Alizon Andres, next Superbod?


Alizon Andres is one of the candidates in this year’s Century Superbods. He twice joined the auditions for Starstruck, that GMA 7 reality-based show for new actors but never made the cut. Would Alizon be luckier this time around? What do you think?







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41 Responses to “Alizon Andres, next Superbod?”

  1. josh Says:

    Ok to ha. He reminds of Xavier (the 1st prince around kaninang umagang BAR UNO wET WILD..WIERD something. I realy enjoyed the show in that comedy bar (though may hung up pa ng konti since now i really lost sleep, nag start ang event around 11 pm and finished with the announcing of winners at 4 am kanina.) I so much enjoy the whole affair. Search for Mr & Ms bikini contest pala ang dating. Yeah migs your right, the search was tamed but “titi”lating (heheheh). I had so much video and photos in mY N70 which i like to share withy you mgg readers. Hey migs sayang at di tayo nagkita, but if im not mistaken, nung binati ka nung mga nag ookrayang hosts (all of whom uses pu…ina like its the only word they know..super nakakatawa ang skits)then i made a conclusion that you are the quite looker mistizo guy (who is really buff) wearing black shirt with black necklace together with a bunch of “beautiful” guys who are all gym-boys and some male models… nasaB nga ng hosts your group is a regular there every tuesday!!! Me in my 5″5 height is dwarfed by your group!!! By the way, i was the one offered by the 1st female contestant with the tequila shot, which i glady bottom up and kissed the lemon in the girls mouth and licked the iodized salt in her left bossom (YuMMY!!!) Actually pwede ko silang pagsabayan ni Xavier kung sabay silang lumapit!!! (hehehehe) inform us again the next grand finale of Season 2 starting April 17 (?) tnx agen migs for this blog :)

  2. OnTheMoon Says:

    Loves it!!!

  3. Migs Says:

    Sige Josh, send me good pics from last night at Bar Uno. That would be for the enjoyment of all of us here at MGG! Salamat!

  4. josh Says:

    No problem. The videos i got, the longest runs about 30 to 45 mins. Papano ba ito ma send sa YOutube?

  5. chismoso Says:

    uhm… ano yung nakasilip sa top ng rainbow colored trunks niya?


  6. andrew Says:

    Ok lang ‘tong Alizon. Di masyadong looker pero maganda ang brows and eyes. Medyo underdeveloped pa ang body.

    Chismoso, ano yung nakasilip sa trunks? P*kpek. LOL! :P

  7. andrew Says:

    Wow, Migs, ang gwapo mo pala, base sa description ni Josh. Kaya pala suplado ka. LOL! :D

  8. effie Says:

    he looks fierce. love him.

  9. kagandahan Says:

    type ko tong si Alizon. sya ung may TVC na naka shirtless playing basketball tapos bakat na bakat ang nochkibels nya. yum yum yum. revicon ata un or something

  10. andrew Says:

    Muka syang malake noh? Hihihi! (virginal laugh)

  11. kurara_chibana Says:

    siya ba talaga yung sa revicon tvc? no wonder he looks familiar. he’s hot! very deserving to win…

    also, he looks too good for the likes of starstruck anyway. mas mabuting sumabak na lang siya sa mga male pageants like this one for century tuna.

    although in fairness, talung-talo niya si aljur for the title of ultimate hunk (if ever nakasama siya sa SS4)! :D

  12. chismoso Says:

    couldn’t help it. had to zoom in on Alizon’s rainbow trunks photo. It is SKIN!

    Paging the original source of this photo… can we get a larger file format so we can really see?


  13. sire lee Says:

    alaxan ung commercial nya. tama b…

  14. mike237 Says:

    thanks for covering the event Migs … i really like Alizon … i wish i could meet him

  15. WWE Publicist Says:

    masarap sya though. . . .

  16. john_aspen Says:

    yeah. i like his eyes. i think he the one in alaxan and smart ads (25M subscribers). he reminds me of me ex-bf. but i saw some of his latest pics and he looked like sooo tired and lost weight.

  17. argie Says:

    grabe…he is such a beautiful man.
    ultimate crush***

  18. ian Says:

    kagandahan, alaxan FR yung commercial nya…

    shocks gwapo talaga… crush ko sya dun sa commercial eh.. haha… lahat naman yata ng gwapo crush ko… pero mas lalo na sya kasi i have a thing for guys na skinhead. hehehe…

  19. dion Says:

    alizon andres hails from cuyapo, nueva ecija. actually sa manila na nakatira pero dun ang province nila. he is studying in new era university. di ko lang alam kung anong course. i met him mga 2 years ago before he joined in mr. pogi (eat bulaga). nanligaw kasi yan sa isang kaibigan ko. kaya ayun, basted… =)

  20. andrew Says:

    Sya nga! Sya nga yung nasa Alaxan FR na nagbabasketball at pati sa Smart ata. Telegenic pala sya. Naiinlab na ata ako sa kanya. Binabawi ko na ata yung nauna kong pahayag dito, hihihi! Cute pala sya.

