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There’s this saying, don’t look for love, it will just come. We Pinoys say, huwag ng hanapin, darating din yan. Yet inspite of this, we do seek for it, we search for it, we really do. In fact this is what Google tells us too, in very objective even mathematical terms, through their nifty tool, Google Trends. Google Trends measure the propensity for a term to be searched, and this can be trended over time, and over geographies.

In previous entries, I highlighted that Pinoys are notorious for being number 1 in Google Trends for having the highest propensity for searching the terms gay sex, masturbation, and cybersex. This time I tried the term love. Here’s what I found.

Search Term: LOVE

Searching for LOVE
The above graph shows that Pinoys have the highest relative propensity for searching for the term “love” in the internet. Looking for love in the internet? Yes, we do that! Hahaha!

How about we try the term “sex” and see how Pinoys fare:

Search Term: LOVE, SEX

(Blue bars above represent “love,” and the red bar represent “sex”) There are two things to note here: (1) We top all but India in searching for the term “sex”; (2) All countries in the top ten for searching the terms love and sex, except the Philippines, search the term “sex” more than “love.” What does this mean? In very clear terms, this shows Pinoys search for the term “love” more than “sex.” But yes, we do search for “sex” a lot too, as note (1) shows. Hehehe.

I am not the Manila Gay Guy for nothing - so how do the above info compare if the search terms are with the gay flavor?

We already know that the Philippines top everyone else for the search term “gay sex” - now let’s check “gay love.”

Search Term: GAY LOVE

We’re number 1 too for the search term “gay love”!

Lastly, I was curious, since Pinoys search more for “love” than “sex” — would Pinoys search more for “gay love” than “gay sex” too?

Search Terms: GAY LOVE, GAY SEX

(Blue bars below represent “gay love,” and the red bar represent “gay sex”)
I guess you can interpret the above graph for yourself.

Haaaaay…! I’m so out of here! Hahaha! for Love and Sex  digg:Searching for Love and Sex  spurl:Searching for Love and Sex  newsvine:Searching for Love and Sex  furl:Searching for Love and Sex  reddit:Searching for Love and Sex  fark:Searching for Love and Sex  Y!:Searching for Love and Sex


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3 Responses to “Searching for Love and Sex”

  1. nell Says:

    Interesting, hehe.

  2. Gina Cole Says:

    i checked as of april 8, nasa top 5 na lang tayo….paano naman kasi lahat ng kavaklaan ngayon ay nasa puerto galera at boracay…hayun…bumaba ang ratings natin mga gays!

  3. Gina Cole Says:

    pero interesting…number 1 pa rin tayo pagdating sa cybersex…ang taray!

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