Will Devaughn


Just finished watching a Pinoy Big Brother Uber episode, and this Will Devaughn caught my gay eyes once again! Woohooo!






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27 Responses to “Will Devaughn”

  1. kai Says:

    HOT HOT but Jon Mulally pa rin

  2. Lyka Bergen Says:

    Victor Basa pa rin.

  3. julian Says:

    mas feel ko si ANDREW WOLFFE,william looks bland.

  4. from1fagtoanother Says:

    HOTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i’l do anything for will!

  5. QtheConqueror Says:

    Now that Mcoy and Ethel are gone, I think either Barron or Will are gonna win.

  6. Insider Says:

    papasok si Andrew Wolf this coming week tapos si Angel Locsin na!

  7. Little Fish Says:

    Will is hot!
    Victor is hotter!
    Jon Mullaly is hot and sexy!
    But, Jake Cuenca is amazingly awesome!
    Janvier is bubblytasty too!

  8. eponine Says:

    his first TVC was 2years ago.. Close up…

  9. eponine Says:

    sana si baron naman ang ma-feature mo… i liek his badboy image despte the swinger rumors…

  10. drew Says:

    baron is a swinger???

    anyway,i agree with Little Fish that jake cuenca is the best. no one beats the hot young stud.

    i like victor basa’s hot legs.

    can we feature mico aytona next time?

  11. Blonde_skinny_bitch Says:

    …twinks! or swimmer built! ssso ssso! is he playing for the team? No! coz i don’t understand the fantasy for str8 dudes! it’ll just keep you hangin! why not feature the likes of John Lapus or Chocolate or Ogie Diaz? hmmm Oops! wrong website! I thought this was “lesbos-in-boot-camp-training.com” hehehe! ;)

    …full monty! full monty! full monty! oh dammnit! ;)

  12. Ati_005 Says:

    I love Jon Avila..

  13. chickoo Says:

    now i realize he looks like a white version of the prototypical pinoy male ideal–moreno, matipuno, but sans flat nose and thick lips (like iago raterta’s or zanjoe’s). parang more pinoy version ni john hall. sa 4th pic, mukha s’yang mannequin. still hot though! whew! at mukha pang mabait. at mahilig. ha. mmmmmmm …

    p.s. i love how there’s flood of semikal pinoy hotties … john lopez, janvier, iago, ram sagad, and co.

  14. rommel Says:

    Punyemas naman bat hindi ipalabas ang PBB at deal or no deal dito sa sanfrancisco!!! shetames!!!!

  15. rodier Says:

    janvier pa rin!

  16. fillmein Says:

    will devaughn has a nude pic from earlier days. and a scandal i think.. havn’t seen the scandal, only the nude. his dick is not that big. payat. but yummylicious.

  17. peak fantasy Says:

    will is the most masculine.
    jon avila is “pretty.”
    victor basa is charming.

  18. chickoo Says:

    fyi: you can go to abscbnnow.com or something like that (i-google mo) to pay for pbb subscription. di ko pa na-try pero if you’re into it, baka worth it. nasan na’ng nude pic ni will? maitim na maitim siguro ang sa kanya at malinamnam! ;P

  19. peak fantasy Says:

    to rommel:

    you might want to access this pbb website for updates on pbb and some videoclips you can download. no subscription.


  20. eponine Says:

    ganun me nudie pala tong si will. i bet kulot ang pubes nya. hehe.

    @drew: di ba nafeature na si baron dito dati pa? “swinging back to being straight…” i find baron the most interesting of the guys in pbbce. sana mafeature din siya dito muli…

  21. peak fantasy Says:

    oops, accessing the pbb website http://bb2.pinoybigbrother.com/ is free of course, but downloading the videos ay may subscription..

  22. dennis Says:

    Now that Ethel and Mcoy had exited the PBB voluntarily, the winner would either be Baron or Donnie. Either of them, and it would be fine.

  23. dennis Says:

    Hello FILLMEIN. Where could we find the nude picture of Mr. Will? Hehehehe.

  24. santiago Says:

    yooo migs! more jon avila, john prats, sam milby, john james uy, piolo, dietther ocampo, marvin agustin blogs dude. maybe jon loyd. i unno. john loydd is not good looking

  25. Arvin Says:

    Good day Po!
    Pwede, share mo sa akin ang nude picture ni Will. salamat…..

  26. dazedblu Says:

    uber HOT

  27. peppoi Says:

    janvier forever! go!

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