Mentos Heart

mentos-spearmint.jpg Chris of the Half Crazy post wrote: After talking with a friend about my recent breakup I realize I have a Mentos heart. Hard outside, but soft and chewy inside. Outside I exude an aura of insensitivity, yet inside I am the same as everyone else — emotional, illogical, all crazy heart. My problem is that I am able to control my heart with my head, so much so that in relationships it seems I do not really love at all. The outside shell of my heart seems to have been hardened by too much thinking and too much analysis. One flick of a finger, perhaps a mistake committed by my partner, makes me want to boot him out of my life just like that. And I figure, that is not love. Have I been mistaking it as love yet the truth is this Mentos heart never really knew how to love? Three years in a relationship, and yet I do not know how to love? Unacceptable! And maybe that is why I say I have a Mentos heart. I do not know how to really love just because I over analyze things, and that I let my head rule my heart too much. Thus no one has ever really gotten through to my soft and chewy inside. The outside shell has to crack. And I wish for someone to help me, teach me, how to do just that. P.S. Thank you to all readers who left me a note in the Half Crazy post. Heart  digg:Mentos Heart  spurl:Mentos Heart  newsvine:Mentos Heart  furl:Mentos Heart  reddit:Mentos Heart  fark:Mentos Heart  Y!:Mentos Heart


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  1. br0wn_c0w Says:

    This is beautiful. Very well said, and I can somehow relate.

  2. Spydey Says:

    grabe, ako rin sobrang nakarelate!

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