharyjohn Says:

    this guy “hustlingmind” seems interesting… ganyan ang gusto ko… risky masunod lang ang gusto…

  22. dan253 Says:

    hustlingmind i second the motion ,,thats very just let it be and keep until you can.

  23. akoito Says:

    I am married with a daughter. There was this guy sa spa who was looking at me from head to foot and I assumed that he wanted to taste me. When nobody was inside the steam room and i was lying down, he approached me and asked if I could have a blow job. That was my first time and it felt ok and I enjoyed it. He got my number and for the second time it happened. For me, experience lang. Down low na ba yon?

  24. tobby Says:

    eversince attracted ako sa mga married men,sana makatagapo ako dito
    hehehehe, masyadong malakas ang appeal nila sa akin,

  25. my yellow shirt is rumpled Says:

    Down low.

    Cool verbiage

    I’ve had at least a few guys on the down low. Who aren’t afraid to try guy when girls aren’t available or not on hand.

  26. Carlos Says:

    I was, occasionally. It ended when my girlfriend and I broke up recently.

  27. mark Says:

    sana maka hanap rin ako ng DL… hehehe

  28. ewan Says:

    i think i am…i’ve had several sexual relationships with both men and women…as to romantic relationships, i’ve only had it with women…

  29. Sentosapark Says:

    Kht ako bilib ako kay HUSTLINGMIND Just lyk me praktikal dn ako pgdating sa bgay na yan

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