Chinito Alert!

Do you remember that Philippine Daily Inquirer advertisement normally shown in cinemas, where they feature a not-so-smart girl in a job interview?

Interviewer: What are your weaknesses?

Girl: Chocolates!…. Chinito Boys!

(Migs: Same here! Hehehe!)



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21 Responses to “Chinito Alert!”

  1. bluffer Says:

    si aaron kwok ba yung huli? syet!! sobang crush ko yan!!! promise!!! pamatay!!! chinitong moreno!!!

  2. chuvah Says:

    di totong pic yan ni aaron kwok. naging controversy nga yan kasi yung photographer na naglabas nyan eh friend nya. nilagay lang ata ang ulo ni aaron kwok sa body or may mgic na nangyari….

  3. peterpic Says:

    may skimpy bikini daw tapos binura. salamat photoshop.

  4. speckled_doll Says:

    hi! can i know the site where you took the very first picture in your article chinito alert? thanks.

  5. Ang-ang Says:

    I love chinito too!

  6. br0wn_c0w Says:

    I’m not sure I know who Aaron Kwek is, but the 3rd pic’s hotttt!

  7. mediaprince Says:

    the eyes… then look down between the legs haha chinito!!!

  8. Owen Says:

    Edison Chen is still gud for me

  9. maldy Says:

    daniel wu… WOW!!! one of the best looking asian actors.

  10. LEO Says:

    do you have pics of mark bautista?

  11. rachelAhater Says:

    this guys so hot…awwww paso me..

  12. mimi Says:

    daniel wu is so yummy! i dunno if you’re aware, but he was one of the leading actors in the 1998 HK gay movie (my most fave gay movie of all time) ‘Bishonen.’ stephen fung is so godly beautiful as well….hope u can feature him too…

  13. spld97 Says:

    Can I have pics of these hotty?

    thanks dudez.. :)

  14. harajuku Says:

    allan wu is hot, too! but not a big fan of chinitos here, esp F4 ugh!

  15. chester Says:

    chinitos look neat and clean… mmmmmmmmm

  16. chorva Says:

    grabeh, nag tutubig tubig talaga ako swear!

  17. Alron Says:

    Daniel Wu (the second picture) has a gay movie; not a porn one. More like of a Brokeback Mountain. The title’s Bishonen. =)

  18. Calvin Says:

    who’s the cutie on the first pic? ;D

  19. Ernesto Says:

    Who is the first guy he is so cute and where can I find him. Feature more chinito’s

  20. ernesto Says:

    Aaron Kwok is 3rd guy and on the second is Daniel Wu that is not edited

  21. Anino Says:

    Daniel Wu is sooooo hot!

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