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Do you remember David Eric Poarch, the Fil-Am cutie and blogger, more popularly known as “Coconuter”? Well here he is again:

I hope to find success in the Philippines, success that will provide me enough income to fly back and forth to the U.S. so that I can spend time with my parents and so that they can meet their grandson. I hope to make progress in shedding more light on the unknowns of life. I hope to heal the Philippines and the world or influence those that can. I hope “Coconuter” lives on. I hope I can find the golden coconut.

He now sports a “semikal” look — hmmm… perhaps getting ready for the summer, ha, David? (Take it off… take it off… hehehe! Just kidding, David!) More pics up ahead!



Now, here’s David showing us how to peel a coconut.. in the dark, in the nude! Can you aninag anything? Maybe a golden coconut? Hehehe!





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14 Responses to “Search for the Golden Coconut”

  1. anton maton Says:

    ay kalbo! semikal… whatever!

    yung lang,
    anton maton

  2. kurara_chibana Says:

    my, my, my. he’s getting hunkier every time i see him on this blog. thanks for the update on our favorite fil-am Migs! :)

  3. mimi Says:

    gogogo….yummy david!!!

    follow your dreams!!!

  4. jj Says:

    ive read from his blog that he had meetings in manila. he prolly will have endorsement deals lets wait for taht

  5. Kaleena Says:

    Yuck! Mukhang alien.

  6. vincedejesus Says:

    Better with hair. Definitely much better with hair.
    Para na siyang si Mini Me.

  7. krystala Says:

    even when he’s bald he’s still hotter than millions. and hair grows back, for those of us who are truly ugly will forever be that way.
    not only that, david has brains too. ever actually read his blog? his resume? damn, its just amazing..

  8. confused_curious Says:

    was reading one of his entries…

    and probably i just misunderstood one of his entries… he was talking about his family in the us and new found family here…


    i know its not right to assume right away… but he did use the words “… my family here (my partner and a son)…” or something like that…

    would any of you clarify by what he meant by that?

  9. anonymous Says:

    i don’t get david. he said hes looking for success in PI tapos he said he’s successful in the US???????

    if he wants success and he left success in the US? what else does he want? maybe he’s not really succesfful in the US, maybe it’s all fabrication, right?

  10. Bogs Says:


  11. Gerry Says:

    yeh ..i dont get him too. Maybe he really is trying to get a reality based tv show…then he is doing a great job with his audition =)

  12. dokd Says:

    i’ve read a few of his blog entries -> very interesting. i admire and even envy him that he’s able to go to the philippines to “find himself”. i myself am filipino but came here to the states when i was a year old and raised here. i went to college at uc berkeley where i was able to study tagaglog as a foreign language and then spent a summer after graduating from college to explore the philippines and my roots but that’s all that i was able to do . . . kahit nagustuhan ko ang buhay sa pinas dahil life is so easy going, alam ko na ganito lang ang buhay dito and nageenjoy lang ako dahil meron pa akong $ to eat at the many good restaurants, enjoy the resorts, etc. but what happens when the $ is gone? if i ended up like david, i don’t think i’d be able to survive. i can’t imagine not being able to go online anytime i want to like now na katabi ko lang yung laptop ko. gusto ko sanang makakauwi sa pinas pero wala na akong mga kamaganak sa pinas. i think that i would feel lost in manila. i remember the summer visiting the philippines after college and drove my friend and i in a circle around manila and charged us a lot of money to get to a relatively close place from where we were. but whenever i read blogs/posts from fellow filipinos or watch abs-cbn or gma on cable tv here in california, i can’t help but long to return to the land where i was born . . . anyway, about david - the coconuter - i wish him much luck, he’s got great pictures on his site, he’s fairly eloquent in his writing, and hopefully he finds what he’s looking for. i wish you the best david!

  13. gay blogger in the closet Says:

    i was reading david’s blog even before he was featured on TV. he was really successful in the US, but he wasn’t happy with that kind of success. so he went back to the philippines to–and this is an oversimplification–find himself. somewhere along the way, he met a girl (his partner), had a kid, and now he defines “success” as being able to provide for his family.

    anyway, he is sooo cute. hindi siya deserve nung girl. mas bagay kami! bwahaha

  14. fattyacid Says:

    kung hindi mo babasahin ang buong article at titingnan mo lang ang pics…you will feel a little creepy with all those candles.

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