Jay Roa Yu, musical hunk


Jay Roa Yu is a member of the Wiseguys, a band known for its repertoire of top 40s, rhythm and blues, pop and a capella music. Other members of the band are Guy Gonzales, Jam Capistrano, and Art Paul Sison. …And according to unconfirmed reports, Jay is one of us daw. Hmmmm. Hehehe.









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19 Responses to “Jay Roa Yu, musical hunk”

  1. L.A Says:

    He looks quite tempting on the last pictures…Yum3x

  2. eric Says:

    not bad huh!!!and the height!!! kaloka!!!

    parang gay nga sya sa mga pics nya…
    mukhang familir ang fez!!!! taga golds gym ba tong taong to? mukhang nakikita ko to na rumarampage sa sauna!!! hahahaha

  3. reyville Says:


  4. cliogoddess Says:

    ang sarap. hay naku, i need to get a life. sexlife that is~ hehehe

  5. Little Fish Says:

    My silence doesn’t mean….I’m gone.
    My silence doesn’t mean….I’m lost.

    I’m just around….loving every minute of MGG.

  6. drklght Says:

    kamukha nya si bo sanchez hehe …

  7. effie Says:

    he’s gay, aight.

  8. JM Says:

    nope, he’s not… he’s a friend of mine, and he just had a daughter last tuesday. :) congrats!!!

  9. harajuku Says:

    wow! he is sexy and appealing.. nice one!

  10. andrew Says:

    Hi, Little Fish! Kumusta na? Miss you and Angelo and Kaleena, hehe!

    Don’t tell me si ‘JM Rodriguez’ yung JM dito na kaibigan ni Jay? LOLZ! Anyway, having a daughter doesn’t readily guarantee you’re straight. It’s an age-old debate. We all know that. Peace tayo, JM. :)

    Nevertheless, not a bad choice, Migs, huh. Masarap talaga kaming mga Chekwa, mal*bog pa. LOLZ!

    …but I think he’s gay based on the pix. *wink, wink*

  11. chu chu caracas Says:

    i know him and his brother. actually i’m not sure if he’s indeed one of us medyo flirt siya sa mga bading but i don’t think he goes all the way with them.

  12. chriscapade Says:

    siyang siya!!.. yun na!

  13. chu chu caracas Says:

    talaga? cute din brother niya… makarir nga hehehe

  14. Angelo Says:

    This guy is hot. Kamukha-kamukha siya ng ex ko (pero mas malaki pa katawan ng ex ko). Hay, bigla ko tuloy na miss. Kasi naman eh.

    Misssss ko na kayo: Little Fish (mr. pelvic bone) and Andrew. At saan ka naman napadpad Andrew at nawala kang bigla (pa kiss nga) hihi. May bf ka na? Ang Kaleena, nasan yon? Hay, sobrang busy lately kaya yon.

    Syempre kamustahan portion na naman ako. Love ko na kayong tatlo pramis!

  15. john_aspen Says:


    Aren’t they the group that sang the song… I forgot the title basta it goes like this…

    The first time I saw you
    You were standing in the rain
    There was something about you
    That made me look again

    The way that you let the rain
    Fall down on you
    The way that you smiled
    When your eyes met mine

    I’ll always remember
    I’ll never forget
    How you took my breath away…

    Can anyone tell me this title? Waah I miss this song.

  16. josejose Says:

    i love wise guys…lalo na ung songs….jst like ung kay john_aspen

  17. raeven Says:

    alam niyo ba may halitosis yan cya

  18. dax Says:

    yes john aspen… i think it’s title is “the first time i saw you”…
    they are a regular performer at Bagaberde in Pasig before… im not sure if they are still performing there regularly… and yes… they sang very well! especially when they are singing songs of Boyz 2 Men… or any songs in acapella… they rock!

  19. ian Says:


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