Albert Adrales, UST hunk


Being from UP myself, I like Bruce Quebral the UP hunk better — hahaha! (how babaw can I get!?) — yet Albert here still deserves some highlighting. Albert Adrales, according to some postings in the net, was an accelerated Biology student in the University of Santo Tomas, apparently graduated with a Summa cum Laude, and pursuing medicine. He is also rumored to be gay (what else is new, huh?!) and have been seen kissing a guy in public. Well, well, well… what can you say?


He is too mestizo for my taste, and too thin too, but still yummy ha!!!





albert-adrales-8.jpg Adrales, UST hunk  digg:Albert Adrales, UST hunk  spurl:Albert Adrales, UST hunk  newsvine:Albert Adrales, UST hunk  furl:Albert Adrales, UST hunk  reddit:Albert Adrales, UST hunk  fark:Albert Adrales, UST hunk  Y!:Albert Adrales, UST hunk


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45 Responses to “Albert Adrales, UST hunk”

  1. bernard Says:

    yep. albert is yummy all right. his c*ck is pretty big when it’s hard. but he drinks too much, it’s quite a turn off. another turn off: not a good kisser.

  2. inday_garalgal Says:

    its trulili dat albert is GAY! i am fr UST Med at kalat ang kajoklaan ng hitad na etech! but in fairness mahusay ang lola!

  3. Joey Says:

    Maganda siya. But yes,I also prefer Bruce Quebral. Mhin na Mhin, period.

  4. Ian Says:

    Then teach him the art of passionate french kissing. If you won’t, I’d be happy to.

  5. Jivan Says:

    Mas mouthwatering si Bruce Quebral

  6. Andrew Says:

    Pansinin n’yo: Dun lang s’ya cute sa first two pix. The rest, para lang s’yang taong namalengke sa kung saan. Hehe! But judging by the first two pix also — very gay.

  7. george Says:

    yup. he looks so gay indeed. and not yummy at all.

  8. ford Says:

    feeling ko lang ha, mas madami mas cute sa other schools. la salle and ateneo, anyone?

  9. Schizo Says:

    i heard some rumors in our college that he did it with a guy in a CR. Oo nga masyado sya payat.

  10. Marcus Says:

    his sexual exploits are well known among the people in one of the hospitals he went for internship. He had a threesome with 2 of his male groupmates and i have pictures to prove it!

  11. argo Says:

    What? i-compare daw ba k Bruce Quebral? ang layo ha… “My BRUCE” is a lot cuter than dis albert guy(gay)! look @ his pics, d 1st 2 was lyk madonna’s “vogue” hand movements,and d rest of d pics is.. for me..below average..

  12. landor Says:

    Marcus pakita naman nung pics… :D :D :D

  13. sikreto. Says:

    albert? hahahahahahha! know him. his wang is fuckin 9 inches!

  14. eric Says:

    yeah!!!! post it here!!!

  15. Perfida Lim-Ping Says:

    I have heard about Albert’s nocturnal exploration of the UP Sunken Garden. Also, how he USED a local supermodel as his ultimate COVERGIRL. Now that was quite disgusting how he led on the poor girl.

  16. sweet11 Says:

    i post ung mga sinasabing pix para malam n TOTOO

  17. what_boys_want Says:

    oh, cute model. he’s from calcarries.

  18. br0wn_c0w Says:

    Ay, hindi ko type ehehhehe. Pero fellow, Thomasian, madaming mas cutie pa sa kanya sa Med or Science even.

  19. biatch Says:

    yeah, try peeking at UST’s college of science,and also u can see more hotties elsewhere,try San Beda’s front gate… CEU’s college of Dentistry & Commerce… San Sebastian’s back gate…
    those sites are a must see!!!

  20. mtguy Says:

    Actually, he is not my type mas marami pang cute sa hong hunk na yan! eww!

  21. darkzx the Thomasian Says:

    hindi sya cute… he looked gay… payat… okay fine… may coverup with a female.. pero wawa naman ung babae… hehe…

  22. Jason Says:

    There was this integration ball for the UST faculty of medicine, tapos while yung girlfriend nia naglalakad papuntang car nakita siya giving head to another guy, tapos un nag-break na sila… hahaha so not ryt. :)

  23. ron Says:

    like him…


  24. andrew Says:

    Sana yung mga nagfe-feeling pogi at hunk jan na berde rin naman ang dugo eh tigilan na ang paggamit sa mga babae para maikubli ang kanilang tunay na katauhan. Maraming ganyan sa G4M.

    Gumising kayo, mga halimaw! Karma lang ang katapat n’yo.


  25. Andrew Says:

    Bruce Quebral pa rin!!!

    (May friendster ba si Bruce? Hehe!)


  26. coyote Says:

    he is a gay and he is my classmate.

  27. dax Says:

    so what if he’s gay? he still looks yummy?

  28. manay_bakekangMD Says:

    hay nako bakla nga sya, at kalat na kalat yan sa buong uste, pero pag natikman mo sya, lalagnatin ka sa sarap!

  29. rommel Says:

    chaka. mukhang bakla

  30. jon Says:

    Hmmm I wonder why most of “us” are interested in finding out whether one model or the other is gay or not. I just can’t help but wonder. :P

  31. jon Says:

    marcus, show your pics. let’s see FOR REAL.

  32. Gina Cole Says:

    Rommel…correct ka diyan! para lang siyang isa sa mga kapatid ni Maricel Soriano….pinagbiyak sila na bunga ni Mel Martinez…sobrang lansa!

  33. Hayden Kho, doctor hunk | manila gay guy Says:

    […] …and a more recent picture of Hayden, with fellow UST alumnus and model Albert Adrales. […]

  34. tgailog Says:

    hey biatch!
    try this one. u try peeking at the side of archi. building in UST where you will find the manang na mataba selling goodies.. mas madaming cute guys dun from the college of architecture and CFAD.

  35. john_aspen Says:

    i don’t like him but he reminds me of orlando bloom.

  36. mr.g Says:

    his a good person,no matter hw people percve him….

  37. Gina Cole Says:


  38. chuchucaracas Says:

    delicious siya…

  39. fattyacid Says:

    Sailor Moon!


  40. ice Says:

    looks like orlando bloom?… nah. more like Cita Astals.

  41. daniel Says:

    Nakakainggit naman ang UST. Bakit sa UP Med sobrang bilang ang cute? Can’t beauty and brains co-exist in a single individual? Bwahahaha!

  42. rodier Says:

    hindi ko sya feel.

  43. mon Says:

    yeah he’s gay , i had an intimate moment with him at puerto galera

  44. still_tight Says:

    In fairness, he looks better in person. He’s tall, very fair, chinito, has nice teeth, and very nice. Bango pa niyan.

  45. YuriKa Says:

    kaka turn off ung pag smoke nia..

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