No talk, Echo na lang

I cringe, I really cringe whenever I watch Jericho interviewed on cam and he tries soooo very hard to speak in English. He’s good looking alright, and very popular (even in Malaysia take note!)… I hope he realizes that the best way to do it is by sticking to his strength. Acting may be one. But speaking in English is definitely not one of his.


Look at the slight bulge… slight lang.

And the lighted half moon?

Jericho taking a bath…
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14 Responses to “No talk, Echo na lang”

  1. Dee Says:

    This guy is indeed one of the gorgeous and most talented Filipino around whose acting power can be lined with the such of Jude Law, Matt Damon and Sean Penn, and his sex appeal can be matched with Brad Pitt.

    Oooh.. Jericho Rosales is the yummiest Filipino now!

  2. howard Says:

    can’t stop laughing now..
    i met him once..
    kaibigan ko kasi has connections sa ABSCBN
    he sings back up for concerts.. etc..
    one time they had a concert in our place and got to meet not only echo an a lot more kapamilya stars..
    nakausap ko cya for a while.. for a while kasi i had to stop talking to him kasi kinikilabutanan nako….. hehehe… hahaa

  3. Dave Montero Says:

    yeah, i saw the interview of startalk with him regarding the court issue of his brother..

    he kept on talking in English eh mejo obvious naman na hirap siya..hehe!

  4. jonat Says:

    “In the first place” so many pinoy insta-celebutantes (personalities more known for their antics than talent) crowding the networks bombard us with such talk.

    “In the second place” Heart should tutor Jericho in the supposed “finer” ways of Society since she is an Ongpauco. Besides, many of the “higher society” enjoy his company (I think).

    There is no shame in speaking in the native tongue. Even if you started out in Mr. Pogi so many years ago.

  5. pio Says:

    i like his legs talaga!! sa pangako sayo, he always wearing boxer shorts!!

  6. perfeeduh limping Says:

    with the such talaga, ha? well, to each his own. he’s just not my type. don’t think i will endear myself to my friends from the ABB/CPP/NPA, but he exudes “masa” to me. not aspirational at all.

  7. cb3 Says:

    pag sa kama kaya, inglisan pa kaya sila ni heart? LOL

  8. Kaleena Says:

    Heart is a slut and Jericho is an ugly bastard who can’t speak English to save his life. Both can’t act to save their relationship. Ewan ko kung bakit madaming nababaliw kay Jericho, masyadong trying hard at mukhang tarsier.

  9. monsour abraham Says:

    mga kafatid pwedi vah ! tigilan nyong kutyain na kisyo hindi marunong mag-english si Jericho,huh!wag kalimotan na nasa ugat pa rin natin ang dugong berdi este dugong pilipino>meaning,tagalog ang national language natin db?so sa parte ni Jericho ay hindi sya dapat mahiya kong trying hard man mag-english kc hindi naman sya amerikano o british eh.pilipino pa rin sya ,nuh! at bakit si Joseph Estrada vah na naging presidente ng pilipinas eh marunong ba mag-english?naku ha , pwedi vah ! si Jericho, ay super talented , cute , napakabait na bata,at syempri pa gwapo , nuh ! ang mga pata este hita super ganda sabi pa ni mama ricky reyes;GANDA ! basta mahal na mahal kong bata na yan !

  10. monsour abraham Says:

    lastly,plz don’t forget that we are all pilipino & why we should need to speak english to our fellow pilipino?can’t we communicate using our own language?can’t we understand our own language?you may use an international language>english to a foreigner / american or english people but not to your own fellow filipino.mga israeli,india,etc.hindi nila pinapalitan ang salita nila dahil mahal nilang kanilang tayong mga pilipino natuto lang sa school o natuto lang ng kaunting english eh maski nanay o lola nila na hindi marunong umintindi ng english eh eni- english nila.nakakhiya kayo,nuh!bakit hindi nyo magamit-gamit ang “tagalog” na salita natin sa pakikisalamuha sa kapwa nating pilipino?kasi napakayabang kc nating mga pilipino eh.kaya pwedi vah wag na wag kalimotan na mahalin ang sarili nating salita>tagalog.gumamit lang ng english kong ang kausap moy amerikano o ibang lahi na hindi marunong ng salita natin.kaya si papa jericho wag tuligsain na trying hard sa english kc pinoy sya eh.mahal nyang salita natin,ok?shalom !

  11. gracie lema Says:

    well hi echo i am dissapointed coz i heard some rumours that you are GAY is it true echo WHY?you are so good to be gay and cute please if it is true please change people will start to dispice you also i have a request to ask you to come here at Tanzania if you will like to come to our beautiful,enjoyable and peaceful country please email me we really like to meet you in person not just to see you in episodes,we want to know everything about you also tell titin that we like to see you together you really look good,why don’t you marry tintin?she is so beautiful,you can email me to the adress i sent you and i can be you host or you can call me NEEMA +225760690 and remember it is TANZANIA.BYEEE say hi to tintin for me tell her it is her greatest fan,GRACIE

  12. pikuyth Says:


  13. Carlos and Jericho: caption pls! | manila gay guy Says:

    […] (In the picture: Carlos Agassi and Jericho Rosales) […]

  14. gelly Says:

    mula noon hanggang ngaun crush pA RIN KITA,,,,,,,,……….

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