Kerwin Yap, Fil-Chi Hunk


Kerwin Yap was part of Mossimo Bikini Summit (MBS 2005). He looks very Chinese to me, and no that’s not too much of a problem, besides he’s got these really plump lips (nice!) - although I admit he’s too skinny for my taste. Some people like them skinny though… so enjoy Kerwin.








mbs_-_boracay_016.jpg Yap, Fil-Chi Hunk  digg:Kerwin Yap, Fil-Chi Hunk  spurl:Kerwin Yap, Fil-Chi Hunk  newsvine:Kerwin Yap, Fil-Chi Hunk  furl:Kerwin Yap, Fil-Chi Hunk  reddit:Kerwin Yap, Fil-Chi Hunk  fark:Kerwin Yap, Fil-Chi Hunk  Y!:Kerwin Yap, Fil-Chi Hunk


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23 Responses to “Kerwin Yap, Fil-Chi Hunk”

  1. vinvin Says:


  2. addick_88 Says:

    nice lips! male version of angelina

  3. Basil Says:

    Emm.fab!all the way from malaysia.send him over!

  4. ernesto Says:

    nice body huh

  5. chad Says:

    He reminds me of Jimmy Bondoc, and in some pics (1st and 6th) yung comedian na nagi-impersonate kay Manny Pacquiao naman. Pero oo nga nice lips. Di na niya kailangan ngumuso unlike some other models.

  6. Tita Glo Says:


  7. Xerendipity Says:

    Agree with “Angelina Jolie male version lips!”

  8. Gina Cole Says:

    lamang tiyan pa rin iyan…hwag ng mamili anoh!

  9. neonego Says:


  10. mahaderang_tamaraw Says:

    sorry di ko type, sa hk nagkalat ang ganyang hitsura, che!..oy ate, bat di mo pa rin ipini-feature yungng request kong si philip james younghusband? ng nat’l socer team, he’s so friggin’ hot kaya!..

  11. lavidalokaloka Says:

    rexona nga diyan i smell something

  12. peak fantasy Says:

    kerwin strikes me as ma-L, and would love to give him the works, he he..

    mahaderang tamaraw, agree ako on philip james younghusband…he’s such a desirable young man - he’s got the looks, and the breeding! he guested yesterday on channel 23, and he’s eye candy!

  13. what_boys_want Says:

    he only looks cute in the first picture…

  14. fernie Says:

    naku i just saw phil younghusband yesterday! HE IS SO HOT!!! Nalaglag talaga panty ko nung nakita ko siya! nakakaloka!

  15. jhepy Says:

    may mga pics na he has X-factor meron naman okey fine HE’S a MAN… so :D

  16. sikma... Says:

    please do a feature naman of arthur solinap… i kinda lik him

  17. peak fantasy Says:

    one chinito i would like to see more of is CHAMP of hale band. i know it may not be easy looking for his sexy fotos…i wonder what lies beneath his shirt and tight jeans? he is such a dish!

  18. mahaderang_tamaraw Says:

    >>peak fantasy

    FCUK! TALAGA?, kainez naman, grrr…di ko yun napanood!!!, anong show sa 23?…the very first time i saw him last seagames naging ultimate crush ko na talaga sya…

    niways, i already met CHAMP in person, i even manage to take pics with him..malaking tao pala sya sa personal, about 6′ mukha ring daks, hehe…

  19. peak fantasy Says:

    mahaderang tamaraw, philip younghusband guested on the 7 a.m ch 23 kabarkada show hosted by atom and jc cuadrado..he is a good conversationalist…he kicked balls on the show, squatted on the floor for some demo…kinilig ako as i saw the contours of his body, his butt and…ahh he is such a dish!

  20. the niki de los reyes-torres Says:

    he’s a really nice guy!!! he was my freshman blockmate at ateneo de manila way back in 98 -block CC!!! Whotooo!!!

    really totoy back then, but already cute. i believe/know he’s ilonggo -malambing man gid. i never realized it was him until i saw him in the modelling circuits a while back at some client’s launch…ganda ng body now…

    ah, who would have thought

  21. chupapa Says:

    sarap nung isnag pic nya bakat ung egg

  22. jessica2 Says:

    Who have sexy photos of yoshiya minami here? …please post

  23. prex Says:


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