What If One Day You Wake Up…

…and you find yourself suddenly a straight guy?

A witty friend was asked this question, and without batting an eyelash, answered “then I’ll go back to sleep!”

Funny, but lemme ask you the same question:

What would you do if one day you wake up and find yourself as a straight guy?

A follow up would be, given the chance to switch from gay to straight, would you do it?

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27 Responses to “What If One Day You Wake Up…”

  1. jimg29 Says:

    if Enchong Dee is part of the option? wow I’m blessed!

  2. pepron Says:

    Ones’sexuality is never an option…but, given the chance, Yes! Why not?

  3. Joshua Says:

    Wow. Haha. If that would happen, I’ll gladly accept it. Female bodies are delicious treats, too. The problem with me (okay, I know this is not a problem to others so don’t take my word seriously, just have to compose my sentence properly) is that I want the other meat as well. :)

    Funny thing was, there are times when I feel that I am straight. I don’t have the slightest sexual urge on the same sex and all I want is some female love. Haha. Sad part is, it does not happen often. The times that I do get turned on by other men are more than the times that I don’t feel anything towards them.

  4. maverick Says:

    given the chance yes. i could have been a cassanova haha

  5. daniel Says:

    I love being gay! I would not wish to be straight. I just wish i came out earlier, like highschool maybe.

    If i woke up straight, i would cry!

  6. ace Says:

    Since the transformation was not given as a choice, some will probably take it for the experience. Some will take it because they perceive it as an easier life as it conforms to the rest of society. Some will take it because they want to have their own family. Some will take it because it will please their family. There will be a variety of responses, no doubt, but at a deeper level, a person’s response to this question depends on their present state of being and living. An individual who is unhappy, lonely, dissatisfied and miserable with being gay will readily grab the opportunity to be someone else. For those who are happy and fulfilled, and have accepted themselves fully and considered their sexuality as an extension of whom and what they are, then the sudden transformation will not be welcomed. This is especially true to those who are artistically gifted who consider what they do, not just a way to make a living, but as a passion and a way of life. And for those who are deeply in love and are in a very loving, caring and fulfilling relationships, it will be like waking up to a nightmare because it will mean losing the very person who adds so much meaning to their lives.

  7. eyecandy Says:

    anong ka dramahan etow

  8. wrestler Says:

    I’d be fine with it - but my partner would be FURIOUS

  9. sorrow Says:

    I never want to sleep again. Sad but true, being gay is hard :(

  10. Raymond Says:

    Great going, ace! I agree that one’s response to this question will reflect one’s present state of mind viz. his sexual orientation. When I was in the closet, I would have celebrated being turned straight. That was, after all, my prayer to God for so many years. Now that I have come to recognize my homosexuality as God’s special and singular gift to me, it would be a horrible thing to wake up straight. I love being gay, it’s such a beautiful thing. I wouldn’t switch for all the money in the world.

  11. leo Says:

    I wouldn’t mind. I believe the change has a purpose. All things will work for good.

  12. jedd Says:

    @ace- beautiful piece from beautiful ace. remember me ace? did you see….are you mad at me?

  13. Quentin X Says:

    WTF for?

  14. rico Says:

    if given a chance… yes! I would gladly accept it. Basta ba gwapo pa rin ako! hehe! :D

  15. dowell Says:

    YES. Given na di nagbago yung mga traits ko noon, okay sa akin magising na isang straight. Ayoko lang nuong magigising ako, tapos basagulero na pala ako.

    For the next question.

    YES. Not that I treat this present lifestyle with odium, but I wonder if being a straight guy follows a life with battles easier to live with , and still in the end have triumphs worth celebrating.

    Hi Migs!

  16. JC Says:

    “What would you do if one day you wake up and find yourself as a straight g

    Maybe i would immediately log on to manilagayguy.com and go over your “collection” if indeed i am straight. If no, i’ll go to my ex-bestfriend and ask him if we could be friends again…. And if i am straight i will pray that the people around me will think that i am indeed straight.

  17. fattyacid Says:

    e di good for me dahil at least i get to experience being both gay (for real! hahaha) and straight (for real) in this lifetime.

    ano kaya lasa ng keps? marasap rin kaya gaya ng etits? hahaha…ayoko mag-try nasusuka ako eh.

    anyways, cguro mabibigyan ko na ng mga apo ang mama ko so i still see it as a good thing kung mangyayari…kasi right now, im still in my 20’s but pinoproblema ko na how to have children my own (flesh and blood ha!)…but defintely having sex with a woman is not an option..period & exclamation point to Nth power!

  18. lacustrine Says:

    I can’t say. I think I’ll just seize my straight day. Doesn’t happen everyday!

    If I can choose, I’d probably choose to be straight. Personal reasons.

  19. kulbogs Says:

    Maybe what they said is true, that at the point of happiness in our life we wouldn’t want to change a thing. But now mine is just not. Ang hirap ng buhay ng may itinatago!

  20. Pronghorn Says:

    What if one day you woke up, Chinese? Or Tasmanian?

    You make it sound as if there’s something strange with being “straight,” exactly the sentiment “gay” guys are getting from the common bracket.

  21. anton maton Says:

    sabi nga ni ate guy…… WALANG HIMALA!!!!!


    anton maton

  22. Isaribi Says:

    i indict!

  23. ace Says:

    @Raymond: Good to hear you’re at peace with yourself.

  24. ace Says:

    @jedd: Oh wow. Jedd, from the conference? How are you, Jedd? See what…mad at what? I don’t follow. Please clarify. Sorry I lost your email address. Please email me.

  25. eponine Says:

    the start of a new day. i think i’ll be less emo, less fun, very normal. it’d be an easier life. ok lang. i’m not saying being straight is boring. waking up as a straigh guy will be the day i wake up to be in heaven. hehehe

  26. Little Fish Says:

    I will make myself avaialble and a willing heterosexual guy to be love by a gay guy like Migz and some of the few readers of MGG. Kung ako ay lalaking lalaki talaga….gagawa ako nagparaan para magustuhan ako ni Gibbz…..ay! joke lang…

  27. ninyo Says:

    i think okay lang..
    besides Lalaki pa rin nmn ako, tska doon din nmn tlg bagsak mo kahit mamatay ka….sa pagiging isang lalaki…

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