Kissing Men


Kissing men! Woohoo! This scene is part of Cris Pablo’s new gay-themed indie, Moreno.

Wanna see more kissing men? Kids, don’t try this at home! Hehehe! Men  digg:Kissing Men  spurl:Kissing Men  newsvine:Kissing Men  furl:Kissing Men  reddit:Kissing Men  fark:Kissing Men  Y!:Kissing Men


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15 Responses to “Kissing Men”

  1. dazedblu* Says:

    whew! new cris’ indie-film. kelan ‘to ipapalabas?

    btw, love to read this blog.. esp. when i have my vacant, reason why i linked you too.

  2. hecate Says:

    I wonder who they are?

  3. Charles Says:

    Palabas na po yan!

    Robinson’s Galleria
    Indie Sine

    Kissing Dudes are okay, me kissing a dude is even bettah! LOL!

  4. michael Says:

    the one guy looks like Polo Ravales

  5. jazzie Says:

    wow naman… di ba’t kay sarap nila…

  6. Matteo Says:

    Bad trip yang Robinsons at ci-nancel nila ang “Moreno”. Hindi ko na tinanong at umalis na lang ako.

  7. fattyacid Says:

    ^aww cancelled? buti na lang nabasa ko ang huling post…manonood pa naman sana ako later.

    anyways, kissing men lang ba meron dyan?

  8. chikababe Says:


  9. luv_ko_si_angelo_ortiz Says:

    guys, galing po kami yesterday sa Robinsons Galleria to watch this, pero to our surprise,hindi daw ‘to pinalabas kse walang permit. ang showing sa indiesine is numbalikdiwa. anyone who watched this already? where?

  10. t_rex_rules Says:

    I got to watch the much ballyhooed “Moreno” last night - it was an absolute waste of my time and money! I belaboredly stayed until the end credits hoping for some semblance of a saving grace towards the end, but it was sadly an unproductive exercise in wishful thinking and misguided restraint.

    Cris Pablo mentioned in a press release that he did the film on the side to make and save money while making a documentary on the role of women in the tribal practices permeating the buccolic setting of Lake Sebu in Mindanao. Little did I know that he apparently made this “indie” movie mainly to fight off boredom, or so it seems! It literally reeks of haphazard and mediocre film making. From the uninspired and excruciatingly dragging and befuddled screenplay, to the extremely hammy performances (Direk, did you really have to play the lead character?) and distractingly inconsistent cinematography, this is hands down Pablo’s worst foray into digital cinema since he showed a glimmer of promise in “Duda /Doubt” (his first and arguably - even ironically - his best work so far).

    A patently downhill expression of one’s talent and creative juices? Say it isn’t so, Direk Cris…

  11. tory_amos Says:

    I have watched all his movies. God knows why! And up until now Cris Pablo hasen’t convinced me that he can actually direct a film… err, video pala. So far, he’s only managed to make good actors look stupid, come up with badly-written storylines and use the “indie” label to make soft-porn flicks. Buti nga sana kung yummy na soft-porn pero hindi rin naman.
    Ka-level ng mga pelikula niya ang video ng pinoy hotdogs.

    And would you believe that he teaches directing and writing for film? Inay.

  12. simurgh Says:

    I wasted money when I watch this movie. I just thought that I could enjoy a good weekend with this film. The movie is not even worth my time going to robinson’s galleria. The actors were breaking the third wall, or they intentionally did, but it was not justified. People were waiting for the movie to start then, and after like 20 mins, I saw some walking out. I don’t blame them, it’s there right since the movie is not even worth all their attention. It’s apparent that this movie was made out of boredom. Don’t blame me for my opinion, I just thought it’s garbage made to become a movie. It’s this is suppose to be a gay indie film, then theirs a lot more creative storyline for that.. I felt cheated.

  13. tory_amos Says:

    Do gay movies always have to be about SEX?

  14. luv_ko_si_angelo_ortiz Says:

    waste of time, waste of money, and waste of all the expectations i had… only watched this because of that yummy guy JV ROXAS… he surely tickles my oohhhzz and ahhzzss…

    but the movie & cris pablo’s wannabe-acting, it sucks!

  15. mabuhayventus Says:

    super waste of money and time talaga… walang kwenta ika nga….

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