What will you do on Valentine’s?


Tell me, dear MGG readers, what are you planning to do on Valentine’s Day?


A. Buy roses and have it delivered, with love and kisses, to your honeypie?
B. Wear black, snob everyone, and be Miss Tapia for a day?
C. Watch that erotic movie Troika, by yourself, hoping to bring home 2 Troika-d dudes for your feasting?
D. Get together with fellow singles and toast for a happy lovelife for everyone come next V-day?
E. (None of the above - insert your answer here/in your comment.)

Comment away folks!

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41 Responses to “What will you do on Valentine’s?”

  1. andrew Says:

    Letter E. Siguro iiyak na lang ako maghapon kasi never pa’ko nakapag-celebrate ng V’day with that special someone. *Sob* Kaya nga nafu-frustrate ako kasi malapit na ang Lovepalooza. Kaw ba, Migs, attached ka na ba o single? How are you going to celebrate your V’day?

  2. Migs Says:

    I’m single!

  3. Angelo Says:

    D. :-)

  4. andrew Says:

    Tayo na lang ang mag-date since pareho tayong sawi, Migs, hahaha!

    Angelo, ‘kala ko may bf ka? Baket D?

  5. mico Says:

    me. i will wear black. il go to office in the am then in the eving il go str8 home.. i will just ignore the V day. im not being bitter but. it’s the way i celebrate V-day.


  6. the_Crush Says:


    I will spend it on this particular event:

    Club GOVERNMENT presents PUPPY LOVE - the monthly party for YOUNG peeps on February 15, Thursday at 10pm! Music by DJ Drake and DJ Brit!

    For those of you who wants to attend this post-Valentine party event, you can do so with your date or your friends. Just mention my name, Nel Dela Cruz, at the door and all of you can get in FREE! Be there early to avoid the mega-line PLUS enjoy FREE drinks at the open bar til supplies last!

    Club Government is located at 7840 Makati Avenue, Makati City (beside Aberdeen Court, across Barrio Fiesta)

    Come if you want love or to profess your love..this is going to be a love-filled event! ;-)

  7. Angelo Says:

    Andrew: Oh, he is not based here thats why. :-( Kaya kahit meron, di ko naman mafi-feel ang saaaaarap ng Valentines. Haaay!

  8. andrew Says:

    Ay, ganon ba, Angelo? *Sad* Sana maging masaya pa rin tayong lahat sa V’day. *Hoping*

  9. Angelo Says:

    Andrew: Oo naman. Masaya ako especially whenever I am with my yummy gym friends. Joke lang. :-P

  10. kurara_chibana Says:

    migs, my answer would have to be a resounding “E”.

    being a student, february means midterms season for me and that leads to loads of studying. it’s a real b!tch, i swear.

    well at least i won’t get to think about my being single for like the nth time this valentine’s. i’ll definitely spend the night at home with my textbooks and stuff. :(

  11. -tonskie- Says:

    i would definitely be working my ass off that day.. my mind is so preoccupied with work right now, what’s important is what will i get the day after v-day… coz, ill have my payday!

  12. mhadz12 Says:


    same with kurara_chibana, i am also gonna celebrate valentines with my books and will review to the nth power. Inevitable though , I still have to let this day pass, yun nga lang, im not gonna focus with my emotional concerns bout love and valentines, but with my academics.

    Enjoy everyone no matter what. We still are given the luxury of celebrating this event in a lot of ways, in a different light. Share Love. Live love and dive deep din!!!in other words. haha !!!

  13. anton maton Says:

    valentines kamo? ay ewan ko kung ano yan! basta ako bibili na naman ako ng bagong shoes & bag sa TANGS! may SALE yata at meron pang 12% rebate! yay!

    walang kakupaskupas!
    anton maton

  14. Little Fish Says:

    I will be with Janvier….watch a romantic movie, “The Promise” together…take late dinner in some romantic restaurant (candle-lit)….walk hand-in-hand in some boardwalk along some sea shores…..whisper love endearments to each other….watch the sun risen on the horizon….and kiss..kiss…and kiss….
    And wake-up crying and sobbing because everything is just a makebelieve…a wishful thinking…an illusion….leche!

  15. Bogs Says:

    I’m planning on buying him some flowers… para iba eleven na red roses (as in red hindi fuschia..hehe’) tapos nag iisang pink… =)

  16. josh Says:

    i think i’l be doing b, c & d, if i have all the time. Definitely i will wear black in the office…but then again i might just wear my red long sleeves with a red tie… or just be absent na lang kaya…I definitely want to watch that Troika movie, the teaser trailer and the still photos r soooo coool…. i just don’t know kung sino pwede makasama manood, well I dont even have a “gf” anymore (she’s already married..) and really dont have any special someone.. perhaps just pull out anyone here in the office for company…OO nga pala the dinner will have to be done first, or perhaps lunch na lang with fellow single guys and gals… Whew what a day (sana dami ko budget)

  17. kantoTEEN Says:

    nakuh, bkit loveless mga tao dito? why spoil your v-day? me, i’ll find my valentino in quezon circle or along u-belt… wanna join?

  18. fukesah Says:

    well well well here comes the super Vaklush! 1st il wash my keps, then wil watch troika try to bring home some ova acting paminta… pwedi ba pg paminta libre n lang?? kapika! minsan mas bakla pa sakin holdaper pa! waaaaah so sad!

