Pinoys lead in “masturbation” too!

An update on findings from Google Trends:

Not only in searching for the term “gay sex” are Pinoys the leader… I just found out that we also lead in the propensity for searching the terms “masturbation” and “cybersex”…

Proof below, a screenshot of Google Trends.


Now, what does this mean? Literaly this says that Pinoys tend to search more these terms compared to our internet-savvy counterparts in other countries.

Possible hypothesis:

  1. There are more gays per capita in the Philippines
  2. There are more people here who are sexually repressed and thus they express it out through the internet.
  3. Gays in the Philippines are more internet-savvy than non-gays.

What do you think? Any other hypothesis you can think of? lead in   digg:Pinoys lead in   spurl:Pinoys lead in   newsvine:Pinoys lead in   furl:Pinoys lead in   reddit:Pinoys lead in   fark:Pinoys lead in   Y!:Pinoys lead in


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6 Responses to “Pinoys lead in “masturbation” too!”

  1. Xerendipity Says:

    Filipino gays are really internet savvy! In speaking of gay blogs? And damin natin sistah! Halos lahat nakikibakla! It’s all fun in the gayw world! Xempre, nasa rainbow tayo! So damn colorful!

  2. super cupa Says:


  3. jysska Says:

    hillarious, yet it’s really true. At kung meron pang susunod na survey regarding our population strength among of us in rainbow community, well, talagang anlakas ng amour powerz nateng mga filipino rainbow people! naman!:-)

  4. mickey Says:

    another strength- power of the “gay peso”

  5. [D.W.A] Says:

    Kaloka naman ang GRAPH na yun, ahahaha - korek colorful….

  6. barron Says:


    OMG ganun na ba talaga ngaun… hehehe enjoy namn ehh….

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