No Night Is Too Long

thumbnailserver2.jpg A good friend sent me an SMS recommending to watch this film “No Night Is Too long” — the entire movie available in YouTube (chopped up in 11 parts) and Google Video (all-in-one). I have not seen it but seems a promising watch. Go grab it online and see if it is worth the bother. No Night is Too Long is a 1994 novel by British writer Ruth Rendell, written under the name Barbara Vine.

Plot summary: Set in Alaska and Suffolk, this story involves a brother (Ivo) and sister (Isabel), each of whom has a sexual relationship with Tim. When Tim meets Isabel, he does not realise that she is Ivo’s sister. Having left Ivo for dead on an Arctic island, Tim plans to return to Isabel, but, haunted by the belief that he has been responsible for Ivo’s death, he returns to the UK. Soon, he begins to receive anonymous letters making it clear that someone is aware of his crime. Eventually, Ivo turns up in person, having escaped from the island shortly after Tim abandoned him there. Ironically, on leaving Tim’s house, Ivo is murdered by a deranged drifter. At the end there seems to be some hope of Tim and Isabel rekindling their relationship.

The novel was dramatised by the BBC in 2002, starring Marc Warren as Ivo Steadman.

A teaser here, the Elevator Kiss scene: Night Is Too Long  digg:No Night Is Too Long  spurl:No Night Is Too Long  newsvine:No Night Is Too Long  furl:No Night Is Too Long  reddit:No Night Is Too Long  fark:No Night Is Too Long  Y!:No Night Is Too Long


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10 Responses to “No Night Is Too Long”

  1. Wilberchie Says:

    I was browsing the related video and stumbled upon a porn clip! goodness I was in a computer shop! wahhahaha!

  2. jh Says:


  3. andrea Says:

    this was actually a boring movie. saw it years ago on tv.

  4. Raymond Says:

    I just saw a Chinese gay movie called “Lan Yu” which I thought was pretty well done, and a sensitive mature handling of a gay relationship. You should check it out.

  5. chris Says:

    Raymond, where can I download Lan Yu?

  6. Carlo_upd Says:

    I watched this a long time ago and it was actually a great movie. It was based on a book but i cant remember what is it. =)

  7. cordy Says:

    migs can you post pictures of chung jung myung?

    iamma big fun of asian guyz especially chung jung myung, omg……. /drooling…..

  8. Kevin Co Says:

    Are those guys in the pic above doing the saddleback?

    Hottah hottah movie this must be…

    Wish I’m the bottom…

  9. closet case Says:

    just finished watching the movie. not bad at all. sensitively acted by the lead. thriller genre but enough to have a thought provoking ending. thanks for this migs!

    and lan yu is a really nice film starring a very young and gorgeous daniel wu. nice how the movie portrays a very complex character growing up in a traditional hongkong chinese family.

  10. ryen Says:

    excellent actor- lee williams.

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