  19. fukesah Says:

    kantoTEEN buhay pb ang circle? i tried once pero maliwanag pa sa buwan ang mga ilaw dun haler? at pag nka park ka nman sa madilim may mga pulis na mega roaving my gosh! teach me how or beter yet il come with u hehe!

  20. querida Says:

    checking-in with my guy in a hotel. been seeing each other for 6 months now. he has a boyfriend of 3 years, but it’s a dead relationship they have. they haven’t had sex for 10 months now. go figure. and maybe after celebrating, i will go to my room and cry. since i’m gonna be living in reality again.

  21. hmpff Says:

    give me a B…
    valentines? waht’s that?

  22. chismoso Says:

    I choose letter E. Despite the fact that I have someone special, I hate the HALLMARK-ness of the date.

    I’ll probably stay at home and avoid all the traffic and mushy valentines promos

  23. chismoso Says:

    p.s. i love love love the heart-shaped prophylactic

  24. Chris Says:

    i’ll be at work for the first five hours of the day, going home will take an hour, sleep for eight hours, watch tv for three hours(includes “breakfast(at 4pm)”), prepare for work for one hour, go to work(one hour), set up tools and then work my ass for the remaining hours of heart’s day…


  25. chriscapade Says:

    ako..Letter E din.
    Pero ill celebrate v-day with my family. cguro with my mom since im single naman eh. I’ll treat her sa isang resto and ipagsho-shopping ko sya. hehehe..

  26. pol Says:

    D and C.
    Troika and inuman!

  27. Jo Says:

    E. NOTA - None Of The Above.

    Valentine’s Day is nothing but a Monstrous, Marketing , ‘Gone-out-of-proportion’ GIMMICK!

    Everyday should be LOVE DAY. Hala, let’s all MAKE LOVE, lol!!!

  28. Terrence Says:

    E. Never had someone to love me and for me to love in return, I’m 27 now… I guess I’ll stay single forever… sob……

  29. andrew Says:

    It’s 8:34 a.m. and I’m at the office right now. Bigla naman akong nalungkot sa nabasa ko rito. Majority ng mga tao love-less, kasama na’ko. It’s so depressing and frustrating at the same time. Nawalan tuloy ako ng gana magtrabaho. Haaay…

    Terrence, I’m 27 too and I know how it feels to be single on every single freaking V’day, and you wear yourself out thinking you’re growing old without having anyone to love and to love you back. It sucks big time. I guess I’m just lucky I’ve had four relationships, but none of them really lasted.

    I guess no one will be able to comfort you except yourself. Maybe it’s absurd to hear this always but don’t lose hope. Yun na nga lang ang meron ka, aalisin mo pa ba? Cheer up. Life is still great no matter what.

  30. cliogoddess Says:

    wla ako pasok, so dun lang ako sa bahay magpapaka inutil. hehehe since nakokornihan ako sa valentine’s celeb but dont get me wrong, im hopeless romantic.

  31. Lawrence John Says:


  32. mao Says:

    I have work on V-day so makikipagtuos lang sa mga pasaway na kano. I dunno if my friends will go out by then pero parang ayoko din sumama kasi mafu-frustrate lang ako sa mga makikita ko. I’ve been loveless all my life and parang ordinaryong araw na lang din siya for me. hayyy…

  33. mcvie Says:

    Kapatid Migs, what would you do if someone responds here with the following: “[E] I will commit suicide. This is a crazy planets, and I want to get off. Hindi ko na kaya ito. Goodbye, cruel world!” Ano ang gagawin mo?

    Just wondering out loud,

  34. Migs Says:

    @McVie - ang sasabihin ko, “joel mcvie, istatyu?” hehehe! Just joking, crazy planets!

  35. Lizz Buenaventura Says:

    E. Stay in with my better half and watch movies/eat food in bed the whole day. Then trade him in for a girl’s night out later on. (To watch Troika, of course. Lol!)

  36. andrew Says:

    Eh ikaw naman, Migs, pa’no mo ise-celebrate ang Valentine’s Day? :)

  37. mico Says:

    im so glad that you guys were all very happy this coming V-day. :)

  38. KittyQT Says:

    Ay naku, buro in the house na lang ako. Pag-pantasyahan ko na lang kaya si Migs!!! Mag-post ka naman ng beauty mo dito noh! How do you look ba Migs, gwapo, chinito, tall, dark, and… AY, eh di nagpantasya no ko!!!

  39. pb Says:

    hmm.. ngaun lang ako post dito.. avid reader though. i like the idea of wearing black, kya lang may uniform sa school.. pero good idea ung bitterness effect.. tnx migs..

  40. william Says:

    very special ang feb. 14 sa akin kasi di lang valentines day kundi birthday ko rin. i’ll be celebrating it with my family and friends.

  41. Kaleena Says:

    Nakbunganga ako all day sa Valentine. Nag e-exercise ng jaw muscles, gag reflex at epiglottis! Hopefully with Miguel Garcia, Lauren Novero, Allen Dizon, or yung asawa ni Tessa Prieto-Valdes, si Dennis Valdes. Gusto ko rin maka-sex si TonyBoy Cojuangco. Wala lang.

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