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Metlogs is a digital movie megged by Cris Pablo, writer and director of similarly gay-themed digital movies Duda/Doubt, Bath house, and Bilog. I watched it on Sunday night, the last night of its run in Robinson’s Galleria Indie Sine Theatre. The audience was, as expected, 90% (if not more) bading, so ang saya saya! Hehehehe! And take note, Tyron Perez was there, along with a mestiza girl date. Delicious the boy ha! Now, on to the movie review - how was it?

My random comments on the movie:

1. The movie was subtitled “Metrosexual Jologs” in some sources, and “Metrosexual Adventures” in the actual movie. Must be a marketing glitch.

2. Cris Pablo himself described the movie as “the story of three men and a transvestite in the City of Manila.” In an interview with Ambet Nabus of Journal, he said the movie is more “character-oriented.” Thus I was expecting a deeper look into the intricacies of the characters. It was definitely a wrong expectation. The movie did tell the story of 3 provincial lads in the big, bad city, however it was more chikahan-type of kuwento in a movie form. It was slightly entertaining alright, but the lesson was not to set my expectations too high. Cris Pablo, it’s my fault not yours, hehehe!

3. The story telling, in my opinion, was a little here and there but that should be expected in a chikahan, right? The fun is in the spontaneity and randomness! But then again, since this is a movie, it may be that they should have done a better job in editing. The Php 700,000 Cinema One production grant must have been consumed by the talent fee of Tyron Perez.

4. Tyron Perez was, as in Twilight Dancers, a sight to behold. His facial features register so softly on screen that I felt like running to his seat and kiss him! Hahaha! One comment though is to beware of that high-waisted look! While Tyron was cute, Marky Lopez did a better job in the acting department. Maybe it was the role that gave him the opportunity to deliver a more notable performance — the fact that director Cris Pablo lent his name to the character meant he somehow based the character on his experiences in real life. Am I right, Cris? And by the way, Paolo Ballesteros is forgettable — both his character and his acting, if you can call those Eat-Bulaga-facial-contortions as acting.

5. There were scenes that made me say, hey that happens in real life, and there were also life lessons shared, especially through Chokoleit’s repeated magical appearances to the 3 boys. I’d applaud the sharing of these, and if I would recommend this movie this is the one that I’ll highlight.

6. Over-all the movie was so-so, but I wouldn’t say it is garbage. Cris Pablo attempts everytime to share a realistic view of gay life, and that is laudable. In Metlogs, while it isn’t entirely about gays, but the blurring of lines between straights and gays, he successfully shares some worthy insights. If you want a good laugh, some light entertainment, then go watch the movie. I just don’t know when the next run will be. Meanwhile, watch its trailer here.

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9 Responses to “Metlogs, Metrosexual Jologs”

  1. br0wn_c0w Says:

    What I really wanted to watch from the festival was Pandanggo and Rekados. Too bad na-bankrupt ako grrrrr!

  2. migs Says:

    brown_cow - muli kang bumangon at durugin… ang paminta! hehehe! i actually went to megamall for the rekados premiere but i was turned away kasi by invitation lang daw ang premiere. tsura lang nila! hmpt!

  3. Ghel Says:

    Aba migs, malapit ka nang sumikat. Sooner or later, sila pa ang magkakaundagaga sa kakadurog ng paminta… ay ek! ek! I mean sa kakaabot ng free movie reserve/special complimentary and premiere nights tickets right at your door step!

  4. br0wn_c0w Says:

    Ay, ang sosyal nila ha! Nyeta sila ahahhaha!

  5. Migs Says:

    salamat sa pagtitiwala mo sa akin ghel, ikaw ang aking natatanging tagahanga. special ka, you are a 1-man fans’ club! hahaha! salamat ate!

  6. ethan Says:

    Basta film festival, I try to be there since there might be some gems and surprises. Metlogs is definitely NOT one of them. When the opening credits began to roll and I saw Cris Pablo’s name, I was immediately turned off. The hype of his previous movies Duda and Bath House was all that, just hype. Add Metlogs to the list of money wasted on movies. His movies I find incoherent and with bad production values. Bad editing. Bad cinematography. Bad sound. Did this guy even go to film school? His movies have no brains. Ang babaw pare! Parang high school production.

  7. Cinema One Originals Awards 2006 | manila gay guy is your manila gay guide Says:

    […] I was able to catch only one of the entries in the 2nd Cinema One Originals Digital Movie Festival, and it was the slightly entertaining “Metlogs, Metrosexual Jologs.” Here are the list of awardees announced in a ceremony held at Teatrino in Greenhills, San Juan on Sunday, November 26, 2006. […]

  8. kenny Says:

    saan ba showing ang METLOGS? at kailan???

  9. biwhitelighter Says:

    i enjoyed the movie metlogs… i saw the interviews about it on cinema one channel and the staff said its all about having fun making movie and not making an art film was their intention… the director even suggested to use gut or stomach over brains in watching the movie. i did and me and my friends enjoyed it! paulo ballesteros indeed is quite disappointing and tyrone perez is ok. marky lopez is very good! i commend the staff of the movie!

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