Reuben Uy, MTV VJ Finalist


Reuben Uy is one of the 12 finalists of MTV Philippines’ VJ in eager anticipation of finals night, set for June 22 at the Music Hall of the SM Mall of Asia. Because I’m partial to chinito boys… he’s my bet! Even if Brent Javier is in the running, Reuben pa rin ako! Hehehe!

Twenty-two-year-old Reuben Uy sings Tenor I for the AKAfellas. He is definitely passion personified. He just simply exudes passion in every performance. His chinito eyes and boyish smile are what endears him to the ladies (ang gentle men!). He’s famous for his killer dance moves (’notice how Red and Karl stand back a bit for fear of being accidentally hit by Reuben’s ever-grooving hands? *teehee*). He is fondly called Image Model Reuben by the AKAkada because of his eternally spiffy outfits and his emote-to-the-max Derek Zoolander-ish poses for the camera. Ahhh, this fella just luuuvs the camera!





Cute! Uy, MTV VJ Finalist  digg:Reuben Uy, MTV VJ Finalist  spurl:Reuben Uy, MTV VJ Finalist  newsvine:Reuben Uy, MTV VJ Finalist  furl:Reuben Uy, MTV VJ Finalist  reddit:Reuben Uy, MTV VJ Finalist  fark:Reuben Uy, MTV VJ Finalist  Y!:Reuben Uy, MTV VJ Finalist


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13 Responses to “Reuben Uy, MTV VJ Finalist”

  1. francis Says:

    my money is on ERI..the guy from Wazzup Wazzup..he’s a major hottie..brent is too gay to function..but i still love him..

  2. Paul Says:

    reuben watched zsazsa zaturnnah the same time we did last sunday. he was with his gf. they were just sitting a couple of chairs from us. sa buong loge area siya ang pinaka malakas tumawa! ang cute niya! :D

  3. ian Says:

    Francis, I like Eri Neeman too. Soooo Hot! Migs, paki-feature mo sya ha? Thanks thanks!

  4. bakla sa banga Says:

    commercial model na rin yata itong batang ito. nag-audition din yata siya sa pinoy idol…

  5. dazedblu* Says:

    I’ll try him too!

  6. jazzie Says:

    may kamukha syang singer dun sa third picture…
    am not sure lang of the name…
    pero magdangal ang surname nya…
    a cousin of Jolina Magdangal…
    mapapanood xa ngaun sa SOP sa GMA7…
    yun ata ung cnasabbi ni bakla sa banga…
    finalist kc xa sa pinoy idol eh…

  7. vincedejesus Says:

    I’ve met this guys a couple times. We would bump into each other either in the recording studio or somewhere else. Yes, he has a beautiful girlfreind na! Awwww…

    Anyway, cute and charming chinito guy! I’m sure type to ni Migs. He he he.

    He used to be the guy in the superhero outfit of PLDT and had a billboard in EDSA.


  8. McVie Says:

    “He used to be the guy in the superhero outfit of PLDT and had a billboard in EDSA.”

    Siya pala yun?! Akala ko si John Lapus na nagpapaka-mhin.


  9. erl dee Says:

    Good luck, reuben!

  10. Tita Glo Says:

    Ang nanalo ata yung Sib na may pekeng british accent.

  11. fattyacid Says:

    looks comic to me.

    nope he resembles more like joross gamboa not gian magdangal but his pose and big smile on the last pic reminds me or robert woods of PBB2

    well, im not closing my door. maybe some more time at the gym he can be a certified hottie. then tan a little and show more skin.

  12. eric Says:

    not my type…

  13. winks Says:

    reubs is a good singer and dancer, no doubt about it. kaso medyo mayabang siya. i worked with him for two musicals back in college. at doon ko nakita ang kanyang ugali. good luck reubs! i still support you in your career.

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