Will Devour Will Devaughn


Lean upper body, and fabulous manly face. Who can turn down someone like Will? Hell, given the chance, I will devour Will Devaughn!

At first I thought Will was a model from somewhere else. Until a friend told me he’s actually based here in Manila, and is in fact his acquaintance in a nearby local gym network. (He even mentioned some rumor about this Will doing “parties.” Well that is an unconfirmed rumor, ok? Don’t quote me on that!)

Will Devaughn. Such a foreign sounding name, and he doesn’t look a bit Filipino. But what the heck, he is a delicious-looking hunk so he qualifies for my lust list. LOL! Enjoy Will! I have not seen his McDo ad but many people say he’s such a sight to behold in that one. Well now you know I don’t watch that much TV.

By the way, I was also told he speaks Tagalog pretty well.




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27 Responses to “Will Devour Will Devaughn”

  1. Olga Says:

    been a fan of will devaughn since his close-up “mrt” commercial. gotta love that smile and a fantastic speaking voice to go with it.

  2. dricx Says:

    i heard that he appeard j.lo commercial…may i know the title is?

  3. Trent Says:

    William is partly black American.. He has a GAY Brother in NYC ..his twin if I am not mistaken :)

  4. jerry Says:


  5. andrew Says:

    Masarap s’ya, no doubt. :P

  6. biLLy Says:

    OMG…n_n i had no idea ‘tiL now na c wiLL devaugn paLa ang super crushie q sa McRice CommerciaL…i mean, i have a copy of CosmopoLitan CenterfoLds but his pic there Looks nothing Like him in the McRice commerciaL…grabe…i reaLLy reaLLy reaLLy Like him…n_n and he Looks super good in his NEW McRice commerciaL…the one for the Longanissa McRice…=p

  7. BJ Says:

    Well i knw where he live same condo xa ng opism8 ko nd i saw him na he is freaking delicious hehehehehe

  8. Jonathan Zamora Says:

    Lalakeng lalaki and dating niya. Super delicious.

  9. Edwin Ramos Says:

    Yesss people he is really HOT!!!

    to Dricx No he did not appear in any J.Lo commerial but he was on a J.Lo MTV featuring I’m real song with Ja Rule.

    to Trent… i don’t know about the brother being gay but i know Will is half BLACK - half GERMAN imagine the best of both worlds is in one hot body!!!! yuuuuup that’s WILLIAM DEVAUGHN

  10. lesley Says:

    yes delicious siya kaya lang mabaho

  11. iloveboom Says:

    I had the chance to see Will close up..I was doing my biking and there he was at my back flexing his abs…I really envy his abs…its something that I’ve been working on for the longest time…hahahahahahaha

  12. AGNES Says:

    mabaho??? how did lesley know???

  13. pokito Says:

    my kind of guy…swabeee….

  14. joy michelle Says:

    weeeeee ang gwapo……he’s like my bf hehehhe

    wiil is soon to be my boyfriend..

  15. Calvin Says:

    nice body… :)

  16. jo Says:

    mr. dreamboy

  17. bettyerz Says:


  18. Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 | manila gay guy Says:

    […] Will Devaughn, Model Baron Geisler, Actor Donald Geisler, Taekwondo athlete Victor Basa, […]

  19. UchihaMadara Says:

    wowwwww!!! yehey!!! hurrahhh!!! kasali si papa Will sa PBB Celeb…marami na nanamang mga Baklush ang magpipista lalu na yung mga SUBSCRIBER ng PBB 24/7…hmmmm makapag-subscribe na nga rin ako!!! hehehehe

  20. maven Says:

    he’s one hell of a hunk!!he’s the type of guy i really want!!most of my crushes looked lyk him..heheh
    may reason na naman ako para magpuyat juz to see him in big bro’s huaz…

  21. nicky Says:

    lol. when i heard his name was Will i almmost died. He looks like my bf named, u guessed it,- Will. d resenblance is uncanny but i love my Will.

  22. Crizza_21 Says:

    I heard he has a sex video with palmolive palma (a member of the baywalk bodies) thats what I read on the news paper. Does anyone have a copy?

  23. eric Says:

    nakasabay ko sya sa sauna…
    the rest is gay history…
    “…ako ang nagwagi…”…

  24. nina Says:

    will is soon to be my husband…

  25. nina Says:

    i love his smile..how can i be in touch with you will? come on pls. advise me.

  26. cyrexlou Says:

    I saw him many times,hwe was our regular customer when i was working at 7-11 lpl tower,he is very kind and respective person,makakusap mo xa d talaga xa maarte.i lyk u.

  27. yari Says:

    gusto ko sya.. promise yan…

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