Eavesdropping on William Thio

William Thio

On a flight from Manila to San Francisco, I saw a familiar face in the plane some rows away… after some time I recognized him. It was William Thio! I thought his Damayan stint on NBN Channel 4 was over until I chanced upon eavesdropping on him when we were disembarking. A chikadera flight attendant was chatting with him, and the conversation I overheard was something like this:

FA: You’re William Thio, right?

William: Yes, I’m William.

FA: Oh, what do you do now?

William: I host, on NBN Channel 4.

FA: Oh, really…. yaddah-yaddah… yaddah-yaddah… (some comment/question about age)

William: Yeah, I’m getting old!

FA: By the way, how young are you?

William: I’m old! I’m 30!

FA: Oh, 30 is not old! Yaddah-yaddah…

30 daw! Tumawad pa ang lolo
… he’s actually 33. Well, at least according to his MySpace account.

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18 Responses to “Eavesdropping on William Thio”

  1. Jason Says:

    hmm.. is this a latest picture of him or just part of his old ones?

  2. Jo Says:

    Migs, Are you in San Francisco? Where and until when?

  3. Migs Says:

    @Jason - I guess part of his old sets… but he seems not to age, ganyan pa rin itsura niya when I disrobed him sa plane CR. Just kidding hahaha!

    @Jo - no, I’m back in Manila. I was in Sanfo only for a couple of days, for work. Will be back there in March though, this time for a couple of weeks.

  4. mcvie Says:

    William: Liar, liar, pants on fire!

  5. francis Says:

    pabayaan mo na ang has been na never was naman na William Thio na yan..pang channel 4 nalang kasi cya kaya dapat wag na apihin..hehe

  6. wanda_ilusyunada Says:

    sorry ha. pero navi-vehyklaan talaga akiz jan kay william thio at yung mga karakas niya sa buhay hahaha lalu na nung jumoin siya sa singles. parang japeyks talaga yung mga pag iinarte hahaha

    sorry sa mga may crazz kay william thio

    manila gay guy, link mo ko. kung karapat-dapat lang naman

  7. Kaleena Says:

    I think bakla si William. I think mahal ko na sha.

  8. alejandro24yrsold Says:

    & what’s the big deal about not saying his real age (or dropping the age anyway) to someone he doesnt know personally? is age still a big big thing for you guys? william is hot & sexy & whether or not he’s gay or he’s old doesnt make him less of a person.

  9. yori Says:

    I agree to alejandro24yrsold… damn, your young enough to think about that. hehehe I think I like you. you’re a turn on genius!

  10. Angelo Says:

    Yori: Lumalandi ka na naman! This site is not the appropriate venue! Bleh!

  11. yori Says:

    @ Angelo, i am just trying to be friendly. not additional intentions. hehehe

  12. alejandro24yrsold Says:

    yori> im actually turning 25 this july & i do feel so not-into-everything-a-25yrold-should-be yet. im not a bore, really, there are just so much i could think about & i just cant have them all as planned. *winks* i wanna make friends din pala kung ok lang.. *more winks* you guys can view my downelink.com profile when you can. just browse through the users portal with my email address thanks.

  13. yori Says:

    whew! this is a temp. lets see whjat I can do with your email.

  14. William Says:

    I’m 33. You must have misheard me. I said I was in my 30s when she asked. ;-)

    Thanks for discussing me. It’s quite fun.

  15. inigo xtreme Says:

    33 or not, you still are yummy to me william… grrrrrrrrrr!!!!

  16. Bryan Says:

    33? well hes one kind of a hot grand daddy!!!

  17. yage Says:

    taray mo pogi! go!

  18. fur Says:

    more skin pls!!!

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