Sylvester Ram Sagad, next Superbod?


Will Sylvester “Ram” Sagad win this year’s Century Superbod title? For my bet, I’m actually choosing between him and Alizon Andres — and yes, either one of them over Vince Canizares. While I’m deciding, let me share with you some photos…










Do you like Ram Sagad? Then vote for him as this year’s Century Superbod People’s Choice. To register using your cellphones, send Ctreg name/age/location to 2922 (both Smart and Globe subscribers, free of charge). To vote for Ram Sagad, send ct m12 and send to 2922 (appropriate charges apply). The Century Superbod competition finals will be on April 28 in Boracay. Ram Sagad, next Superbod?  digg:Sylvester Ram Sagad, next Superbod?  spurl:Sylvester Ram Sagad, next Superbod?  newsvine:Sylvester Ram Sagad, next Superbod?  furl:Sylvester Ram Sagad, next Superbod?  reddit:Sylvester Ram Sagad, next Superbod?  fark:Sylvester Ram Sagad, next Superbod?  Y!:Sylvester Ram Sagad, next Superbod?


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42 Responses to “Sylvester Ram Sagad, next Superbod?”

  1. vinvin Says:

    aaaaaaaaay! i likey. honga. he’s like a hundred times better than that canizares guy. i’m voting for him.

  2. boom Says:

    his name is ram sagad? hahaha, that’s two very obvious puns already.

  3. empress maruja Says:

    Sagad kaya hanggang saan? Lagpas pusod?

  4. citra Says:

    i saw the website of century tuna…we need this kind of model in this industry…fresh…malakas ang dating nia…he reminds me of rocky salumbides…may karapatan sia migs…para skin sia ang next superbods…

  5. what_boys_want Says:

    a cute chinito pet lover who eats cheap crackers and has a Sto. Niño in his house…obviously I’m very very pleased…

  6. joey Says:

    I really like Nikko from the SuperBods contest. Very hot. Check out his friendster account. look for Nikko Fabi. Yum. Sooper.

    (sorry kung medyo parang endorsement, crush ko kasi to eh!)

  7. nell Says:

    nice name .. hehehe. nice body and face, as well..

  8. love Says:

    ram sagad….i’ve wathced the elimination nyt @ phil. plaza…towering ang beauty nian…tingin ko sia ang pwedeng endorser ng centurry tuna may face and body…oriental ang dating…can penetrate the asean market! diba mga kapatid????????????

  9. riffraff2000 Says:


  10. chad Says:

    Huge plus para sakin ang dimples! Cute.

  11. Kiro Says:

    I think he’s one of the best looking models if not the best that you’ve featured so far. This kid will shine. I just wonder if there’s more than just good looks.

  12. ate glo Says:

    hahaha! ram at sagad — siguradong wasak ang puerta mo!

  13. peak fantasy Says:

    he personifies what “boy next door” means..chinito, coddly…he gets my vote!

  14. vinvin Says:

    … peak fantasy… coddly?! o cUddly? …

  15. anton maton Says:

    bakit ganon … isa lang ang facial expression niya … ay sorry .. dalawa pala. kunot ang noo or smile pa-side! niyahahahahahah!

  16. peak fantasy Says:

    vinvin, you’re right. it should be cUddly. i slipped on that one.. thanks for pointing it out.

  17. tiggahtigz Says:

    wow, he’s gorgeous

  18. Little Fish Says:


  19. lyndon Says:

    he’s so pafable. i vote for him,fresh na fresh!!

  20. ferds varonah Says:

    OMG!!! i likehim,pwede ba iuwi after ng century tuna superbods, forlife!!! uh hah

  21. bim Says:


  22. luningning Says:

    Delicious na fafa.Winner siya.Ill vote for him

  23. john_aspen Says:

    Is that his real name? Redundant. Ram na, sagad pa. Century Tuna kasi ang body talaga ang titignan. Mas maganda ang katawan nya kay Alizon. I think Ram is the one in the new funny Touch Mobile TV commercial where he rides a horse and then uses his mobile phone like a gun and shouts tetetetext tetetext tetetext.

    Si Alizon pa rin ang mahal ko hehehe

  24. pudean Says:

    if i am not mistaken, he actually plays/played for the San Sebastian Stags…

  25. chorva Says:

    yeah, he’s still playing for the stags :)

  26. smoothshaver Says:

    Mhhhh….another gorgeous flipino skinhead kalbo… sexxxyyyy!

  27. smoothshaver Says:

    sorry….of course….FILIPINO kalbo guapo

  28. john_aspen Says:

    Alizon Andres (is that pun intended?) ranks #1 while he ranks #2 in my semi-cal list.

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    […] News! I just got a text from Boracay that Sylvester Ram Sagad won as the Century Tuna Superbod! Congrats, […]

  30. michael Says:

    Salvester is very good looking I love his smile He is very cute when he smiles

  31. iloveboom Says:

    cutie cutie..super hot sya sa 5th picture nya…

  32. vannez Says:

    Congratulations! Ram.
    ur the best.
    kahawig mo ung present jowa ko.
    shocked nga ako when i saw ur photos in the newspaper, akala ko talaga siya un.
    para kayong pinagbiyak na bunga.
    hope someday makita kita.

  33. creepystalker Says:

    noong eleksyon, hinahanap ko yung name ko, tapos natsambahan kong nakita yung name nya sa voters list. malamang siya talaga yon kasi ka-edad nya yung age noong nasa listahan. at kung di ako nagkakamali, pareho kaming precint pero di ko siya nakita doon eh. secret kung saan yun, haha.

  34. mediaprince Says:

    i like the pic with the blue shirt on and oh my the dimples….

  35. michael Says:

    he is cute, hot, and charming. He has a great looking smile.

  36. susan mae Says:

    Sigh… i believe in god… sigh…

  37. oliver Says:

    This is one greatguy ang tindi my panty is wet and I am sweating too.

  38. Pravilno Says:

    There is something beyond his eyes…

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  40. Calvin Says:

    cute dimple! :D

  41. Calvin Says:

    nice dimple, gwapo cute chinito… :)

  42. Calvin Says:

    nice and cute side view smile din pala and nice lean body! :)

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