Robby Mananquil, good body but…

It’s Christmas and I should be mindful about being “naughty or nice” — but excuse me just this one time to be naughty, will you? I’ve seen Robby Mananquil from way before, in Gold’s Gym in Glorietta where I was working out before. He was still starting out in the modelling scene then. I always wondered how come he could be a model — with that face. He has a good body alright, but I never liked that face. Like a shrimp, hipon ba. You eat the body and throw away the head. Or make it kropek. Hehehe. Ang sama ko!


249robby_mananquil1.jpg 1071robby_mananquil09.jpg robby.jpg robby_mananquil.jpg rmananquil1.jpg Mananquil, good body but...  digg:Robby Mananquil, good body but...  spurl:Robby Mananquil, good body but...  newsvine:Robby Mananquil, good body but...  furl:Robby Mananquil, good body but...  reddit:Robby Mananquil, good body but...  fark:Robby Mananquil, good body but...  Y!:Robby Mananquil, good body but...


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17 Responses to “Robby Mananquil, good body but…”

  1. Ghel Says:

    Hipon ba? Hahhaha.

    Ikaw ha migs, tumataas ang standards mo. Joke.

    Sus, pag nasa kama na kayong dalawa ewan ko lang kung isipin mo pa yang kropek na yan…

    But a a model, good body indeed. Face? Well pwede namang body lang ang gawing model so okay pa rin.

  2. migs Says:

    we each have our bitchy moments, nataon lang siguro na siya ang napagtuunan ko ng pansin. hehehe! you know me, i’m just being playful. thanks ghel for always dropping by and leaving comments on my posts. merry christmas!

  3. bananas choking Says:

    …so very like his sisters. delicious nevertheless.


  4. br0wn_c0w Says:

    Aahahha!!! Ditto!!!

  5. argo Says:

    I agree with ur comment on robby, migs…
    Hipon, Sugpo, Shrimp or what ever they may call it….hehehe! ive noticed that a few male models look d same as robby, but I think that a lot of them has lot of appeal than he is..and we shud call them “ALAMANG”.. (means,knkain ng buo) lol! of cors,we cannot deny that he’s body is fabulous nman khit papano..

  6. chriscapade Says:

    yummy pa rin siya 4 me. mas okey pa nga siya compared sa ibang actors na nagmomodel pero wlang “K” sa pagmomodel, but because may pangalan, ayon pinagmodel na rin. hehehhehe!

  7. astroboi Says:

    pati naman mga sisters nya eh… mom nila kasi editor ng…. hehe

  8. erick Says:

    thanks migs!! sexy sya!!

  9. FF Says:

    For someone who claims to hold a degree in English Literature and the language, he sure has a difficult time speaking and articulating. 9Robby, I mean)

  10. jj Says:

    i think he’s face is very edgy…siguro that made him a model and off course his ripped abs..
    kaya siguro di ganun ka ok ang kanyang commercial appeal.
    he does ramp better than being an endorser

  11. andrew Says:

    Ewan ko ba. ‘Pag nakikita ko s’ya may naaalala ako…

    …ah. Kabayo.

    LOL! :P

    Pero masarap kainin ‘yang kabayong yan. (Eew, bestiality, haha!)

  12. Kaleena Says:

    KABAYO! KABAYO! KABAYO! Di ba kamukha nya yung GF nyang model, si Nicolette Bell? A pair of horses!

  13. harajuku Says:

    nice body but indeed.. guess it helps when you come from high society.. and also i believe that this Mananquil brood got brains..

  14. Gina Cole Says:

    hipon…kain katawan…tapon ulo!

  15. blueharajuku Says:

    camaron rebosado (spelling?) buffet ito! hahahah happy fiesta!

  16. pepron Says:

    make over lang sa hairstyle and facial hair, ok na yan!!! …hot sya ha!!!

  17. bitter Says:

    yeah… even the mananquil sisters. all because they’ve got connections. ikaw ba naman magkaron ng maimpluwensyang magulang.

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