How to seduce a straight guy


No, dearie, I won’t give you my secrets. Just kidding! I actually have none. So what’s with the title - how to seduce a straight guy? It’s a topic in a gay forum I read, and find it so hilariously funny! I just want to share some verbatim comments I read there, and maybe you yourself can learn (hahaha!) one or two tricks. As for me, whether straight, bi, or gay, as long as (1) both of you are of age — no minors please! and (2) you are both consenting, with no illegal means nor coercion — then you can do whatever you want. Basta walang agrabyado at masasaktan, go!

So, here goes…

How to Seduce a Straight Guy

dirty talk them pag kayo na lang. for some reason, mga lalaking iyan eh nalilibugan din. some of my memorable bottoms are straight.

for me, married na yung guy na naka-encounter ko. i just showed him na concern ako sa lahat ng bagay sa kanya. tapos i kept reminding him about good things in life. i made him laugh tapos nung minsan nag inuman kami. nagtaka ako kasi nagpakalasing sya tapos yun na sya na ang tumabi sa akin at nagparamdam na.

sa mga success stories na narinig ko, isa lang ang common equation… alcohol! dapat lasingin o tipsy man lang! kasi naman kung totoong straight guy, dapat medyo altered ang senses nya para pumatol sa gay!

when i was in college, i just started teasing this guy that he’s uncircumsized. ang teasing nauwi sa “showing”. and he just started heating up. the rest is history.

watching a straight porn with straight guys… tried it once before with a group of straight guys sa aming neighborhood… at isa lang ang masasabi ko…isa isa lang!!!

and finally, the simplest and funniest:

maglabas ng limpak limpak na salapi. to seduce a straight guy  digg:How to seduce a straight guy  spurl:How to seduce a straight guy  newsvine:How to seduce a straight guy  furl:How to seduce a straight guy  reddit:How to seduce a straight guy  fark:How to seduce a straight guy  Y!:How to seduce a straight guy


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16 Responses to “How to seduce a straight guy”

  1. quinn joya Says:

    Yes, starting the whole thing with a case of beer or gin pomelo somehow makes things much easier. Men are so easy sometimes! When the guy has had enough alcohol and he’s feeling tipsy na (huwag masyadong lasingin kasi wala ding mangyayari kung sobrang lasing) start talking dirty. I have one famous line that always works: “Nasubukan mo na bang madilaan ng sampung minuto sa ilalim ng balls?”

    Never fails! But you have to be ready to do what you promised.

  2. Migs Says:

    wow your majesty, quinn joya! mukhang sanay na sanay ang lola ko ha. you go girl! hahaha! glad to welcome you to my domain, my site, my window to all the internet denizens. mwah! (p.s. ilang balls na ang nadilaan? ayyy! so personal the question!)

  3. 10+1 Tips: Seducing a Straight Guy | manila gay guy is your manila gay guide Says:

    […] It seems that one of the more popular posts in this blog is on how gay men can seduce a straight guy. It was basically a post that showed quotes from real gay men who were successful in getting a straight guy in bed. Here’s an update. (Yehey!, right?) I found this column/advice off the net, and thought you, my readers, may find this interesting. Enjoy! […]

  4. Marc Anthony Says:

    Proven and tested method….

    Most of the guys that i was able to suck are drunk and they are the greatest.

  5. quinn joya Says:

    hi migs.

    thank you for the warm welcome.

    and how many balls na? including junior and senior balls? i lost count na. har har har.

    but believe me, that line works all the time, especially sa mga barrios where they have oh so yummy brown boys. another tip, give them gin pomelo lang, kasi pag beer - they go the bathroom every ten minutes and you really cant get anything started (unless you follow them to the loo.)

  6. genesis javier Says:

    kaloka ang post na to ha!pero so true,tried and tested,hehe

  7. ordric Says:

    nice reports. news & pics

  8. JP Says:

    What does “limpak limpak na salipi” mean?

  9. Migs Says:

    JP - it means loads of moolah

  10. lez Says:

    try ko nga un..hehhe

  11. Ryan Herrera Says:

    ….OK… fine…. I have seduced a straight guy in doing it several times already.. now we are in relationship.. hindi pa rin sya na-aarouse pagnanonood ng Man to Man porn. na-aarouse lang sya pag kasama nya ako nanonood.. naaarouse sya pag kasama/katabi nya me… how could i make him a full blown.. 100% homosexual???.. note: he still likes straight porn..
    hope you have answer to this..
    best wishes to PLU… thanx..

  12. Ryan Herrera Says:

    Clarification: hindi sya naaarouse when watching man to man porn alone. he needs me to be there watching with him para tigasan. weird.. I guess the main question is: How to make a bisexual man into a 100% full blown homosexual?

  13. lexxus Says:

    ay…ano ba tong site na to?? puros kabadingan ata ah? anyway nandito na rin na ako…i’m a 4th year student. i’m not gay..but sometimes…i do get a little flustered whenever i see this jock in school. his name is brad paul nga pala. he would sometimes take a quick glance at me at school then I would catch him…one time nabisto ko nga ciang nakatitig sa kin sa may court. di naman kami close but one night things got different. we (our school) had a trip in pagudpod and we had to stay their for 3 days and 2 nights. ang kasama ko sa cuarto isa sa mga kaibigan nia. as expected, inimbita nia si brad para magtoma (mga walang hiya, bawal nga daw magdala eh!) anyway nung magtu-2 na I was half asleep playing my PSP. tulog na ung friend nia cia gising pa mukhang inaantok pero lasing ata (ewan) tapos tumayo cia mula sa sahig then tumalon ba naman sakin sa kama! di ko alam ggawin ko ewan ko kung lasing talaga…and he had a BONER! grabe…as in it pokes! he grabbed me. pumalag ako pero parang rape ata ung eksena! nung nasa mukha ko na ung face nia he tried to kiss me..tapos un na…the next day sobrang weird talaga paggising ko katabi ko cia shirtless tapos nasa lapag. his friend…i dunno about him. di ko nga alam kung lasing kasi ang agang nagising!

  14. Best Man Says:


    or get the book

  15. ap Says:

    ang sad.

  16. fattyacid Says:


    nice story…are u sure you are not gay? hala ka baka ni-video-han kayo nung friend nya…prepare yourself! hahaha

    anyways, i will try my luck nga sa isang guy dito sa shop ko. super tahimik nya kasi…ewan ko ba kung alam nyang pogi sya kasi parang walang pakialam sa mundo…DOTA lang ng DOTA. well, the most intimate na nagagawa ko sa kanya so far ay ang pasimpleng haplos sa kanyang kamay every time inaabot nya ang bayad nya! ang honcho wala pa ring paki…hahaha

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