    …at mukang dakiiiiiiiiiila. :)

  21. andrew Says:

    Singit lang, si Kian Kazemi ba yung nasa commercial ng Smart na unlimited texting, yung kasama ni John Prats? May kalbong lalake kasi don sa likod nya eh.

  22. sushi77 Says:

    ^andrew, that kalbo guy behind john is actually eri neeman. fyi, he competed in the 2005 mossimo bikini summit together with einar, carlos, and ramon. now he’s a tadjock for wazzup wazzup.

    hala, bakit puro mossimo bikini summit na lang ang nabri-bring up dito? chaka! :)

  23. ian Says:

    andrew, ako rin mahal ko na sya.. hehe… anong ibig mong sabihin ng dakila? hehe

  24. alizon andres Says:

    hi guys thanks for all youre comments my friend told me to visit this site.. shes a girl..
    god bless…..alizon—

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    […] this year’s Century Superbod title? For my bet, I’m actually choosing between him and Alizon Andres — and yes, either one of them over Vince Canizares. While I’m deciding, let me share […]

  26. alizon andres Says:

  27. jon Says:

    5th pic. Is that what I think it is, peeking just above the trunks?

  28. john_aspen Says:

    hahaha ian pareho pala tayo ng type, skinheads… may kahawig ka dito sa zamboanga and just as cute, only shorter… my good friend and ex. hehe

    alizon ikaw ba talaga yang nagpost ng multipel account na yan? bitin naman sa pics sa multiply mo. good luck sa centruy tuna superbod. i’ll vote for you!

  29. john_aspen Says:

    Alizon has nice pics in his Multiply account. :) Vote natin sya for CT Superbod!

  30. john_aspen Says:

    kagandahan, oo nga ung sa tvc na alaxan fr, bakat kasi he has nice basketball shorts hehehe.

  31. john_aspen Says:

    Three reasons why I like the third pic.

    1) His smile.
    2) The evil goatie.
    3) The rainbow-colored undie. Something very interesting is peeking out.


  32. john_aspen Says:

    Text vote! People support natin si Alizon sa CT Superbod. As of now, he runs 2nd in the people’s choice male category.

    Just type CT M01 and
    Send to 2922 for Smart, TM, Globe subscribers.

    Please vote!

  33. john_aspen Says:

    Alizon Andres? Pun intended?

  34. miguel Says:

    As of today, he heads up in the people’s choice male category. Almost 20 thousand votes ahead from Ram, who runs second.

    Btw, apart from his Superbod stint, he’s also working out his Nescafe TV ad, he says. If I’m not mistaken he’d appear on the coffee’s sachets.

    I guess acting isn’t his cup of tea as he was booted twice in Starstruck auditions. He’s just good at flaunting his body, his dick (see the photo with his rainbow-colored trunks).

    This New Era College Mass Communications major is simply persevered to make it in this Superbod competition because, according to him, this could turn the wheel of his penetration to showbiz.

    Exceptional, he should just keep his eyes glaring, notwithstanding heavy competition from better-looking and taller models in the competition. His eyes could help him finish as a winner.

  35. carledmundiii Says:

    wow, so after the thing or two, finding this dude would go to a dead-end, perhaps the heaven, wow, that didnt take me too long, i would add some info bout this guy, coz he’s so hot in his Alaxan Fr commercial.. i searched the net for his video clip in that ad, wow! none was found, so if i write some more details this commentary posts do appear in search engines— this is great! well, enough of those perky senseless talk, here’s the overdue:QUERY of mine… where the hell can i get the commercial of this guy in Alaxan FR…???

  36. john_aspen Says:

    carledmundiii, anong e-mail add mo? i think i can send it to you.

  37. Daizuke Says:

    Ngek!! Kamukha sya ng Kuya ko.. Naks!!.. Eww… :-P

  38. john_aspen Says:

    Daizuke, talaga? ipakilala mo aman ako sa kuya mo hehe.

  39. fattyacid Says:



  40. keeyzee Says:

    oo nga anu un hhhmmm… psaway ng konti pero mlakas ang dating mo ksi dun s icon nbasa q ung cnabi nya mukha k nmang mabait

  41. Alizon Andres | manila gay guy Says:

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