Roxxxanne’s Troika

Jun Lana’s Roxxxanne coming soon! (Yes that’s Janvier Daily on the left, Sheree in the middle.)'s Troika  digg:Roxxxanne's Troika  spurl:Roxxxanne's Troika  newsvine:Roxxxanne's Troika  furl:Roxxxanne's Troika  reddit:Roxxxanne's Troika  fark:Roxxxanne's Troika  Y!:Roxxxanne's Troika


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7 Responses to “Roxxxanne’s Troika”

  1. Misterhubs Says:

    I wonder who’s on Janvier’s mind… Migs perhaps? Hehe.

  2. edmark Says:

    migz, i read in a tabloid that there’s this new video called “PANTASYA”. It’s gay-themed, and stars justin de leon. it’s sort of “provoq” style, may story. may kopya ka na ba?

  3. josh Says:

    another movie na kapanapanabik! :)

  4. genesis17 Says:

    to edmark:
    i have a copy of PANTASYA
    i would say mas cute and yummy pa din ang provoq men
    but its a nice video to buy
    for the rainy season
    it will keep you warm *wink*

  5. fernando III Says:

    sikat na talaga si janvier because of migs

    is he one of us?

    kabaro ba siya migs?

  6. Scott Says:

    Well I don’t know about that movie?? but ladyboys sure are hotttt!!!!

  7. Bi 2 Says:

    yahoo!!! I’m really excited sa movie na ito… crush ko kasi Sherry and Janvier hehe :) thanks Migs sa update.More power to you and MGG…

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