Hunk of the Year 2006: Vote Now!


After reviewing all the nominated personalities, I have trimmed down the official candidates to 20. I’m sure some of you will react, why and how come some of your favorites did not figure in the list. Come on, guys this is all for fun so please don’t go ballistic. Besides, you have 20 to choose from — and only one will win the title of H.O.T.Y. 2006 — the Gays’ Choice Hunk of the Year! You may now place your vote at the sidebar of this site. I will run the poll for at least 2 weeks to ensure everyone gets a chance to vote. So what are you waiting for? Let your voice be heard! Vote now! of the Year 2006: Vote Now!  digg:Hunk of the Year 2006: Vote Now!  spurl:Hunk of the Year 2006: Vote Now!  newsvine:Hunk of the Year 2006: Vote Now!  furl:Hunk of the Year 2006: Vote Now!  reddit:Hunk of the Year 2006: Vote Now!  fark:Hunk of the Year 2006: Vote Now!  Y!:Hunk of the Year 2006: Vote Now!


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9 Responses to “Hunk of the Year 2006: Vote Now!”

  1. jack monacco Says:

    I love all Filipino Men!!!

  2. music Says:

    sir, good afternoon. i would just like to ask if you have pics of Ronnie Liang of PDA singing in bathroom wearing only his white brief. i believe his with Eman. or maybe a short video of that scene. if you have pics, can you send me his pics. thanks, more power :)

  3. fiona Says:

    dennis trillo is my bet! go Dennis!!!!

  4. slydiva Says:


    1. richard gutierrez
    2. dennis trillo
    3. alfred vargas
    4. mike tan
    5. sam milby
    6. andrew wolff
    7. rafael rossel
    8. arthur solinap
    9. dingdong dantes
    10. gerald andersson

  5. fragrance chandelliere Says:

    champ lui pio and kean cipriano.!
    i love you.!
    maboang ko ninyong duha.!

  6. simple Says:

    I vote for Dennis Trillo

  7. mitch Says:

    HUNK OF 2006
    1.) SAM MILBY -actor, singer
    2.) DENNIS TRILLO -actor, singer
    3.) MARK HERRAS -actor, dancer

  8. ronel Says:

    my hunks are..

    1.Alfred Vargas(he shows enough tallent and proved he’s really sexy)

    2.Richard Gutierrez

    3.Dennis Trillo

    4.Arthur Solinap

    5.Mark Herras(i think he must show some more skin)

  9. rayjan Says:

    my choices are:

    1 rafael rossel
    2 andrew wolff
    3 richard gutierrez
    4 sam milby
    5 luis manzano

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